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Lent is a dignified holy and religious observance that commences on “Ash Wednesday” and gets over approximately after six weeks, before “Easter Sunday” It is celebrated according to the “Christian Liturgical Calendar (17th Feb 2021 – 29th March 2021).”

It is mainly commemorated for preparing the devotees of the “Easter” through worshiping, expiation, subjugate the flesh, regretting the lapse, charity, philanthropy, generosity, and selflessness. This pious day is observed in the UK and other catholic countries.

Lent Days Messages, Greetings, and Quotes

Lent Day Messages:

-May the Almighty sprinkle all his love and blessings upon us and our dear ones on this auspicious Lent. May you all have a blissful Lent.

-May you get the ultimate ecstasy, and prosperity in our life in this propitious Day. May we have a magnificent Lent this year.

-On this felicitous Day, we must remember that during our miseries and adversities only the Almighty stayed beside us. That’s why we must also wish for their presence in our lives when we are contented and elated.

-Let us devote our lives and souls fully to God on these days so that through our nonchalant prayers we can get close to Him and can connect with his soul. Happy Lent, folks.

-Let the “Ash Wednesday”, the day of commencement of this holy festival, come to our lives every year with equal happiness and zeal, and may we celebrate it every year with the same level of enthusiasm and devotion.

-On this splendid day of Lent let us try to be selfless for the person who we have the potential to become. Let us reform our souls and minds with benevolence, magnanimity, and kindness and leave the sins forever.

-On this bright day, let us make a promise to ourselves to renounce and repudiate the path of evil and wrongdoings forever and put a firm effort to devote our lives for the benefits of the poor and needy.

-Let us take an immense preparation to make more and more believers of the pious “Easter” day by our significant worships and pivotal religious actions. May you all have a wonderful Lent

-On this day, The Almighty emphasized the fact that for becoming his disciple, one needs to selfless and sacrificing, needs to beseech the Holy Cross every day and must follow the footsteps imprinted by the Lord Himself.

-On this Lent, come unite with everybody for the sake of love in our hearts for our Lord Jesus Christ and let us worship him together leaving all other fascinations and addictions. A blessed and happy Lent to all of you.

-On this sanctified and bright day let us pray to God to fulfill all our noble wishes and make a pledge before Him to try our best to achieve it and request him to put his blessing hand over our heads forever.

-Whenever our heart will be annoyed and pacified, let us invoke the Almighty with all our might, let us have faith in God in every adverse situation, let us just pray to him on this glorious day to keep us away from all evils.

-May this Lent proves to be the happiest and luckiest one for you and all of your loved ones. May God be extra kind, extra affectionate, and a little bit more merciful to you and your family this Lent.

-If you are getting failed in achieving whatever you want, despite your honest efforts, then there must be a lack of devotion towards the Almighty. We must believe in God and beseech him wholeheartedly to get what we want.

-May you always enjoy and relish His victory and pray for Him to be always by your side on this gleeful and cheerful day. Happy and eccentric Lent to all of you.

-Let us always recall that Jesus progressed towards the Holy Cross only because The Almighty is pious and religious and the sinners must be penalized. Let us emphasize on eradicating evils and chanting the name of God this day.

-During this auspicious and splendid lent, Let us search with all our might for various firm ways to get out of our mediocrity and put some effective steps to reform our souls in search of greatness and humanity.

Lent Day Greetings:

-Lent approaches advantageously and favorably to revive us and stir us from our inertia of rest. Let us revitalize and energize our hearts and souls on this auspicious and providential Day.

-Relinquish and abandon yourself to become the disciple of the Christ, Regulate and train your body, do not spoil or overindulge yourself, and become fond of fasting for the sake of Almighty in this Lent.

-Lent is a wonderful occasion and a golden opportunity to progress towards disclosure and revelation and to opt for the path of righteousness and piousness.

-Today, pray to The Almighty with true and genuine devotions not only because you have to fulfill your need but also to thank Lord for giving you all you have and a blissful life.

-Lent is a time of fortune for us because at this time we can establish a direct connection of our soul with Lord Jesus’ and the bonding with him is visible at the time of miseries.

-This is the most privileged time to give all our attention in worshipping our Lord, utilizing our precious time in deeply assessing ourselves, rooting out the evils in us, and give an effort to reform and shape our character.

-Have a blessed Lent. Regret all the mistakes and sins you have performed in the past, give a solid try to rectify them all, and lead a life of benevolence, goodness, and decency.

-This lent, try the hardest to enlist yourself as one of the true and greatest followers of the Almighty by sacrificing all your time, greed, and wishes and giving your full soul and mind in beseeching Him.

Lent Day Quotes:

-“During these 40 days, let me put away all my pride. Let me change my heart and give up all that is not good within me. Let me love God with all that I am and all that I have.” – Genesis Grain

-“We want the experience of God’s presence. That is the miracle we are really after and the miracle we really get” -Fredrick Buechner

-“All go to one place. All are from the dust, and to dust all return.” -Ecclesiastes 3:20

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