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Lupus is a serious autoimmune disease that can affect any of the organs in our body such as joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart and lungs. It is a disease where our immune system is all of a sudden unable to recognize the foreign cells and healthy cells.

Lupus is mostly under-recognized which is why World Lupus Day was created by Lupus Canada in the year 2004 to raise awareness regarding this very little known disease.

Lupus Day falls on 10th of May every year and on this many awareness events are being held throughout the continents to raise the profile of this disease and increase awareness.

World Lupus Day Best Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

_Let us keep educating the world about this invisible illness on World Lupus Day. Wish you all the very best about it.

_Sometimes a life without guidance becomes a story without endings, so I urge everyone to stay informed about the mysterious illness on this World Lupus Day.

_I hope everyone who is a lupus victim won’t let their disease come in between their goals. Wish you all a lively World Lupus Day.

_Some of our helpful words of wisdom is all what the victims of Lupus disease needs to hear. May you be their sense of encouragement on World Lupus Day.

_On this World Lupus Day, we have the chance to do something worthy in our life. So, I hope you let the world know more about the disease.

_If we know very little about what we are suffering from then our life may become a living hell. May you spread awareness of Lupus on World Lupus Day.

_You are stronger than the average humans just like the superheroes. May you have all the strength to prosper in life and have a great World Lupus Day.

_The most creative act we all can do on this World Lupus Day is to share the unheard information regarding Lupus with everyone. I hope you do that.

_Never let your love for anything and everything get fade away from your life due to your disease. Wish you a stronger and healthier year on World Lupus Day.

_Look at the brighter side, your disease has day and you are not alone in this. Wish you and everyone a great and inspiring World Lupus Day.

_The world have changed drastically but so is the ignorant attitude of human against each other. I hope we become more polite and empathetic on this World Lupus Day.

_One of the most satisfying thing to do is spreading the knowledge and I hope that on this World Lupus Day, we educate the world about Lupus.

_May you always stay and live the present moments as life is too short to be filled with worrying memories. May you have a wonderful World Lupus Day.

_Raising awareness regarding the disease Lupus is the most appropriate way to observe World Lupus Day and I hope you do the same. Have a inspiring World Lupus Day.

_Life will present us with enough opportunities to think about ourselves but on this World Lupus Day, let’s raise awareness and think about the greater good.

_A change through the knowledge for the betterment of humans is what is needed on World Lupus Day. Let us all try to bring the change.

_On the eve of World Lupus Day, I hope you get to inspire many victims of Lupus disease to never let go of the beautiful moments which is yet to come.

_Abandoning an awareness campaign can be the ultimate failure of being a human of this earth. So let us all be a great example of humanity on World Lupus Day.

_It’s the day of spreading facts and letting the victims of Lupus disease know that they are not fighting this battle alone. Wish you a wonderful Word Lupus Day.

_The key to transform our life is through the awareness of who we are and that’s what we are trying to do for the sufferers of Lupus on this World Lupus Day.

_On this important occasion of World Lupus Day, let us get inspired by the ones who have made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible.

_If we are successful in raising awareness then one day the people who have suffering from Lupus for a very long time will suddenly have love, light and vision.

_Whatever may the situation be in your life I hope you keep your health at first and then everything else. Have a lovely World Lupus Day.

_Never let your disease interfere with your gist to enjoy the every episodes of your life. May you spend a healthy and inspiring World Lupus Day.

_Our only religion as human beings is to be there for each other. So, on the occasion of World Lupus Day, let us all try to follow a simple religion.

_The victims of Lupus diseases are only humans like us trying to find their way into this world. Let us all help them in achieving that on this World Lupus Day.

_Everyday they fight for their health in ways which we won’t ever understand so the only thing we can do on this World Lupus Day is to be their pillar.

_Once we stand together and be a support for the sufferers then the list of unthinkable things can come to reality. Wish you a hopeful World Lupus Day.

_Raising awareness on one of the most important health issue like Lupus is our duty towards humanity. May we all fulfill that on World Lupus Day.

_On the eve of World Lupus Day, I wish that you achieve every goal of yours and continue to do the things you love irrespective of your condition.

_The most important thing to remember on this World Lupus day is that you will get better and your life will brighten up again. Have a lovely World Lupus Day.

_We may not be able to understand their pain but we are perfectly capable of educating the world regarding Lupus on World Lupus Day.

_Congratulations for being not normal because normality may be comfortable but it’s a pretty boring road to take. Wish you an unusual World Lupus Day.

_On the occasion of World Lupus Day, I hope you are the reason why people have been fighting with Lupus without giving up.

_The smallest step from us in the right direction of raising awareness will be more than welcomed on the eve of World Lupus Day.

_Despite the sufferings, they have shown plenty of courage in their thirst to live a healthier life. So let us try to be their moral support on World Lupus Day.

_A smile that has struggle through tears is one of the realest and beautiful smiles one can have. May you inspire the millions with your smile on this World Lupus Day.

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