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The National Brush Day is celebrated on 1st November of every year. It was started in 2013 in the United States of America by the partnership for healthy mouths and healthy lives. Its significance is to reinforce the importance of children’s oral health.

National Brush Day Greetings:

– Keep smiling before your teeth fall. Be a smiley emoji.

– Brushing your teeth keeps your smile fresh. Happy national brush day.

– Pay attention to your teeth as much attention you will pay to any other body parts.

– Clean teeth raise the value of smile and face. Don’t lose the weight of your smile.

– Drink lots of water, get lots of sleep, and don’t forget to brush your teeth. Take care of them.

– Not all superheroes wear a cap; some wear a white apron. Keep your teeth healthy.

– If you don’t want to fall your teeth, be loyal to them—happy national brush day.

– The better your teeth are, the beautiful your smile looks. Happy national brush day.

– Its national brush day, don’t waste it. Go get up and brush your teeth.

– Brush your teeth so that they know you care about them. Happy teeth, caring day.

– Everyone says break up hurts the most, but do you ever have tooth pain? That shit beats the crap out of you—happy national brush day.

– Cheap brushes aren’t lovely; nice brushes aren’t cheap—happy national brush day.

– Every brush is essential, whether it’s a paintbrush or toothbrush. Happy national brush day.

– A brush twice a day keeps the dentists away, which is a significant relief, so don’t go brush your teeth right away.

– Nobody likes a smile with yellow teeth. Happy national brush day.

– The longer you have teeth, the younger you will feel. Take care of them.

– Good teeth raise your confidence by 90%. Smile more often, be confident.

– Your teeth are the reason half of the people are more superior to you. 

– Ask a man the value of teeth who just lost them that lost is irreplaceable.

– You brush your teeth at night to care for your teeth; you brush your teeth in the morning to care for your friend.

– You are never too old or too young to lose teeth. They will be gone if not given attention. Happy national brush day.

– Your teeth are the biggest attention seeker; if gone, not going to come back.

– You will never realize the value until it’s gone to take care of your teeth. Keep your valuable teeth healthy.

– Keep your friends close and brush closer. Happy national brush day.

– Teeth are the guards of your smile. Keep them safe; they are needed to be protected—happy national brush day.

– Only a pro brusher knows there is a technique to clean teeth—happy national brush day.

National Brush Day Messages:

– The healthier your teeth, the more you will smile.

– Remember to change your brush once every three months; otherwise, you have to replace your teeth for a lifetime.

– The world needs to focus more on teeth hygiene than world wars.

– Teeth hygiene is everyone’s right. No one should be barred from it.

– Not every brush is for everyone; not everyone is for every meeting.

– Dentists should be renamed as smile saviors.

– Imagine a world without dentists, then no one would have smiled again.

– Brushing is like telling the teeth that you care.

– Your teeth are your responsibility to keep safe.

– If you think you are the bravest person, try getting a root canal.

– The real heroes are the dentists who save your smile, not these actors.

– Dentists are expensive but neglecting is more costly.

– If you don’t want to be the one who has to look for her teeth before smiling, start taking care of your teeth right now.

– You are never too old to take care of your teeth.

– Teeth are like best friends; the more you show respect, the longer they will stay.

– Eat, brush, floss, smile repeat.

– Ask a toothless person his best days, and he will tell you how he used to smile without hesitation.

– If you ever want to skip brushing to remember, there were thousands of bacteria in your mouth who were waiting for this day.

– Your teeth are like mental health, no matter how good they look, you have taken care of them, or a little neglecting and you are finished.

– Don’t give the bacteria in your mouth to be happy; surprise them with a brush every night.

– It takes 2 minutes to brush your teeth and three painful hours for a root canal, choose wisely.

– Brush your teeth until you want people to stay away from you because of your bad breath.

– People can tolerate bad behavior but not bad breathe.

– Brush and floss like a boss.

– Floss your teeth to keep them flourished.

– Even superheroes need to brush their teeth.

– Tooth fairy can only return baby’s teeth, not your teeth, so brush your teeth daily and let your tooth fairy take rest.

– Keep your teeth clean and make your smile shine bright like a sun.

– Your teeth reflect the amount of care you put in your health.

National Brush Day quotes:

  • Sometimes, getting up in the morning and brushing your teeth is the hardest part of the day – it all just hurts.

Tom Brady

  • Dentists tell you not to pick your teeth with any sharp metal object. Then you sit in their chair and the first thing they grab is an iron hook.

 –Bill Cosby

  • If you are capable of brushing your teeth in mindfulness, then you will be able to enjoy the time when you take a shower, cook your breakfast, sip your tea.

 – Nhat Hanh

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