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July 17th is observed as the World Emoji Day and it is considered as a un-official holiday. In our everyday life, emojis have found a distinct place and used more than 5 billion times daily. Jeremy Burge was the founder of Emojipedia and he started to celebrated this day. Due to the immense popularity of the same, the day finds its relevance among all groups of people. With time, more emojis are coming into the market and it is becoming a tool for marketing.

Here are some of the great quotes, Messages and wished that you can use to forward on this day-

_When voice and expressions cannot reach out to the other people; emojis surely make their way up there. Happy world Emoji day   

_Today the world seems incomplete without emojis, they are our power to express…. Wishing a very Happy World Emoji Day

_Your normal expression can only be seen by the person sitting on the other end of the screen with the help of an emoji. Happy world emoji day

_Life has become a lot easier with the coming of emoji. An entire sentence is easily replaced with just an emoji and yet leaving the same impact. Happy world emoji day

_People are hard -pressed for time but they do need to communicate. Emojis are here to help and make it smooth!

_When words fall short, emojis make up for it and make other feel the same. Happy world emoji day

_On this world emoji day, let us take some time to praise this amazing innovation that certainly saved us plenty of keystrokes.

_Now that emojis are so popular and have made texting a lot more convenient, we cannot think of a day without it. Happy world emoji day

_ Emojis help you express and also reach out to the person on the other side of the screen with your feelings in most beautiful way…. Happy World Emoji Day

_Every text is accompanied by an emoji. It has made itself integral to the reflection of emotions in texting.

_World emoji day is here to let us know take a moment to thank the icons for making life way too easier.

_If you really think that you can live without emojis, then why do you press the react button facebook for a picture you actually admire 😉

_For all those who have a secret crush, emojis have played a role better than anything else. Happy world emoji day to those who love with emojis

_Words may ruin the relationship and express a lot while emojis can help maintain the balance while reflecting that you have affections! Tricky but true. Happy world emoji day

_Keep calm and use emojis as much as you want! They are free!!!!

_Emojis are the rise of casual language and it is a celebration of non-textual conversation at its best.

_If you thought that words are very powerful, try and send a kissing emoji to your crush! You’ll know then. Happy world emoji day

_Emoji is the right choice when you don’t know the word and yet want to respond to the message sent to you. Happy world emoji day

_What makes emojis special is the fact that it has helped millions express themselves better than even the wide array of words in the oxford dictionary!

_You can change your expression faster than ever with all the emojis in your message thread! Happy world emoji day

_ When words fail to say it all, when your voice cannot reach to the people you love, emojis help you say it all…. Warm wishes on World Emoji Day

_A smile can make someone’s day and if you send the same emoji then rest assured of getting a smile on the receiver’s face. Happy world emoji day

_You don’t imagine the number of coded language emojis can confer within groups of teenager. Use more of them on this world emoji day

_Be thankful that emoji came into existence and saved the effort of typing the lengthy replies to all those forwards which are drab. DEAR emoji, thanks for saving us!

_Every person has their favourite emoji, they reflect the personality in the best manner. Happy world emoji day

_Isn’t it amazing that you can say so much without even writing a letter! Snap of a finger and it’s done. Enjoy your emojis on this world emoji day

_It is tough to imagine a moment without emoji, they have become a part and parcel of our daily life. Happy world emoji day

_As life becomes fast paced, there’s no time to express in words! Let’s use more of emojis to make a mark on this world emoji day

_Happy world emoji day to all those who cannot send a single message without an emoji in it 😀

_A phone call from the friend who wants money from you?? Respond with an emoji! Happy world emoji day

_Expressions get the best reflection with the help of emojis! Let us take some time and praise this amazing concept of emojis. Happy world emoji day

_Words are costly, hence it is suggested that you keep it saved for a long time. Use emoji and play smart on this world emoji day

_We smile, they smile. We cry, they cry. They are our dearest emojis. Happy world emoji day

_At times, word can be really harsh and hence it better to deal those situation with the right use of emojis. Happy world emoji day

_When we are at the loss of words, our dear friend emojis hold the key to tackle the situation in the best manner. Happy world emoji day

_Silence is powerful than voice but emojis can do wonder, try it! Happy world emoji day

_On this world emoji day, let us take a moment to use them more efficiently and add smiles to others with its use.

_When you run out of words, emojis come to the rescue! Happy world emoji day

_The best option when you do not want to reply is to leave an emoji and let the receiver decode the rest!

_Happy world emoji day. Thank you all the emojis for helping us to reply when we run out of ideas to text back!

_Keep calm and use emojis sparingly! Happy world emoji day

_If you use a lot of emoji then please know that it hurts the eyes of the receiver a lot. Make sure you send just what you need on this world emoji day!     

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