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The philanthropist Marcis Liors Scadmanis established the World NGO Day on  February 27th. The Baltic Sea NGO forum which belongs to the council of the Baltic Sea States recognized the World NGO Day officially on the seventeenth of April, 2010.

The countries which are members of this forum are Estonia, Poland, Finland, Russia, Germany, Norway, Iceland,   Sweden, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, and Denmark.

The World NGO Day was first commemorated in Helsinki, Finland. Every year, this day is celebrated to bring all the countries, the NGO supporters, government and international leaders, private sectors, bilateral and multi organizations and other people with expertise in this field together.

World NGO Day Best Messages, Quotes and Greetings

_NGOs help the backward communities a lot and we should wish to thank them and wish everyone a very happy World NGO day!

_Here’s a big shoutout to all those people who work for all others and help those who are in need of help. We love you and wish you all a very Happy Word NGO Day!

_We admire you for your work and wish you all the best. Happy Word NGO Day!

_These people take care of them who are not able to practice their rights. Salute them and wish them a very Happy World NGO Day.

_There are so many ways the NGOs help the poor people and we are all proud of their work. Happy Word NGO Day!

_I am so proud to be an NGO  worker and I wish more people would come and work in NGOs. I wish my colleagues and all other people across the globe a very Happy Word NGO Day!

_The best part of my work is getting to see the smiling faces of the children at the orphanage at the end of the day. Happy World NGO Day!

_I cannot think of a more fulfilling job to do in my life. Happy World NGO Day!

_There are so many NGOs that help underprivileged people by fighting for their children’s rights. Their work needs appreciation and today we appreciate them and give our heartfelt wishes.  Happy World NGO Day!

_Let us all spare a moment to appreciate these heroes who work in the NGOs and do their best to fight against social injustice and bring justice to the socially oppressed people. Happy World NGO Day!

_As we approach the 27th of February, I would like to thank these wonderful people for working for the environment and its conservation. Happy World NGO Day!

_The underprivileged people especially those belonging to the remote areas would not have been able to know about their basic human rights if the NGOs were not so active in helping them. So I wish them all the best and have a very happy World NGO day everybody.

_So many people in the world can exercise their basic human rights only because of these people. We thank you and wish you all a very Happy World NGO Day!

_The NGOs help the elderly people by working in the old age homes, giving them the love and warmth that they are deprived of, and the NGOs deserve our appreciation. Happy World NGO Day!

_There are endless instances of women being empowered by the NGOs and as a woman, I want to thank the NGO workers from the bottom of my heart. Happy World NGO Day!

_The NGO workers have helped thousands of women across the world. Here’s to thanking them and wishing them a very Happy World NGO Day!

_Hundreds of women have been saved from domestic violence and torturous marriages with help from NGOs. Happy World NGO Day!

_The brave hearts that work in NGOs truly deserve appreciation and love for their work in empowering women and especially for standing up for the women in rural areas. Happy World NGO Day.

_Here’s to thanking the NGOs for providing education to the many kids who have no homes and who might have never had the chance to be educated. Happy World NGO Day!

_I want to thank the NGOs all over the world for spreading awareness and taking actions for the conservation of wildlife. Happy World NGO Day!

_If the stray animals are better off, it is because of the involvement of the NGO workers. Here’s to thanking them and wishing everyone a very happy World NGO Day!

_The sanitation and hygiene of so many remote areas have improved because of the tireless efforts of the people working in NGOs. Here’s to thanking them and wishing everyone a very Happy World NGO day.

_We want to thank the NGOs for the wide variety of work they do to help the underprivileged people all across the world. Happy World NGO Day!

_It is strange that people have more faith in the NGOS than in their own Government. Happy World NGO day!

Feel proud because it is our day today and I want to wish all other friends and fellow workers a very happy World NGO day!

_NGOs help in all sectors of the society and I do not think that the world would be a great place 6 these people. Happy World BGO DAY!

_There are a thousand reasons to love and appreciate these hardworking souls as they provide help in almost every aspect of life. Happy World NGO Day. They may not go to fancy offices wearing fancy clothes but they are the backbone of society. Happy World NGO Day everybody!

_In a country like India, the NGOs have made a rapid difference by improving the health and sanitation, hygiene and the living conditions of people in the remote regions. So let us all thank them and wish them a very happy World NGO Day.

_All the workers of NGOs deserve our heartfelt greetings and we are really lucky to have got a chance to thank these people. Have a Happy World NGO Day!

_The NGO workers really need to pat themselves on their backs and take a day off because they deserve it. Have a happy world NGO Day!

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