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June 26th has been declared as the United Nations  International Day in Support of Victims of Torture by the United Nations General Assembly.

This day was institutionalized with the hope to have a world free from torture or other cruel, degrading, and inhuman treatment to fellow earthlings.

To date, there are 164 States that are part of this Convention, thus widely ratifying this view as a fundamental international convention.

To stay clear of controversies, the Convention explains torture as any intentional treatment that causes severe mental or physical suffering or pain to a person, no matter what the reason behind this is.

Here we have some messages for the survivors of such treatment to inspire hope in them.

Victims of Torture Support Day Messages, Quotes

_June 26th is a reminder of how strong some of our brothers and sisters are. We wish them all the best for their future and thank them for showing that perseverance is what life is all about.

_You are so loved by all of us. May you have a brighter and happier future.

_You have been through so much and you show us what strength and hope means. May you feel comforted by our thoughts. We love you.

_You are the diamond that has been obtained after torturing the coal. Your shine is brighter than you know. You are always there in our thoughts and we pray for the best for you.

_You are not alone. We hope for a better life for you. May you get what all you want.

_Believe that good wishes have powers. We wish for a healing future for you. Thank you for being so strong.

_Your suffering will not go in vain. You will have a happy and fulfilling life. We love you.

_Every day brings us new opportunities. Every day shows us that we can have a new dream. If anybody can make this real, it is you.

_You are the hope for the others going through your pain. You are our heroes. May you get all the rewards life can offer.

_You have been through the darkness and now you will glow with the light. We respect and love you. Remain strong.

_We cannot even imagine what you have been through. We are so glad that you have made it through. Lots of love and support to you from all of us.

_Your quota of suffering on the earth is over and you have made us all proud and inspired by making it through. Now it is your turn to have some joy in your life. Remain strong and have patience.

_You are so strong. There is God residing inside all of you. Here’s to wishing you get peace and happiness in your lives.

_You people are so amazing. You are the epitome of strength.  May you heal fast. We love you.

_You people are the truest testament to the human being’s capacity to endure pain and rise above it. Hope you realize how amazing you are. We love you all so much.

_It won’t be easy but if anybody can rise above it, it is you. God bless you! May you heal soon and find happiness.

_While you may get only the wishes today, you should know that you are always in our minds. You are amazing human beings and we adore you.

_You know it better than us how to endure the darkness. We are amazed by your strength. Just know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and you are so close to it! Never give up.

_Your smile shines brighter than the diamonds. You are so precious. Hang in there and never give up.

_You have been so strong. You will find peace and happiness. God will not be unfair to His strongest children.

_We salute to your perseverance. Your smile makes the world a happier place. While you may not know us or see us, just know that we love you and you are always in our thoughts.

_We cannot change the past no matter how much we want to. We can only wish that your suffering will bring you a better future that will not leave you wanting for happiness and peace. May God bless you.

_The 26th of June is the day we pay tributes to those people who have suffered what no human ever should. Let us hope that they find peace and let us pray that we get to see the end of such heinous crimes.

_Don’t ever be blind to torture. If you see it happening, always raise your voice. Let us take this pledge on this 26th of June while we remember the survivors of torture.

_You people teach us how to fight and persevere. Your pain hurt us all and your happiness light us all. Here’s hoping you heal fast and find peace and meaning in your lives.

_There is always a dawn after darkness. You have been through darkness and all you have to do is have patience and keep waiting for the dawn to come. May the Lord watch over you!

Your strength is amazing and your perseverance has no limit. Never feel alone because we are there with you and we pray for a happy life for you every day. God bless you!

_Do not give up. Do not let your past determine your present and future. May you be blessed with all the happiness you deserve.

_Life is hard, but you are harder. Hope you have a better future. May God bless you!

_You are out of our sight but never out of our mind. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Here‘s to wishing you a fast recovery and a faster healing process. Be strong and never give up.

_Pick up your broken pieces and look forward to a brighter future. Don’t lose hope. We all love you.

_We may not have many things to say that will console you but know that we love you and support you. Never look back because you are heading for a better future. May God bless you!

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