65+ Funny Latin Sayings about life

In many English words, the basic origin of Latin is strong. People still use some of these Latin words, such as ad hoc, alter ego, alias, and many more.

As many of these words are shortened by translating them into the language, here is a list of some funny Latin sayings about life which dates back in the time it started.

Here are Funny Latin Sayings about life

  • Facing a steep overhanging mass of rock when wolves are following.
  • Tomorrow’s Chickens are better than today’s eggs.
Latin Sayings about life
  • Think back to when life’s path is almost perpendicular to paying attention to anything.
  • The small cube, which has a different number of spots in it, has been thrown forcefully.
  • Even it is hard for God to make good judgmentss and spread the love at the same time.
  • I wish to save the memories of our friendship.
  • The arms and the legs of a poet who is dismembered.
  • It is unpleasant for those who have experienced war.
  • You are actually blaming yourself when you accept that you are blaming yourself.
Latin Sayings about life
  • During our whole time with humans, we will be friendly and considerate. So you better stop interfering with it.

  • It is better not to interfere with our lives.

  • There is nothing in the world that doesn’t have a shadow. 

  • The man was loved after his death. But when he was alive, everybody hated him. We fail to memorize very quickly.

  • Everything tastes like heaven when you’re hungry.

  • Every man is responsible for creating his luck.

  • Waves throw it away carelessly, but it doesn’t drop downwards.

  • There is a possibility for those who are depressed. Better things will happen to them.

Latin Sayings about life
  • There is no alteration because it is poorly planned.

  • It is certain that every evil has something good in them.

  • The subject matter was less good than the workmanship.

  • Constantly the same thing.

  • Only poor people desires.

  • I will keep you safe if you will do the same.

  • You’ll be loved when you love others.

  • You have to be ready for war if you wish for peace.

  • So, having great power was religion in inducing to evil deeds through argument.
Latin Sayings about life
  • The reason for being scared is ignorance.

  • Shadow moves, but lights stay in the same place.

  • If there is a state of being joined as a whole, there is success for sure.

  • Even though there is a lack of power, the will is creditable.

  • Outfits bring out a man in you.

  • A wise man always makes small talk.

  • It obtains the quality of being strong to move on.

  • Luck rules life, not the quality of being wise.

  • You should avoid that evil that sets out to seduce someone, indolence.

  • I couldn’t recall it from where I learned, ‘ breathe everything time you want something to happen is the way to me exist. Don’t lose hope, and believe in yourself to make a better future. And don’t stop if you want to achieve your goals.

  • When I read something exciting, I either write it down or inform my friend about the topic. And when I do so, I find out if I understood the topic or if I’m showing enough interest in it that I can speak in my way and able to impart knowledge about the topic. We learn by teaching the meaning of this Latin phrase Docendo Discimus’.

Latin Sayings about life
  • It is certain that you have a heart that ‘I saw when I came, and I conquered’. This which originates from Julius Caesar’s letter in the war against pharmacies II of Pontus Julius Caesar after his victory. how can I apply this in my life? I work hard to achieve the goals I set.

  • We are not able to see in the sunlight. Trees produce oxygen which is unable to be seen so that we can exist. Nature doesn’t do anything in vain. Nothing happens without explanation and necessity.

  • It doesn’t matter how long we live; how beautifully we can live is all matters. Most of us are afraid of death which is inevitable and a part of our lives. And that fear is actually not connected with death but more with the way you live your life. Did you achieve all your favorite dreams and goals? Were you married or given birth to children? Did you have the chance to see the world by traveling? You can’t control death because it is inevitable. It’s absolutely your decision to make a choice for the duration of your life. It hardly matters how many years you live. How many years you truly enjoyed are the years that count.

  • ‘ Valor becomes faint without an opposer,’ which belongs to Seneca, is all I know about it. And I have no idea about the context of Seneca’s essay. If you want to excite your life, you need to dare yourself constantly. I can easily explain ‘ Valor becomes faint without an opposer’ to ‘ Passion stop existing without a challenge.

  • I know two meanings of ‘know yourself. First, When the truth is interpreted by the majority, people accept it as truth, but it is not necessary that it is the right thing to commit. Second, it doesn’t matter how other people prefer to interpret you. You better be yourself. Friends who are not fake like the real you and fake friends like the you they want to see.

  • Rainer Maria Rilke’s ‘Letters To A Young Poet’ is the book that I read recently.’ If I have to say one thing, that would be it: never believe that person who asks to comfort you lives without trouble among the easy thing, and sometimes words do good to you. There are difficulties and sadness that continue to exist far beyond you. It reminds me that it doesn’t matter how everyone pleased around me that they seem to be, but actually, everyone is fighting their own war in their head. I’ve met the kindest people in my life who didn’t have significant possessions, but also they give a lot of kindness, love, and compassion.

Latin Sayings about life

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