A Speech on Education Makes Us Happier People

Education is very much important in our life. Education is an essential tool which gives us more confidence in every aspects of our life. There is a quote from old that education is the key of the success. An educated person or a Scholars are revered everywhere. Education is a key, by which we can solve all the problems in our life. Without any education we cannot achieve our dream destination. Although, you cannot fulfill your basic needs in today’s modern life, as you are nothing without education.

Some people couldn’t effort education for only their poor financial conditions. But, those students, who got the opportunity to get the education but spontaneously wasting their times into androids, they never ever get a good, beautiful and successful life.

Most important is that, the real education gives us the true sense of what is actual happiness. We understand how to be happy in your life. By education, we can get a good salaried and a respectable works. Or, without education we have to work physically, which is hard and also harmful for our body.

Education improves our skills, ability to work, personal knowledge, attitude everything. By education we turned into a smart, confident and really happy person. I think everyone needs to be educated. Education can draw a line between the man and other creatures. Education can narrows the unemployment programs and gives many various job platforms in every sector. Education plays an important role in the culture of society. 

Education is one of the best ways to get an unsophisticated and very much simple and happy life. Education is a medium of knowledge which transfer the real meaning and knowledge of life from the senior educated person to young personnel. Education enables the people to know the circumstance surround them or become an anti socialist, which is very dangerous to our society. Education plays a very important role to build a modern society.

 The traditional system of education was quite different from today’s modern education system. In that case, it is proved that as the days goes, the education system improving so much. In traditional education system, there were many small education institution and subjects of study basically depends upon religion, philosophy, astrology and scriptural subjects.

But now days, in this modern education system, there are many variety types of subjects like, science, modern physics, history, geography, agriculture, horticulture, zoology, botany, chemistry, ancient history, technology, information technology, philosophy, environmental science etc. The modern education system has many new types of subjects, which grows our life very much and turned our life into a happy life. These modern subjects are very interesting and valuable. Students choose this type of subjects more. These subjects are freedom, nationality, law, human rights, democracy and scientific world view.  

The education gives us peace in our mind. By reading a book we do not fall in depression, we can overcome all of the fear about knowledge.

And the main and last thing is that education gives us a beautiful, healthy and peaceful happy life.

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