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Samhain is a Gaelic holiday that is meant to mark the end of the harvest season of the land. It is also known as the day from when the winter sinks in and the darker half of the year begins.

The festival begins on the 31st of October evening and ends on the 1st of November evening. This is widely celebrated because of its pagan origin and also as a welcome festival for the winter.

Samhain Day- Messages, Greetings, and Quotes

Messages for Samhain Day

As we mark the end of harvest, it is time to cherish the winter knocking at the door. Happy Samhain.

As the year turns, I wish all your happiness and joy carries forward to the next year and you have a happy and happening life. Happy Samhain.

Happy Samhain, I wish you all the joy for the coming year and my heart goes out to your well being. Stay blessed.

The upcoming year may bring you with all the strength you need. May this Samhain endow you with all the power you need to rush through the next year.

As the winter sneaks in, it is time to cherish the delicacies and sit around the fireplace with the entire family. Wishing you all a Happy Samhain.

As the curtain between the worlds turn thinner on the day of Samhain, we wish that you travel to the second half of the season with all the luck and grace.

Our heartiest wishes for you to have a great harvest season next year.  With God’s grace, you had a great season this time and it’s time to rejoice. Happy Samhain.

Not every year is the same and if this was a bad one for you then rest assured that the upcoming is surely set to be your for the taking. Have a great Samhain.

The living and the dead come closer as the veil shifts on this day of Samhain. May your year end on a higher note!

Leave behind the past and move ahead with all the positivity of life. It is assured that you will have a great year ahead. Happy Samhain.

Treat yourself with the best harvest of the year on this day as the hard work of the year has brought its colours alive. Do not hold back and make the next year even more happening. Have a great Samhain.

Celebrate the Halloween season on Samhain. The evil is out on in the open and so is the good! Choose your side and celebrate Samhain in the best way.

On the night of Samhain do not be afraid of the dressed up devil because they shall perish with the sun of the next morning. Embrace Samhain celebration with your heart and have a great winter ahead.

The winter is coming with all its might as the season of comfort kicks in! Have a happy and happening Samhain.     

It is that part of the year where we step from light into darkness and move ahead with all the memories of the last year. Happy Samhain to every person out there.

Let us enjoy the night and welcome the Winter of the year with our arms wide open. Spread the joy and have a great year ahead.

Let us remove negative thoughts from the depth of our souls on this day of Samhain. Celebrate the evening with people you love and God shall give you a great year ahead.

There is devil within each of us but it depends on us whether they are to be nourished or detained within. Burn your devil side into ashes on the holy fire of Samhain. Have a great Samhain celebration today.

Greetings for Samhain Day

Listen to whispers of the magic on the night of Samhain. You can only hear if you try from the depth of your heart. Have a great Samhain evening.

Good growth for good food is what we all need. Pray to God on the date of Samhain for a great harvest in the next season. Enjoy your Samhain day to the most.

Nothing ever passes onto zero, the energy is converted into something else and then carried forward. Pray for the positivity you need in life to progress. Happy Samhain.

True gifts are those that come from the heart rather than the purse. Eat, drink, sing and dance on the day of Samhain and welcome the new season and year with all the love and positivity.

The darkness covers the ancestors who pay a visit on the day of Samhain. Believe in the good and let evil slide away with the first sunshine of the New Year.

The summer and fertile fields are replaced with the barren and dry forests of the winter after the date of Samhain. Have a great Samhain Celebration.

On the night of the Samhain, living and dead come as close as they can! Embrace the spirits of life and get rid of the dark spirits who hold you back. Light up your life on this Samhain.

Love your ancestors on this day of Samhain as they are right behind you. Up from the grave to bid you good luck for the year to come.

The autumn tree will soon be here and each of the leaves will have a story to tell. Have a heart warming Samhain.

Prepare your fantastic meal because it is the end of harvest season and the year truly has given you a lot. You have the responsibility to bid adieu the year in the best manner. Happy Samhain.

Horror fans love celebrating Samhain as they can be their favourite characters on this Halloween celebration. Enjoy to the fullest on Samhain.

Samhain is summer’s end. Embrace the winter and pray to have a great new year ahead. Happy Samhain and a great season end!      

Quotes for Samhain Day

“I was born on the night of Samhain, when the barrier between the worlds is whisper-thin and when magic, old magic, sings its heady and sweet song to anyone who cares to hear it.” ― Carolyn MacCullough.

“Nothing is ever lost as time passes, it merely metamorphoses into something as wonderful or, in some cases, into something even better than before.” ― Carole Carlton.

“Samhain is the threshold to the Season of Death. The fertile fields of summer give way to the bare forests of autumn. As crops slowly die and winter takes over, the cycle of life is once again approaching a renewal.” ― Dacha Avelin.

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