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The International Day for Biological Diversity (or World Biodiversity Day) is a United Nations-sanctioned international day for the promotion of biodiversity issues. It is currently held on May 22.

In December 2000, the UN General Assembly adopted 22 May as IDB, to commemorate the adoption of the text of the Convention on 22 May 1992 by the Nairobi Final Act of the Conference for the Adoption of the Agreed Text of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

This was partly done because it was difficult for many countries to plan and carry out suitable celebrations for the date of 29 December, given the number of holidays that coincide around that time of year.

Biological Diversity Day Messages

– Come forth into the Light of Things, Let Nature be your teacher.

– Nature is not only stranger than we suppose, it is stranger than we can suppose.

– Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other fuels.

– After the final no there comes a yes And on that yes the future of the world depends. Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you.

– Belief creates biology.DIversity is what nature is all about.

– Big whorls have little whorls, Which feed on their velocity, And little whorls have lesser whorls, And so on to viscosity.

– I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live out the true meaning of its creed: we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all living beings are created equal.

– Biodiversity starts in the distant past and points toward the future.

– Whatever is flexible and flowing will tend to grow, whatever is rigid and blocked will wither and die.Let nature grow which will help us grow.

– We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.

– Each of us is responsible for everything to everyone else. Nature is the main source of energy.

– We have also agreed that in other places there may be a need to manipulate ways» elephants use their space and interact with biodiversity.

– We have it in our power to begin the world again.

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– We must convince and empower people to adopt the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity as their guiding principle,

– Whenever people say `we mustn’t be sentimental,’ you can take it they are about to do something cruel. And if they add, `we must be realistic, `they mean they are going to make money out of it.

– When the last individual of a race of living things breathes no more, another Heaven and another Earth must pass before such a one can breathe again.

– It’s now widely accepted that a biodiversity-rich place, when properly protected, will seed biodiversity elsewhere.

– There was a young lady named Bright, Whose speed was far faster than light, She traveled one day, In a relative way, And returned on the previous night.

– That which fills the universe I regard as my body And that which directs the universe I see as my own nature

– The flow from knowledge to action draws upon the complete person with his or her catalyst and synergistic potential.

– The administration is not paying attention to the laws of biodiversity. It’s paying far more attention to the laws of political expediency.

– I can’t imagine anything more important than air, water, soil, energy, and biodiversity. These are the things that keep us alive.

– Yet, despite our many advances, our environment is still threatened by a range of problems, including global climate change, energy dependence on unsustainable fossil fuels, and loss of biodiversity.

– This is the assembly of life that took a billion years to evolve. It has eaten the storms-folded them into its genes-and created the world that created us. It holds the world steady.

– The only biodiversity we’re going to have left is Coke versus Pepsi. We’re landscaping the whole world one stupid mistake at a time.

Biodiversity Day Greetings

– Within you, there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.

– Listen with regard when others talk. Give your time and energy to others; let others have their own way; do things for reasons other than furthering your own needs.

– Collective human actions are transforming, even ravaging, the biosphere – perhaps irreversibly – through global warming and loss of biodiversity.

– If you were to destroy in mankind the belief in immortality, not only love but every living force maintaining the life of the world would at once be dried up

– In a consumer society there are inevitably two kinds of slaves: the prisoners of addiction and the prisoners of envy.

– I have no other wish than a close fusion with nature and I desire no other fate than to have worked and lived in harmony with her laws.

– Be in the world but not of it.

– If we pollute the air, water, and soil that keep us alive and well, and destroy the biodiversity that allows natural systems to function, no amount of money will save us.

– Something we were withholding made us weak Until we found it was ourselves. It was us who needs nature most and it’s us who destroy it the most.

– We should preserve every scrap of biodiversity as priceless while we learn to use it and come to understand what it means to humanity.

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– The essential role of the environment is still marginal in discussions about poverty, … While we continue to debate these initiatives, environmental degradation, including the loss of biodiversity and topsoil, accelerates, causing development efforts to falter.

– The assumption of being merely individuals is our greatest limitation

– Flora And Fauna All Are Co Related, Animals And Flowers Need Not Be Hated.

– Biodiversity Is The Way, So Don’t Let Nature Go Astray

– All For One And One For All, Keep Biodiversity Or Our Future May Fall

– Don’T Let Species Go Extinct, In This World We Are All Linked

– We Are All Part Of The Circle Of Life, Lets Live In Peace And Not In Strife

– One By One Until There Are None. Don’t let this time and conserve/preserve biodiversity.

– Biodiversity Is The Key So We Can All Live In Glee.

– Let’s Keep Variety And Prevent Anxiety Biodiversity Is Key For More Variety The More Variety, The Better Society.

– Keep Our World Colorful: Preserve Biodiversity One By One They Can All Disappear, Only Then Will You Shed A Tear?

– Every Creature Plays A Part In The Ecosystem, Preserve Biodiversity Biodiversity We Must Keep, So In The Future, We Don’t Weep.

Biological Diversity Day Captions

-Don’t let nature go wrong; biodiversity is the way. #biodiversity #nature

-Biodiversity is the key to a good life for all of us.  #wildlife #macro

-Don’t let some animals go extinct in the world we share. #conservation #birds

-The more diverse society, the better. #naturelovers #wildlifephotography

-Only then, if they all vanish one by one, will you shed a tear?  #biodiversit #climatechange

-Allow Nature to be your teacher as you go into the light of things. #environment #photography

-Nature is stranger than we imagine, and stranger than we can imagine. #sustainability #biology

-Electric power is abundant throughout the world and can power the world’s machinery without the use of coal, oil, gas, or any other fuel. #animals #biodiversidad

-After the final no, there is a yes, and the world’s destiny is dependent on that yes. What matters is what you do with what occurs to you, not what happens to you.  #insects #ecology

-Biology is created by belief. Nature is known for its diversity.  #insect #flowers

-Big whorls have smaller whorls that feed on their velocity, and smaller whorls have smaller whorls, and so on, until viscosity is reached.  #biodiversidade #macrophotography 

-I have a dream that one day our country will rise up and live out the full meaning of its creed: that we believe these truths to be self-evident, and that all living beings are made equal.  #forest #earth 

Biological Diversity Wishes

-Biodiversity Is The Key To Living In Glee For Everyone.

-Let’s keep things interesting while avoiding anxiety. Biodiversity Is Essential For More Variety -The more variety there is, the better society becomes.

-Maintain the vibrancy of our world: Biodiversity should be protected. Only then will you shed a tear if they all vanish one by one.

-Don’t Let Species Become Extinct; We Are All Part Of The Circle Of Life In This World; Let Us -Live In Peace And Not In Strife One By One Until There Are None. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by; maintain and preserve biodiversity.

-Every creature has a role to play in the ecosystem; we must preserve biodiversity so that we do not weep in the future.

-Biodiversity is a term that refers to both the past and the future.

-Our greatest restriction is the belief that we are only people.

-Flora and Fauna are all intertwined; animals and flowers do not have to be despised.

-Don’t Let Nature Go Astray, Because Biodiversity Is The Way.

-Keep Biodiversity or Our Future Will Fail.

Biological Diversity Quotes

-“If we pollute the air, water and soil that keep us alive and well, and destroy the biodiversity that allows natural systems to function, no amount of money will save us.” – David Suzu

-“Either we leave our descendants an endowment of zero poverty, zero fossil-fuel use, and zero biodiversity loss, or we leave them facing a tax bill from Earth that could wipe them out.” – Johan Rockstrom

-“We should preserve every scrap of biodiversity as priceless while we learn to use it and come to understand what it means to humanity.” – E. O. Wilson

-“I’m very concerned for the future of the earth and its amazing creatures. We’ve got to be careful and make sure we don’t foul our own nest.” – John Lithgow

Biological Diversity Status

-What is flexible and flowing tends to grow, while rigid and blocked tends to wither and die. -Allow nature to flourish so that we can flourish.

-It’s now widely understood that, when adequately preserved, a biodiversity-rich area will seed species elsewhere.

-Bright was a young lady with a speed that was far faster than light. She travelled for a day and a half and returned the night before.

-I consider what fills the cosmos to be my body, and what guides the universe to be my own nature.

-The full individual, with his or her catalyst and synergistic potential, is drawn into the flow from knowledge to action.

-The administration is ignoring the laws governing biodiversity. It’s paying a lot more attention to political expediency laws.

-It is within our ability to restart the world.

-We must persuade and empower individuals to make biodiversity conservation and sustainable use their guiding principles.

-When the final member of a species of living creatures stops breathing, another Heaven and -Earth must pass before he or she can breathe again.

-If humanity is to survive, we will need a completely new way of thinking.

-To everyone else, every one of us is accountable for everything. The primary source of power is nature.

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