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On the 30th of November of every year, there occurs an annual celebration called St. Andrew’s Day to commemorate the feast day of Saint Andrew the Apostle. This is essentially a Scottish festival and it is celebrated the Scottish way, diving into the Scottish culture with typical Scottish music and Scottish food.

It is a grand affair in Scotland as well as in other countries that share some connection with Scottish culture and history.

St. Andrew’s Day Messages, Greetings, and Quotes

St. Andrew’s Day Messages

-Hello everyone, it is time to celebrate your Scottish culture with revived enthusiasm because  St. Andrew’s Day is just around the corner!

-Some teachings of St.Andrew will always remain with us through generations and today is the day to pay respect to the great saint!

-Hey all, its time to celebrate Scotland’s patron saint, St. Andrew because it is almost 30th November!

-St. Andrew will always be in the hearts of all Scottish people and we will always respect him as long as we live!

-Even the National Flag of Scotland represents St.Andrew, so Scotland is all about St.Andrew and the Scots really go all out when it comes to celebrating  St. Andrew’s Day!

-There should be no need to specify a day to wish well for others but  St. Andrew’s Day is one such day which implores us to look at the world from the perspective of St.Andrew and wish the very best for all people!

-If people were wise enough to live and love the way St. Andrew had preached, the world would have been a better place.

-It is time to honor the great patron saint St. Andrew and we can do that by spreading his preachings to as many people as possible!

-If you read through history you will get to know that St. Andrew had really proper thoughts and beliefs and with that thought, let us celebrate this  St. Andrew’s Day!

-St. Andrew’s Day is just around the corner and it is the perfect occasion to renew your beliefs in love and kindness!

-Have you ever doubted that kindness and love could make the world a better place to live in, if you have, then it is time to clear your doubts away because a little read on the great patron saint of Scotland will be enough to inculcate some faith in you and  St. Andrew’s Day is a perfect day to begin this venture!

-A great way to spend  St. Andrew’s Day and pay tribute to him is by reading and sharing his beliefs and his preachings!

-Let us all rejoice and pray that everybody’s lives get filled with blessings from the patron saint of Scotland, St.Andrew!

-Let us hope that St. Andrew’s Day brings us a lot of blessings from St.Andrew from wherever he is!

-The world is indeed a better place and we are lucky to walk on the soils that had been walked on by the great saints like St. Andrew!

-Hey everybody, let us exchange greetings and good wishes with our friends and relatives because St. Andrew’s Day is here!

– St. Andrew’s Day is a day when we remember the great saint St. Andrew and remind ourselves of the many insights to life that he had gives us!

-We are truly grateful that a great person like  St. Andrew had lived in this world and has given us a chance to know about his preachings and beliefs!

St. Andrew’s Day Greetings

-May this St. Andrew’s Day brings a lot of happiness to you and to all of your loved ones!

-May St. Andrew’s teachings be forever in the minds and hearts of people for all the generations to come!

-May we all receive the blessings of St.Andrew from heaven!

-May we follow the teachings of St. Andrew always and may our lives be always filled with his blessings!

-May  St. Andrew’s Day be a day of happiness and togetherness in your family.

-Wishing everyone a very joyful  St. Andrew’s Day and may everyone find happiness in their hearts!

-May the patron saint St. Andrew never be forgotten and may his blessings always be there with us!

-Heres’ to wishing everyone a marvelous St.Andrew’s Day!

-May everyone find enlightenment and direction on this St.Andrew’s Day!

-May St. Andrew’s Day be a happy day in all your lives!

-Love is the greatest strength in the world and so has been said by the great saint St.Andrew, Happy  St. Andrew’s Day!

-Here’s to sending warm wishes to far and wide for St.Andrew’s Day!

-May St. Andrew’s Day brings happiness, peace, and hopes to all people in need of it!

-It is still not too late to preach what St. Andrew has taught us and so with that hope I wish everyone a very  St. Andrew’s Day!

-Let us give it a try to see the world in the way the great saint used to see and maybe we will see the world as a very different one and with this thought let us wish everyone a very happy  St. Andrew’s Day!

-Let the world be one like the great St. Andrew had envisioned and to achieve that we have to spread a lot of kindness and love and with that thought, let us wish each other a very happy  St. Andrew’s Day!

-Happy St. Andrew’s Day to everyone, whether Scottish or not!

-We feel very privileged to be born at a place where St. Andrew had lived and preached and with that, we wish everyone a very happy  St. Andrew’s Day!

-I really like to believe that St. Andrew is watching over us from somewhere else and with that faith I wish everyone a happy  St. Andrew’s Day!

-Here’s to wishing an amazing St.Andrew’s Day to everyone!

-If you want to change the world, use love and kindness and with this thought, here’s wishing everyone a very happy  St. Andrew’s Day!

-May this St. Andrew’s Day be a source of direction and enlightenment to your life!

-Wishing you and your family all the best wishes for this year’s St.Andrew’s Day!

-May we always have the teachings of St. Andrew to guide us through our life and with that thought, have a happy  St. Andrew’s Day everybody!

St. Andrew’s Day Quotes

“Love is acceptance. When you love someone . . . you take them into your heart, and that is surely why it hurts so much when we lose someone we love because we lose a part of ourselves.”

Andrew the Apostle

“If we strive for goals, relishing in the pleasure of circumstance, nothing is enjoyable, and life becomes purposeless.”

Andrew the Apostle

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