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Wikipedia day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Wikipedia. It comes every year usually around January 15th. On this day, Wikipedia fans organize parties within their community to celebrate it.

Also, a discussion will be held on Wikipedia things by Wikipedia writers, editors, the ongoing project, training for newcomers, etc. The main motto of the Wikipedia is to spread the knowledge on factual basis.  

The Wikipedia was established on January 15, 2001. Wikipedia fans can celebrate this day at home by cutting a cake, or have a party with family and friends outside.

The domain was registered by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.  In the earlier, the proposal for an online encyclopedia was done by Rick Gates in 1993, but the concept was proposed by Richard Stallman in 2000.

If you are one of the fans of the Wikipedia and enjoy getting information from it, then it is a great opportunity to show your gratitude to Wikipedia on its birthday.

Here are Best Wikipedia day Messages, greetings and quotes

January 15th is Wikipedia Day! Here I am wishing all the Wikipedia fans a very happy birthday to Wikipedia.

Local Wikimedia chapters around the world celebrate Wikipedia’s birthday today. Very happy birthday for the acknowledger.

Today is Wikipedia Day, 15 January. Celebrating the launch of the world’s biggest online encyclopedia, with more than 32.5 million active editors and available in more than 290 language versions!

Today is Wikipedia day. Let’s join to celebrate the birthday of Wikipedia for better knowledge.

Do not wonder if you receive a piece of cake today as it is the birthday of Wikipedia!

Today is Wikipedia day and the day deserves a celebration. Happy birthday Wikipedia.

Arranging great workshops & speakers on Wikipedia day. Let’s spread the knowledge.

Happy birthday to the benevolent educator Wikipedia! One of the greatest examples of the power of the internet.

Thanks, Wikipedia for making our homework easier. Happy Birthday!

Have fun on Wikipedia Day! Enjoy the use of Wikipedia in the classroom!

Wikipedia has helped many students in stem articles to edit and this contribution of students can be viewed by people around the globe!

Back to school like a Pro! Celebrating Wikipedia day!

Wishing you all Happy Wikipedia Day! On this day in 2001, the Wikipedia went public!

Happy birthday Wikipedia with many-many beautiful years to come!

Today is Wikipedia Day which marks the Wikipedia existence. Happy birthday Wikipedia.

Happy Wikipedia day everyone! It is one of the greatest examples of the power of the internet.

Wikipedia was launched to the public on this day in 2001. Since then it has opened an opportunity for freedom of use and education. Happy Wikipedia Day.

Happy Wikipedia Day everyone. Let us spread the knowledge.

For Wikipedia day, let’s celebrate it with lots of presentations, group discussions, and keynote speakers.

Get ready for the Wikipedia day! Join the Wikipedia community and celebrate the birthday of Wikipedia.

Thanks to all the Wikipedia coaches for the hard work! Happy birthday to Wikipedia!

Happy Sweet birthday to Wikipedia! You deserve the celebration!

Celebrate Wikipedia day – the birthday of Wikipedia! Thanks to everyone who has come out of their shell to contribute the free knowledge!

I am inspired by Wikipedia to celebrate Wikipedia Day. Great knowledge to everyone.

Happy Birthday to all Wikipedians. Time to celebrate the information!

The contents on Wekepidea is inspiring and that is why it has got such a large community! Happy birthday Wikipedia. Hope to get more knowledge from you.

Happy Birthday Wikipedia! Wikipedia Day celebration is ON! Let’s join to wish all Wikipedians for a great Wikipedia Day.

Wikipedia has impacted highly on everyone with its incomparable knowledge center. We wish this to be continued. Happy birthday Wikipedia!

I enjoy the presentation on Translation tool of Wikipedia. Quite impressive. Happy Wikipedia day to all.

Wikipedia has helped people to develop their thinking skills by working with great educators and institutions to make the content free for all. Happy Wikipedia Day.

Wikipedia has encouraged people to produce knowledge by writing Wikipedia rather than being just a reader. Happy Wikipedia Day!

Happy birthday Wikipedia! I love to see you improving your articles day by day!

As today we mark the birth of Wikipedia, uploaded some good content with pictures to better tell stories of your city to the world.

Today, January 15 is Wikipedia Day. Look up for your interesting topic on Wikipedia.

You should totally join me in celebrating Wikipedia’s birthday. It’s free!

Today is Wikipedia Day. We’re celebrating Wikipedia’s birthday and remembering the important contribution of libraries and librarians to the Wikipedia.

Congratulations Wikipedia for making our knowledge grow. Thanks to all the contributors. Happy Wikipedia Day!

Happy birthday to our excellent educator Wikipedia! Thanks for making our search easier. Happy Wikipedia day.

I’m a huge fan of Wikipedia and I use it multiple times a day. I wish all Wikipedians a happy Wikipedia Day!

Showing gratitude for the storage of information and answers at Wikipedia. Happy Wikipedia Day.

There are nearly 5 million articles on Wikipedia and the next might be yours! Happy Wikipedia Day.

Wikipedia is the smartest teen in the world! Happy Birthday! Happy Wikipedia Day.

Thank you, Wikipedia for helping the world to educate about all worldly things. Celebrating Wikipedia Day.

You can download Wikipedia to use it offline. Isn’t it amazing? Happy Wikipedia Day.

How often do you use Wikipedia? It is my favorite one! Happy Wikipedia Day!

Enrich your knowledge with Wikipedia! Wishing all Wikipedians a happy Wikipedia day.

Today is Wikipedia Day! You can find the strangest thing you’ve ever discovered on Wikipedia! Great isn’t it?

Thank you, Wikipedia for committing 100% to share the World’s knowledge. Wikipedia Day.

Today is Wikipedia Day. Go enjoy a Wikipedia page which is sure to grow your knowledge.

Happy Wikipedia day everyone!  Thanks, Wikipedia for enlightening me!

Wikipedia is a great resource for the average person. Happy Wikipedia day.

Wikipedia is a first stop overview on a subject which might possibly take you in the right direction for further reference.

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