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Count Your Buttons Day is celebrated every year on 21st October. It is a fun day to celebrate and do not have any specific reasons. You can probably arrange a small gathering of your nearest and dearest and make a count button competition. 

Count Your Buttons Day- Messages, Greetings, and Quotes

Count Your Button Day- Messages

-Buttons are the creative invention that made fashion comfortable and easy. 

-Buttons are used to tie both sides of the clothing together to give a perfect fit.

-Buttons are used on many things, may it be clothes or other fabrics. Sometimes buttons are replaced by the zip in the bags, but fashionista opts for rustic buttons to make it look more vintage and edgy.

-The oldest yet vintage buttons were found in a country called Pakistan, located in Asia. These were probably found in the Indus valley civilization time. 

-Archeologists claim that buttons were used in ancient times to make woolen fabrics.

-Arranging for this day may get little fun involved in your life and have some good time with yourself. 

-Buttons are used for decorative purposes such as decorating woolen stalls or handmade crafts; these are mainly found in ancient Rome and Ancient Greece.

-Buttons come in all shapes and sizes may be square or circle, they come in different colors.  Let us know something more about buttons this day.

-Buttons usually have four small holes in them, which helps the thread to glide inside. Buttons are mainly used in sewing and making shirts.

-Modern-day buttons unlike the traditional controls, donot need any holes in it. They can be sewed or crafted by a sewing machine and inserted into the shirt’s cavity.

-Buttons are made from the horns and trinkets of other animals, but the modern-day buttons are made by PVC or polyvinyl plastic which is more effective, cheap, and saves animal cruelty.

-Buttons are mostly secured to fabric with thread, either through the holes on the top or in the gaps hidden underneath the clothing, although some are fitted previously.

-A measurement device, called ‘lignes,’ is often used to determine the size of buttons, where 40 lines are equivalent to one inch (2.54 centimeters). Interesting, isnt it?

-Buttons are generally used in garments like jeans, fancy skirts, and other mini pants. 

-Modern designers are making a great work renovating and rediscovering modern ways to incorporate rustic touch through buttons.

Count Your Buttons Day- Greetings

-Many artists make their own pieces of art and craft models just through the controls. Some of them use it to make the faces of the modern canvas.

-It’s challenging to think life without a small yet significant tool called button. 

-Buttons are a weirdly important part of our life. Take some time to count the buttons you have in your stores.

-You can also arrange a small competition to count buttons and can reward small happiness around.

-You can also visit a nearby museum to get knowledge of antique button pieces.

-A button could be used as a kids crafts work to create art prices. But be careful dealing do not kids and button simultaneously as they can gulp it down.

-Many people keep buttons as their a collection, there are crazy collection of gold silver, even platinum buttons.

-Buttons teach us a vital life lesson. We should not take them for granted.

-Life could be short, but it needs to be worthy of the moment you live just like a button. It’s small yet has a significant role.

Count Your Buttons Day quotes

“My heart is small, like a love of buttons or black pepper.” ― S. Jane Sloat

“Push my buttons, and I’ll push you off a bridge. ” ― Karen Quan

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