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The day lies on last Friday of April every year. It is a public holiday in the United States. On this day people are inspired to work towards the environment by caring trees.

People celebrate this day by planting trees, arranging exhibitions, fairs, and music concerts in the vast gardens. For the achievement of the environment, people are awarded on this day.

J Sterling Morton, who noticed the need for trees and worked hard to set greenery around his home and encouraged people to do so at their homes. He founded a day for this cause in 1872, which is then called as Arbor Day and in 1885, Arbor Day announced as a legal holiday.

Each state in the US now has its own official Arbor day holiday.  People from all over the world take part in this cause. The aim is to create awareness on a healthy planet with more greenery. Children also involve on this celebration by creating tree crafts, drawings which raise awareness among children.

If you believe that you can save the earth by planting more trees and other such activities, here we inspire you to spread the word and raise awareness through these beautiful, evergreen quotes and sayings.

Arbor Day Messages, Wishes and Greetings

Plant a tree and see the Mother earth thanking you with a smile.

It is time to think seriously about the survival of the earth.

God created the earth with lots of trees and other natural things. We destroyed it. Now its time to recycle.

Plant more trees and make the earth beautiful and a perfect place to live.

Celebrate this Arbor Day in the shade of your own trees.

Make a tree as your friend and you will not regret!

God loves us which is why created this beautiful earth and gave to mankind.

Before cutting a tree, just remember that we too are creatures on earth and one day should leave this world. Do good to earth before you leave.

Show your gratitude to earth by planting trees.

Oxygen is necessary for our living but even knowing that we cut trees. A tragedy!

We cannot find peace under a building but under a tree.

There is music on the earth when trees blow air.

Present your future generation with beautiful earth. Plat a tree now.

The earth really looks beautiful now with all greenery because our forefathers have planted a tree in their time.

Plant hope for a better future by plating a tree.

It is your duty to do what you can for the earth.

Invest wisely with green and the fruit is countless!

To write a poem everyone needs a natural place to think about it and we need to do something to preserve nature to get such lovely poems.

Before it’s too late, let’s plant a tree.

The importance of a tree is realized when we struggle to breathe!

Keep your earth on style by making it green.

On Arbor day, gift a plant to your friends and dear ones to create awareness.

Celebrate this day under a tree not on the Internet!

Don’t judge others for destroying the planet, plant a tree!

Let’s not create a history of forests and greenery. But let’s educate everyone to make history by planting trees.

Do an act of kindness no matter how small is that. Saplings are always small but when it becomes a tree, it bears fruits!

Give thanks to mother nature by planting trees.

All the creatures on earth are depended on each other. Our mother earth depends on us! Save the earth!

Arbor Day is not like other holidays, it might not have the enjoyment of partying, but the enjoyment of planting a tree.

Be generous towards the earth. One day it will also be generous to you!

Let’s vow today to protect our mother nature. Happy Arbor Day.

Let’s keep our earth fresh for our future generation. Let us preserve the fresh air which we are enjoying now.

I strongly believe in God and my God is nature.

Plan a good harvest and plant a tree.

We sit under the shade of a tree today since someone has planted that tree a long time ago.

Make life by giving. Give something good to nature today and it will be thankful to you till the end.

You are always responsible for your deeds.

Let’s show our humanity on trees to save them and to save ourselves.

We never saw heaven. Let’s create that heaven on earth if not whole, but a piece of it!

There should be a law like no food if no trees planted.

Love nature and it will love you!

Today is Arbor Day. Plant a tree, no regrets.

Give surprise to your eyes, by seeing greenery everywhere.

Recycle the things you can and save our earth!

If you give, you will receive. Give good to nature, you will get the best!

Change nature by giving lots to it than how you saw it for the first time!

Lessen the heat of the sun by plating more trees. A cool idea is it?

Don’t cut the tree to make paper just to write ‘save trees’.

Let us not make our nature a memory but a history of green.

Thank all those things which sustain us.

Loving people only cannot bring you real happiness but loving trees do!

Spread the love of nature everywhere you go by planting trees.

Feel the nature and you will not regret.

Earth is the mother of all people and the people have a responsibility towards her.

Today is Arbor Day and if you haven’t started yet, let us do the new beginning!

Witness a thousand miracles by walking in nature.

Nature is not meant for the picnic but it is your home!

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