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Portugal Day or the Day of Portugal is celebrated every year on June 10th since 1580. This particular date marks the death anniversary of Portugal’s greatest poet named Luís Vaz de Camões. The poet’s mastery in the verses has been compared to the works of Shakespeare, Dante, Virgil, Homer and Vondel.

He wrote huge volumes of Lyrical poetry and drama but was widely recognized for writing Os Lusíadas, a book that establishes the Portuguese explorations done in the 16th Century. This particular day is also celebrated as a National Holiday in Portugal.

It was initially celebrated only in the country of Portugal but the Portuguese immigrants who are widely spread throughout the world have popularized this particular National Holiday.Celebrate the day of Portugal by sharing some good thoughts and quotes; here we have some inspiring greetings and quotes lined up for you.

Portugal Day Messages, Quotes & Greetings

-On the eve of Portugal day, my good wishes to all the good souls of Portuguese people.

-Let the radiance of Luís de Camões  enlighten you on this Portugal day and make you feel closer to one of the greatest poet ever.

-May your day be filled with knowledge and prosperity on this Portugal Day and guide you towards the heaven of litarature.

-Following the guided path of Luís de Camões will change your perception of life in a positive way. Enjoy a fun-filled Portugal Day.

-Discover the path of righteousness expressed through the poems of Luís de Camões on this Portugal Day.

-May the Saint Soul of Luís de Camões bless you on this propitious Portugal day.

-Commemorate the achievements of your Country, expressed greatly in the poem Os Lusíadas on this Portugal day.

-We should believe that some part of ours shall always be connected to the greatest poet of this country. Have a blessed Portugal Day!

-Celebrate the achievements of our country’s greatest poet Luís de Camões  because it is Portugal Day.

-The poems will help you to walk in the path of Luís de Camões and come out as a different man. Enjoy this Fortunate day of Portugal.

-It is not an ordinary day, but a day to commemorate the death of Luís de Camões. Keep him in your prayers and celebrate Portugal Day.

-Poetry is a Gift to Mankind for which we shall always remember Luís de Camões, the greatest poet our country has ever seen.

-May the wisdom of Luís de Camões lead us into serenity of human nature and celebrate this Portugal day with your loved ones.

-Read and you will know what Luís de Camões wanted to convey through all of his poems! Let his words do the talking on the eve of Portugal Day.

-Follow the heroes who died for their country’s freedom through the words of Luís de Camões. Commemorate them all on Portugal Day.

-We all have a poet in us; we just need to wake him up. Why not give it a try on the eve of Portugal Day.

-May the power of literature guide you more than the savagery of violence. Have a very happy Portugal Day.

-The work of a poet has become the tool of expressing the world beautifully. Relish the world to the fullest on this Portugal Day.

-Let us remember the greatest poets of this Earth on the eve of Portugal Day commemorating the death of another great poet.

-A poem is a powerful gateway to a world unseen. Let’s find our own getaways on the day we celebrate our nation’s most beloved poet.

-Expresses your opinions like Luís de Camões did, through the use of poems. Celebrate his work on this Special Day.

-Let you and your family be blessed by knowledge and literature on the eve of Portugal Day.

-The past work of a poet is what inspires a man to create a powerful resemblance through his work. Enjoy this Portugal day of commemorating a great poet.

-When you value the works of a great poet like Luís de Camões, the whole world seems like a beautiful paradise.

-In a country where Luís de Camões fought and wrote for, pens and swords are used when they are most needed. Relish this Portugal Day celebrating the poet to the fullest.

-Every Portuguese poem we read is somewhat inherited from the works of Luís de Camões. Let’s celebrate this Portugal day commemorating the greatest poet of our country has ever seen.

-On the eve of Portugal Day, Let us remember all the genius work that has been portrayed through the poems written by Luís de Camões.

-On this auspicious Portugal day, Lets rejoice the fact that one of the greatest poet in the world is from the country of Portugal.

-The poet we inspire from will surely guide us on a righteous path to glory. Have a Happy Portugal Day.

-A very happy and warm regards to the beautiful souls of Portugal in the day of celebration of our most beloved poet.

-May the knowledge and wisdom shared by our greatest poet shall always be upon us in years to come. Enjoy a very happy Portugal Day.

-Let us commemrate the most loved poet in Portugal on this very special Portugal Day.

-Don’t let the works of Luís de Camões be forgotten, read the achievements of Portugal through the poem of Os Lusíadas on this Portugal Day.

-all serenity filled Portugal Day.

-May your life have a small space to commemorate the work of Luís de Camões on the eve of Portugal Day.

-May this Portugal Day be filled with happiness and serenity for you and your family.

-Luís de Camões’s poems are a divine way to seek help from words. Wishing all a very happy Portugal Day.

-Have faith in your pens much like Luís de Camões had in his, because it has the power to change perceptions. Lead a very happy Portugal Day.

-The words of Luís de Camõescan have the power to change a person from bad to good. Celebrate the man’s work on this auspicious occasion of Portugal Day.

-A kind and warm regards to you and your family on this bright and happy occasion of Portugal Day.

-Let the work and achievements of Luís de Camões defined the way you live your life. Wishing a happy Portugal Day to you all.

-Wishing everyone good luck on this joyous occasion of Portugal day and may you live whole-heatedly throughout the year.

-Feel blessed to reside in the country where Luís de Camões has lived. Wishing everyone a happy Portugal Day.

-One of the greatest poets in the world is from our country. How lucky are we to celebrate him on the eve of Portugal Day

-As we celebrate Portugal Day, we fondly remember the most significant poet of our country that has immensely shaped the Portuguese Literature.

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