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The national family literacy day is celebrated on November 1st every year across the United States. The literary organizations arrange programs on this day and even many of the libraries celebrate this day.

The first Family Literacy Day was celebrated in 1994. The November month is itself called as family literacy month and during this month, all the literary programs are held. The day is celebrated to create awareness on family literacy importance.

Encourage everyone today for home reading and sharing books with friends. Read and write more today and if possible encourage people to write their diary and poems.  These days, the digital literacy impacting classrooms. So, it is important to bring awareness to read books and write books.

If you are bookwork and would love to encourage others to read books and write books, here we have some beautiful quotes and sayings which you can share on National Family Literacy Day

Parents literacy can help a child’s studies. Encourage every parent to take part in literacy day. Happy reading!

Here comes the day to dedicate in reading and inspiring others to do the same.

Learn and you will see a new world opening in front of you!

Storytelling and alphabet reading is a child’s favorite activity. Let’s support!

Love for reading never dies but it spreads all over!

The early literacy success comes when parent involves in it!

You are not too old to start reading. Your book does not know your age!

Donate your books who don’t have any and spread the cheer of reading!

A good time spent with a book today can give you a more good time in the future.

Literacy begins at home! Read books and inspire your kids to do the same!

If you can read a signboard and reach the destination, thank your teacher.

Today is the national family literacy day. Gift a book to someone who is stuck to their smartphone!

If you read today, you will grow in the future!

When you have a book, you are not lonely. Fill up your empty space in the brain with knowledge.

Whatever I have learned, I learned it from books.

Believe in yourself, open up the book and start reading. A great way to start a new day, new year, new life!

Beat the words ‘I don’t know’. Be an encyclopedia, read books.

Cope up with the new digital world with the literacy. Read books, gain knowledge!

A man may die, but his words will remain forever in his books.

Imagination can do great things with children. But to get imagination, they must read books.

If you have an educational degree, let it not go in vain, start teaching people and join hands for literacy.

Future bear fruits for those who sow now! Read books today for a better tomorrow.

Today is the national family literacy day. Donate your knowledge to less fortunate!

The roots of education may be bitter now, but when it bears fruit, you will taste the sweetness!

Today was family literacy day and tomorrow will be another one.

Your only one inspiring word of today to read a book can make a huge difference tomorrow.

A book can be your best mate whenever you are down or lonely.

Today escape from the world, sink into a book!

A book is a loyal friend of you, it doesn’t lie!

A child who reads a book can think like an adult!

Today’s reader is tomorrow’s leader.

Sometimes a person really needs peaceful therapy and that’s book reading!

It is impossible to feel alone in a house full of books.

Today is family literacy day. Give exercise to your mind by reading a book!

The treasure from books cannot be stolen by anyone.

A reader lives many times and the one who does not read live only once.

‘I can read’, ‘I can write’. I’m in love with these words. National family literacy day.

Reading a book is like coloring your imagination.

A book is not a book until you read it. Happy national family literacy day.

Reading is an enjoyment. Do not miss it.

Literacy is a right and a necessity. National Family Literacy Day.

Today try something new. Read, read, and read.

Literacy is the training of the mind to think and act. National family literacy day.

Literacy is the bridge which connects from misery to hope!

Everyone can read when they find their favorite book. Spread the word!

Before thinking, it is better to read. Supporting national family literacy day.

Influence someone today to learn reading and writing. Be a teacher for a good cause.

A book is a gift which can spread happiness to more than one person.

When I learned to read, my eyes opened to a whole new world!

Today with a small beginning you can do great things in the future.

Your children are capable of many things, inspire them to read a book today.

If you do not hold a book in hand, be sure it will not reach your brain!

Talk doesn’t help always but reading can!

An ignorant cannot smell the essence of knowledge until he starts reading!

It might feel impossible in the beginning but ends up with great things.

Contribute or join hands with us to support the national family literacy day.

A home is the first school for children and the parent is the teacher.

Exchanging book is fun to celebrate the national family literacy day and to spread knowledge.

Great leaders are not grown in a day. Start and act now.

Reading a book is magical. Do it yourself!

Once you learned to read, you will be free to spread it among others!

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