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This day is celebrated on 6th December every year. It is celebrated to honor the technology we use in the kitchen and make our work easy and quick. Percy Spencer discovered the microwave. In 1947 the first commercially available microwave oven was launched. 

Microwave Oven Day messages:

– This day was discovered by Percy Spencer when he saw a candy melting in his pocket while testing the magnetron.

– First microwave that was available commercially was called’ Radarange.’

– We can cook some popcorn or heat some of the food items in the microwave oven.

– After using your microwave, so make sure to clean it with a warm wet cloth.

– Microwaves were earlier known as regular waves that were generated from the sun or Jupiter.

– If you don’t have a microwave oven, you can purchase from the market of your range to celebrate this day.

– Do make sure to use microwave-safe utensils. If you use other items, then your crockery or any silverware can be damaged.

– Microwave has made the work easy and safe for everyone, and also the consumption of the gas cylinder has reduced.

– These ovens are also used for rapid use, like reheating a meal and melting some small food items.

– This electrical device is so safe that even a kid can use it if they know the instructions.

– Using plastic for heating food in the microwave is cancerous to health.

– One can read about the history of the development of the microwave oven and the reason behind its discovery.

-If anyone is interested in it, it can go through CST Studio Suite software for the 3D design of microwave-related items.

– It’s exciting to know how food is thoroughly heated in a device with such ease.

– Teach someone how to use a microwave oven.

– Conduct a seminar on this day on the topic of microwave invention and its use.

– Microwave has also evolved in years. In 2004 the turntable microwave was discovered.

– The first microwave weighed around 700 pounds.

– Earlier microwave was used for both militaries and civil use as it is a communication system application.

– Microwave frequency range from 1GHz to 1000 GHz. It is something to know about today as well.

-It was used for communication links in the war that was also used in World War 2.

– Microwave has become a necessity in every household because it aided household work.

– Microwave can be used to disinfect things. One can make a poached egg if he or she knows nothing to cook.

– An American engineer discovered it, but his invention was hit all over the world.

– It varies size to size according to the usage. As restaurants may require a large oven, whereas, in the house, a person may need a decent size.

– This microwave oven day, get a microwave for yourself if you don’t have it, and if you have it, then use it properly, maintain it, and respect the device.

Microwave Oven Day quotes

I put instant coffee in a microwave oven and almost went back in time. 

-Steven Wright

I’m spoilt. I like my own space. I don’t even own a microwave, and men don’t like that. They want to be looked after. 

-Marie Helvin

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