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Education Day is celebrated on January 24th every year. This day is kept in mind to commemorate the role of education for the development and peace of the countries across the world. The primary motto of the day is,“Learning for people, planet, prosperity and peace”.


– Here’s wishing you a happy education day. Hoping that the future comes bright.

– It is one of the best days every educator can take pride in.Happy Education Day

– There is no age of learning. It grows and grows endlessly. Happy Education Day

– To the students celebrating education day, liberate your minds, and free your soul for a better generation. 

– When you are educated, you are less prone to superstitious behavior. 

– Education shall enlighten every soul devoid of literacy.Happy Education Day

– Let’s celebrate this day, taking a pledge to educate every poor child around us.

– Charity begins at home; imparting education to children around us makes us generous.

– If you ever feel depressed, remember all the way you came through to achieve success in life.

– Never give up on your dreams, no matter how hard the situation goes.Happy Education Day

– Life is full of obstacles from society. The only way to remove hurdles is to educate oneself and bring changes around.

– That bulging happiness in your eyes when you find a new book on the shelf makes you all worth it. Happy Education Day.

– Being one is a high privilege. Having one is the highest privilege—happy education day to the teachers. 

– When you run for education, you should run the race and not break down in midpoints.

– Good knowledge can change anybody, just like a good teacher can change everything. 

– Let’s push yourself to the extreme peak of success .Happy Education Day

– Our first step to knowledge starts with the hands of our parents.

– Educators are an essential part of our society.Happy Education Day

– It is the only professional role the meets the standards of the organization.

– Being knowledgeable pays more worth than degrees for life. 

– An educated mind is filled with liberty. Happy Education Day to all

– Teachers help in discovering the potential of every child around.

– Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army.

– Knowledge is power; information is liberating. Happy Education Day to all

– Education is the premise of progress in every society, in every family.

– Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.

– Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

–  The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.

– Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.

– The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

– Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.Happy Education Day to all

– The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. Happy Education Day to all

–  The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.


– To the students celebrating education day, liberate your minds, and free your soul for a better generation.

– Teachers change the world, one child, at a time.

– The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.

– An educator is a star that shines in the society of darkness. 

– The best teachers are the ones reading minds, not books.

– Teaching a soul is like touching new lives forever.

– Teachers help in planting seeds of knowledge that imbibe in us for life long. 

– Never give up on your dreams, no matter how hard the situation goes.

– To feel contented inside, free your mind with learning. 

– I have come across the best teachers throughout my life. Thanks for the existing.

– My first educators in life are my parents. Forever indebted to such priceless value.

– Education helps in bringing revolution to the society.

– The right mix of chalks and challenges can change a person as a whole.

– Education is the best optimistic approach one can ever apply for.

– Knowledge shows the art of living life with head held high.

– Education gives us a vision to life, which makes us sharp as a knife.

– Intelligence, along with a real personality, is critical for being a good educator.

– The instructional study ends in school and college, but knowledge remains throughout life.

– Never be ignorant of your understanding. 

– There should always be some humble approach to life.

– Education is the most significant opportunity we all are exposed to.

– The influence of a teacher is endless, like an ocean of knowledge. 

– Gathering knowledge should never be exhausting. 

– Life is full of miracles, so in our minds.

– What we learn today makes us what we want to be in the future.

– Learning has no age and no barrier.

– Literacy should prevail in every corner of the world despite stratification. 

– The best implementation of learning something is to teach and preach the same.

– Learning and preaching the practices gives forth a better start to your skills.

– Teachers help in discovering the potential of every child around.

– Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army.

– Knowledge is power; information is liberating. 

– To experience knowledge, it is necessary to practice educational values.

– We can never reach the end of learning. 

– Shaping souls, according to the learning process, is the best kind of exercise. 

– Every dark soul finds shelter in hope of employing education. 

– The passion for learning should never cease. 

– Disseminating truth also forms the basis of educational development. 

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  • Education lightens ups the path from ignorance to essential personality.

  • Without worshipping education, no one can complete his learning. 

  • The only difference between school and life – school, gives you lessons; life teaches you lessons. 

  • I didn’t fail. My victory just got postponed. 

  • Education gives you the right to govern but makes it impossible to enslave. 

  • With education, you can lead but cannot drive. 

  • Education leads you to liberty. 

  • The expense of our libraries is way cheaper in comparison to this ignorant nation. 

  • We learn something new every day. It’s that sometimes, what you learned yesterday is wrong. 

  • The world is a novel. If you do not travel, you just read a single page. 

  • A tutored mind will always cherish a philosophy without holding it.

  • A real educator would not eliminate the forests but spray the deserts. 

  • One can only acquire universal knowledge with his strong will.

  • Education is a way of surviving when everything else sinks down. 

  • An educated mind will always listen without losing self-confidence or temperament. 

  • When the reality of life lesson hits a person, it makes him forget suicidal thoughts.

  • Some people work hard and learn to forget sometimes. 

  • Education makes a society upgraded!

  • Education should teach an individual intensively, build his character and sharpen his mind. 

  • Only a teacher can enlighten the mind of pupils with the right education.

  • Can teachers be called the lord of education? They spread so.

  • Educating a woman represents educating the whole generation. 

  • The purpose of education is to prepare people to think critically and intellectually.

  • Learning is the means of filtering fake pearls are actual swine.

  • Education is life, not the preparation for life. 

  • If you believe in society, you should re-educate your mind. 

  • Learning without exhibiting is like swallowing without digesting. 

  • I believe in absorbing wisdom and education, not just learning it. 

  • Education brings us the ladder of opportunity to drive towards success.

  • Earning wisdom is a pure investment for the future. 
Education Quotes
  • If you educate yourself enough, only then you could invent solutions for every problem in life.

  • Reaching the path to the fruits of education is tough, but the fruit is sweet.

  • With school, instruction ends. But education ends only with our death. 

  • We should guide our youngsters on the way to think rather than what to think. 

  • Education reflects oneself within the eyes. 

  • Wisdom is the secret pathway to reaching the golden door of freedom. 

  • Literacy is an ornament in accomplishment, also a harborage in difficulty.

  • With wisdom, you will either fall behind into shelter or walk forwards towards maturity. 

  • Once you educate a man, you educate society. 

  • Wisdom is powerful. It can either change the world or destroy the world. 

  • Examinations are only a process to know how prepared someone is.
Education Quotes
  • The ability to state, “The students are now working as if I did not exist,” is considered to be the greatest indicator of success for a teacher.

  • “The child is a promise and a hope for humanity.”

  • The educator’s responsibility is to ensure that the student does not confuse good with inactivity and evil with activity.

  • Men can only learn a perfect language when they are very young and have no one to teach them.

  • “If you unleash the child’s potential, he will change into the world.”

  • “The child is a promise and a hope for humanity.”

  • “Love from the teacher for the student is insufficient. She must learn to love and comprehend the cosmos first. She needs to get ready and put in genuine effort.”

  • “The ability to state, “The students are now working as if I did not exist,” is the greatest indicator of a teacher’s success.

  • The educator’s job is to foster a setting that will allow the child to grow to their full potential.”

  • “The child who is to be educated is already a person with his or her own personality and inclinations.”

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  • Education is a fundamental right. No one dares deny that to people. With me, folks? 

  • Education is not an option; it should be a choice to attend civilization. 

  • An uneducated man will shout at the top of his voice for no valid reason. You can spot them! 

  • I am preparing for my education today so that my tomorrow becomes pleasurable.

  • Pro tip- Do not ever make education your second lead in life; this will be with you forever. 

  • With education, you might have a love-hate relationship, but remember this will be yours forever.

  • What you learn today remains with you and becomes a part of your education 

  • Being wise is a quality that comes with education 

  • I have never confused schooling with education. The former is training to be precise! 

  • The entire world is left with a wrong definition of education which is funny 

  • Funnily, educated people do not keep beating their own drums! 

  • Today belongs to my education, so tomorrow belongs to me

  • What we call education is nothing but the family values of a person

  • People often confuse education and show-offs.

  • I being an educated person, believe that the world order of education needs to change now.

  • You attain true education from the wise stories of your grandparents.

  • The ink of education in the pages of your future should shine bright and clear.

  • If you are educated, you will leave behind an aura worth craving to have 

  • Education comes with an added package of perfection! Sorry, I can’t help.

  • The more you read, the more educated you become.

  • Education is costly at times, but so is ignoring it for life.

  • Through the medium of education, I can save money for travel.

  • If you want to acquire a better tomorrow, you will require better education.

  • Education is that hand that takes you from darkness and keeps you in the light.

  • Anybody can learn facts, but real education is training your mind to think about the facts.

  • They say freedom comes at a price, but freedom comes from educating yourself.

  • The objective of education is not to keep the knowledge to yourself but rather to spread it.

  • Failure is also my education because it has taught me to be resilient.

  • An educated mind will always take thoughts under consideration without accepting them.

  • One thing Education has taught me is that fear will always stop you from trying something new.

  • Education is a mighty weapon that people often ignore, but it could change the world.

  • The base and formation of a great state depend upon the state’s youth’s education.

  • The start of an educational journey may seem a bit bitter, but the fruit of the journey is always sweet.

  • The gaps between the bridges of nations can be shortened by means of education.

  • Educate a woman, and she will educate the whole wide world.

  • Walk and talk about your education.

Teacher Education status for students

Our teachers made a significant contribution to life, but there is no way to repay them because their work is unredeemable. However, we may express our deep appreciation by thanking them on Teacher’s Day or any other random day.

It would be best to show gratitude to your finest instructor by posting anything on Whatsapp or Facebook. You may also text your teacher to offer a message or a thank you letter.

  • You never gave the impression that your lessons were intended to help us get a paycheck; rather, it always seemed like you wanted to improve our lives. Thank you very much.

  • We express gratitude for your wonderful attitude, willingness to accommodate us, and precise instruction.

  • Astonishingly, there are professors like you ready to put up with kids like me. Thank you very much for your perseverance.

  • Classrooms can function without iPads and computers, but they cannot function without inspired teachers. Thank you for being the invaluable instructor you are.

  • I hope you have many reasons to smile, and I hope my small thank you message is one of them.

Professional Education status of teachers

Our culture places a high value on teachers. Teachers deserve respect and appreciation as compensation for their devoted and unselfish service to others. Teachers are a crucial component in a nation’s growth chain and a barometer of its power.

  • A very intelligent instructor will guide you to the Holy Spirit’s threshold.

  • The ultimate goal of teaching is to encourage intellectual curiosity and creative self-expression.

  • Because parents only give their children life, and excellent parents teach them a better way to live, people who raise decent children deserve greater respect than their parents.

  • Thank you, teacher; my job was successful. You have made me the person I am today.

  • The instructor is the one who directs you ahead rather than allowing you to select your route. This is because it’s Teachers’ Day.

Education Status of schools reopening

Schools and universities have reopened. Unfortunately, this subject divides teachers, students, and parents. However, the return to school is approaching. We’ve compiled a collection of WhatsApp statuses to spread the word.

  • Education mirrors oneself in the eyes. So, with wide arms, we welcome the reopening of schools.

  • Returning to school is an excellent idea since the path to freedom is illuminated by wisdom.

  • Literacy is both an adornment in achievement and a refuge in difficulties.

  • You may either go forward toward adulthood with the knowledge or fall behind and seek refuge.

  • You educate society when you educate a guy.

Education Quotes

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