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International Right to Know Day was founded by the Freedom of Information Organization in 2002. Every year on 28th September, International Right to Know Day is celebrated worldwide to establish the fundamental demand of every ordinary citizen, the right’ to know about any information.

International Right to Know Day Greetings:

-Wishing you all a Happy “Right to know the day.” This Day influences particular importance as it promotes our freedom to access information.

-This Day holds the importance of approaching information rights, which is necessary for democracy and proper governance.

-Let us celebrate the advantage of this Day, which is the inauguration of our fundamental right to acknowledge all the information.

-This Day reminds us of the many possibilities of ordinary citizens to access influential government credentials.

-The right to acknowledge data increases the confidence of people. As an ordinary citizen, this is an excellent opportunity to stay attached to the government.

-Acknowledgment of information makes people powerful. The collection of data makes them superior. 

-The advancement of the government of a country depends on the correspondence of the right to know people’s information.

-This fantastic event is aware of the unawareness of people to access data of the nation.

-Know your rights to know! Observe International Right to Know Day with dignity.

-Access to data is a mentionable human right. It is significant to enjoy and express other human rights.

-The authoritative information act allows people a particular type of right—the right to acknowledge government-held information.

-“We want to know; we’ll let others’ know” This is the ultimate goal of Right to Know Day. Celebrate the day with full strength.

-The right to Know act isn’t only for government information. It is related to every government and private organization and institutions.

-The ordinary people have the right to establish their presence and get access to any necessary or unnecessary data they want about their workplace

-The demand of knowing data is increasing Day by Day. People are getting conscious of any encouraging information about the place they work in.

-Going through the data provided by any organization allows people to gain knowledge about that organization. 

-Ordinary people should spare some time and ask for a grant to go through the data they don’t know about any things they don’t know. These will ensure their Right to Know act.

-May this Day bring peace among us. Celebrate the day with happiness all around,

-Thanks to UNESCO to establish this as an ordinary human right.

-Right to Know act increases the transparency of government. This develops the democracy of a nation.

-I hope all people can learn about their fundamental rights of accessing any data.

-Every citizen acquires the right to know the information. The information comprises any document, email, circular, press release, electronic data, etc.

-Celebrate this Day by ensuring your common right.

-I wish you and your family the blessings of International Right to Know Day.

Right to Know Day Messages:

-The Right to Information is a fundamental human right. Getting access to any data makes people conscious about their other rights.

-The right to access information is significant for a transparent and corruption-free government. 

-It also allows obliged democracy.

-The demand for approaching data allows ordinary people to get involved in making social policies.

-This particular right has made it possible for the public to give their opinion in formulating government measures.

-This day raise the awareness mass people to implement this fundamental human right in our daily life.

-The right to know data can only be formulated through the exercise of the moral law.

-When people have connections to information, they can question their demand.

-This day makes us understand about implementing our right to go through any data we want.

-People can know about the right to use public resources, various government programs through this particular right.

-People’s instant connection to government data allows a citizen to participate in significant government officials.

-Citizens can share their own opinions and advise better measurements in the various fields by implementing the Right to Know act.

-By acknowledging the allotment of communal assets like medical health care, people can share reliable feedback and better advice to develop any condition.

-Right to Know act increases the transparency of government. And corruption and mismanagement of public resources become almost impossible.

-This wonderful day alerts us to the importance of the opinion of ordinary people.

-This day tells us that the government cannot run the nation on its own. They cannot hide information from its citizens. 

-International Right to Know Day plays a critical role in formulating human rights of accessing information.

-The Freedom of Speech is protected through this right.

-Good governance comprises of-transparency, accountability, uniformity, and involvement. And the transparency of government depends on the advancement of the demand to access information.

-Proper governance and the right to access data are congratulatory to each other. 

-Data is that important coinage which people need to get involved in the democracy of their country.

-The greater the access to information of people, the more developed a nation is.

-The depreciation of the corruption of the government is possible through this vital act.’

Right to Know Day Wishes:

-Celebrate Right to Know Day to the fullest as it demands for the ‘Right to Information’ which is a fundamental human right.

-It is people’s right to get involved in the democracy of their country and Right to Know Day allows them to do so.

-May each and every people in this world enjoy their ‘Freedom of Speech’ peacefully.

-Cheers to us as we have the right to share our opinions and advice with better suggestions by implementing ‘Right to Know Act’.

-We all want a transparent, corrupt-free government and the right to access government information may help us build one.

-The Right to Know Day must be celebrated gracefully worldwide as this day is all about the opinion of common people.

-Common people’s connection to the government through the ‘Right to Know’ Act plays a very important role in establishing a good government-public relationship.

-We all can question our demand through Right to Know Day, let’s celebrate that.

-The Government cannot conceal information from its citizens, cheers to the ‘Right to Know’ Act.

-On this Right to Know Day, let’s make people aware of the fact that each and everyone can place their opinion in formulating Government measures.

The Right to Know Day Quotes:

  • When the public’s right to know is threatened, and when the rights of free speech and free press are at risk, all of the other libertiesSS we hold dear are endangered

  –Christopher Dodd

  • The public relies on the advice of doctors and leading researchers. The public has a right to know about financial relationships between those doctors and the drug companies who make pharmaceuticals prescribed by the doctors.                 -Chuck Grassley
  • But in the first Gulf war the United Kingdom was not under any threat from Iraq, and is still less so in the second one. Then there is no justification for obstructing freedom of information, particularly as nations have a right to know what their soldiers are being used for.   Kate Adie
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