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Train Day had started off as a holiday by Amtrak, the railroad passenger corporation in the year 2008 as a mean to convey the information regarding the advantages of railway travel as well as the history of the trains.

Train Day used to be held on the Saturday closest to 10th of May as this date marks the anniversary of the pounding of the Golden spike in Promontory, Utah until it was discontinued after 2015 due to budget cuts.

On this day, there were events held at numerous important Amtrak stations and railroad museums across the country of United States which had passenger cars and railroad layouts on display.

National Train Day is an annual holiday observed by people and many railway organizations of the United States on May’s second Saturday. The day is celebrated to commemorate and know the importance of railway travel and its history and impact on people’s lives. 

National Train Day Messages

-Trains are a beautiful communication model connecting two cities, two communities, and bridging the gap between societies.

-The railways provides people with a cost-effective transportation method from one place to another, making their lives faster and easier.

-Travelling by trains makes people cross thousand of miles across villages, towns, cities, and countryside and brings them back to heir point of origin.

-A day to remember and recognize the rich history and impact of railways in people’s lives, the National Train day is a fantastic day of observation.

-Trains not only make the travel between places faster but is also more accessible, comfortable, and affordable by many.

-Trains are responsible for developing a nation, carrying cargo, goods, and providing faster and easier communication between cities and places.

-Cruising through forests, rivers, mountains, and cities, be it goods or commuters; trains are ready to be available for those who need it.

-This day came into recognition when Amtrak, a railway corporation in the United States, started this day as a method to recognize these beautiful machines in 2008.

-Today’s modern world becomes more accessible due to the successful transportation model like trains, carrying a large number of goods in their paths, and providing communication to thousands of travelers and commuters across the world.

-Railways have a great history of bringing a revolution in the industrial and technological era, hence developing the modern era.

-Trains are not just a mode of transport; it is a way of life, changing the average person’s life in this modernized and civilized population.

-Every citizen on the eve of National Train day needs to know the importance and impact of railways in our daily lives.

-Trains have played a massive role in bringing people and development closer.

-Not only economically, but trains are also beneficial as they are more environmentally friendly, rail transport is undoubtedly preferable over road transport.

-With the increasing market demand, railways meet the direction of the market and business by providing a large number of goods in limited time. 

-With the advancement of technology, advanced technology is bringing faster trains and saving time of travel for people, making railways the best mode of transport.

-National train day makes people aware of the current scenario of railways, and it’s benefits to all grades of people, starting from an average man to a rich person.

-Changes and developments are part of society, and this is brought to trains every year, making trains more preferable over other modes of transport.

National Train Day Greetings

-A happy National Train day to all the people.

-Happy national train day to all of you. May you keep using the railways and travel happily.

-To all my dear friends and family, wishing a very happy train day ahead. May you enjoy the most of it.

-Wishing everyone on the eve of National Train Day and wishing them a pleasant journey.

-Many good wishes on the eve of National Train Day, may all your loved ones get together and travel to cities & towns using trains.

-Get together with your friends, family, and close people and enjoy a warm, sunny day by traveling on a train through the countryside, enjoying nature’s beautiful scenery.

-Wishing all the young people to celebrate the National Train day with happiness and fun, and know the significance of railways.

-May the National Train day find all of you in good health and let you celebrate the beautiful day by remembering all the journeys with this beautiful creation.

-Best wishes to all the people on National Train Day, may you all enjoy the day by visiting the museum and knowing the history of railways and relinquishing fond memories of your travel.

-To all the people on the eve of National Train Day, teach your younger ones and children the importance of train in bridging the gap between cities, towns & countries, bringing development faster.

-In this train day, let us visit the most romantic hill station of the country along with our loved ones to get the most of the day.

-Wishing a very happy train day to all the railway lover friends, who declined every airways’ offer.

-Wishing good health and happiness to all my beloved ones who travelled most of the places via train and always avoided the airways.

-Celebrate the historical day by planning a trip on a trip, enjoy the beauty of the countryside and get a chance to see the beautiful world traveling through every bit of it.

-A happy National Train day, may all of you have a comfortable and safe journey when you travel in trains and see the outside world, traveling in this beautiful man’s beautiful creation.

-Best wishes on the National Train Day, may we all witness a new world record for the fastest train developed this year. Wishing a great day ahead.

-Wishing all the people around the world to come out of their homes and enjoy the healthy environment, knowing the importance of railways on this National Train Day.

-Congratulations to all the people working in the railways, on the eve of National Train day who are working hard to make communication and transport easier.

National Train Day Quotes

-“ Trains are wonderful…. To travel by train is to see nature and human beings, towns and churches and rivers and in fact to see life.”

– Agatha Christie 

-“ The train is a small world moving through a larger world.”

– Elisha Cooper

“Time goes faster the more hollow it is. Lives with no meaning go straight past you, like trains that don’t stop at your station.”

― Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind

_Legends say that if you eat well and travel often that too on a train, then you have the chance to live a longer life. Have a great experience while riding the train on a Train Day.

_The greatest love affair between human and travelling takes place within the compartments of the train. So, hop on to these powerful locomotives and spend a delightful Train Day.

_A little magic of a train ride can take you to a destination you would never have imagined. On the eve of Train Day, I wish all the train lovers a very warm and peaceful Train Day.

_Beware of the life, sometimes it can be a bit dull and sadistic. So plan you train ride to an exotic place because there isn’t something that a train ride can’t help with. I wish you a great Train Day.

_On this Train Day, you just have to keep calm and forget all you problems and take the train instead. I wish you wonderful pleasures of train riding ahead.

One cannot argue that are numerous advantages of experiencing a train ride that directly affects our physical as well as psychological well-being. So I wish you a healthy Trains Day.

_Just take out a Map and point to a city you want to visit and just take the beautiful locomotive of a train to that city. I wish you an incredible journey on this amazing occasion of Train Day.

Soaking up the view from the windows of the train can have a great effect on our mood. And on the eve of Trains Day, we all can afford to use the view. Have a great Train Day.

_As a Train lover, I think it is our responsibility to encourage more people in getting to know the advantages of riding a train. I hope we call can influence one person on this occasion of Train Day.

_At the end of a journey the ride may get over but the memories will still drive you to all those beautiful places you have got a glimpse from the window seat. I wish you another amazing ride on this Train Day.

_I hope the love for riding numerous trains to numerous to destination may never stop for all the train lovers. Wish you and every other train enthusiasts a warm and happy Train Day.

_Can anyone imagine a life without the influence of trains? No one can and fortunately no one has to because today we are celebrating the eve of Train Day. Wish you a great day you train enthusiasts.

_To think of it, there are plenty of beauty which is yet to be explored by people like us on a train ride to heavenly destinations. I wish such people a delightful Train Day. May you get to have a soulful journey.

_Once a famous person said that “You will never regret doing the right thing” and the right thing to do on this occasion of Train Day is to ride a train. So, get on with it already and enjoy the fruitful journey.

_The more important thing is are you ready for all the psychological and physical benefits of being on a train ride? If yes today is the day to start because it’s Trains Day. Have a great day ahead.

_There are plenty of beautiful places where you can just visit only with the transportation medium of Trains. Celebrate the importance and advantages of a train journey on this special occasion of Train Day.

_At the end of the day all we train journey lovers need to do is just to have a peaceful ride to celebrate more of an our occasion of Trains Day. I hope everyone has a splendid Day.

_Here’s hoping that we all fall asleep while watching the beautiful scenery from the windows of a Train. I wish you all the serenity of a train ride on this occasion of Train Day.

_If you aren’t able book a train ride today, you can always just visit the nearest station where there will be displays of some of the most famous train models. I sincerely hope that you have a good Train Day.

_The people change, the landscapes change, our needs change but the only thing that’s constant is that just like life the train keeps moving. So on this Train Day, Celebrate your life which is a train not a station

_On the eve of Train Day, you can just take a random train if you want to because sometimes the wrong train takes you to a right place. I wish you a peaceful journey on this Train Day.

_It is only by a train ride that we get to see nature, towns, human beings, churches, rivers and of course life, all at one go. I wish and hope that you will enjoy this Train Day to the fullest.

_In life, either you will be the one who jumps abroad and enjoys the ride or the one who stands still on a platform and watch as all the trains passes. I hope everyone chooses the former on this Train Day.

_There isn’t any train that admirers of train rides wouldn’t take. So, I hope you won’t just sit ideally and spend this amazing occasion of Train Day. Go out and make the most out of this day.

_For train enthusiasts destination is more than just a place. It’s more of a way to see new things while taking that luxury ride of a train. Wishing such train enthusiasts a delightful Train Day.

_There is a certain level of happiness which we get from travelling in train and that is incomparable. I wish you all the love and adventure on this special eve of Train Day.

_I think everyone would agree that there is certain level of mystery attached to the people who work on a train and I think that is part of the adventure. Hope you get spend a wonderful Train Day.

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