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World Architecture Day is celebrated every year on 7th October. It was started in 2005 by the Union Internationale des Architectes to appreciate the works of architects and some of the famous architectures in the world. It recognizes the role of the architects in making this world a beautiful place.

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Greetings for World Architecture Day

_Architecture Day is a wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate the iconic creations of the past in different parts of the world.

_Let us relive history by visiting some of the ancient monuments of our country on World Architecture Day.

_Some of the architecture in the world is a testimony to the excellence of their creators.

_Architecture is not limited to any building or monument, it also reflects the past cultures and history of any society.

_Let beauty be a part of your life on World Architecture Day.

_Architecture carries the power to influence the thought process of any human being. Happy World Architecture Day.

_World Architecture Day offers us an opportunity to show our gratitude to all the architects of the world for being so creative in their endeavors.

_Learn to explore your creativity on World Architecture Day.

_Let us remove all the ugliness of the world on World Architecture Day.

_All the famous architects have proven to the whole world that without imagination you can never give birth to anything creative. Happy World Architecture Day.

_An architect has to go through a lot of struggle to make this world a wonderful place to live in. World Architecture Day is an occasion to recognize such struggles.

_The best thing that an architect can do is to make complex things look easier through their artistic expressions. Happy World Architecture Day.

_Architects or designers help in making our lives simple and comfortable through their work.

_On World Architecture Day, let us organize events where all the famous architects of the world will come together to exchange their ideas.

_An architect is always optimistic about his/her imaginations and ideas. It is their confidence that helps them to go ahead with their thoughts. Happy World Architecture Day.

_On World Architecture Day, let us encourage the young and budding minds to take up architecture as a profession in their lives.

_On World Architecture Day, let us realize the fact that the service which an architect provides to the whole society is equally significant than any other services.

_A brilliant architecture is the one that makes you think. Happy World Architecture Day.

_All of us must remember the fact that art has the potential to bring a revolution. Happy World Architecture Day.

_Let’s appreciate the sheer dedication and immense hard work that is put in by an architect to make the work so pleasing to the eye of the audience.-Happy World Architecture Day.

_The main asset of an architect is his/her ‘visionary’, he/she can visualize the outcome of a project while starting with the plan…Happy World Architecture Day.

_We build our own life, work hard today to present it a proper future and direction, an architect is hidden within all of us. -My warm wishes on World Architecture Day.

_May all the artists who steal our hearts through their work get a long life, stay happy, and present us with many more mesmerizing artworks.

_Being able to accept criticism and negative feedback are the qualities of a true Architect, they utilize them to enhance the beauty of their work.-Happy World Architecture Day.

Messages for World Architecture Day

_Each and every artist reinvents themselves through their creations. Happy World Architecture Day.

_An architect should always carry a critical mindset, they should be able to question all the stereotypic notions of society through their art. Happy World Architecture Day.

_An architect always has the opportunity to surprise the world with their creations, they express the ideas that were never thought of before. Happy World Architecture Day.

_An architect should create something that belongs to the whole society and not to any individual. Happy Architecture Day.

_Architects possess the talent to make their art look lively to the audience. Happy World Architecture Day.

_An architect won’t stay alive forever but he/she will remain in the hearts of the people for his/her creations. Happy World Architecture Day.

_You have to be ‘crazy’ in order to become a good architect, it means that your thought process should be unique. Happy World Architecture Day.

_Caging the minds of artists can be detrimental to any society as it stops the free flow of thoughts and ideas.

_Art should not be used for spreading propaganda instead it should be used to represent the truth. Happy World Architecture Day.

_Architecture is like the mirror of any society that reflects both the good and the evil aspects. Happy World Architecture Day.

_It is normal for any human being to fail and architects are no exceptions. It is important that they learn from their failures and try to create something better in the future. Happy World Architecture Day.

_The main task of an architect is to give shape to their emotions and also sustain it. Happy World Architecture Day.

_Architects should always remain open to criticism as it can help in enhancing the quality of their work. Happy World Architecture Day.

_A hidden architect resides in all of us because we are the builders of our own life and also responsible for giving it a proper shape and direction. Happy World Architecture Day.

_An architecture speaks a lot for itself, you don’t need to explain it.

_You don’t need to steal the art from someone else, you just need to steal their hearts through your work.

_An architect will always consider art to be his/her first love. Happy World Architecture Day.

_It is the duty of an architect to pursue perfection in all their works. Happy World Architecture Day.

_On World Architecture Day, we should find time out of our busy schedules and have a look at some of the unique creations that are frozen in time around us.

_An architect should always aim to instill some of the important values in the minds and hearts of the people through their creations. Happy World Architecture Day.

_On World Architecture Day, let us take inspiration from the lives of some of the greatest architects of our time.

_Let your thoughts gain expression on World Architecture Day.

_An architect should have the vision to create something exceptional in life. Happy World Architecture Day.

_The value of architecture can never be measured in terms of money, it is a priceless thing that can only be admired. Happy World Architecture Day.

_Let us appreciate the immense amount of hard work that is put in by an architect to make his/her work a visual treat for the audience.

_An architect can compromise with anything in life except the quality of his/her creations. Happy World Architecture Day.

_On the occasion of World Architecture Day, let’s pledge to help the families of those Architects who lost their life accidentally in the process of creating some visual treats for us.

_Let’s take our family members and young ones to visit the ancient monuments of our country and relive history on this World Architecture Day.

_An Architect knows the true meaning of ‘Perfection’, they show it through their dedication and work…warm wishes for them on this World Architecture Day.

_Let’s take inspiration from the lives of some great architects, how they learned from failures, and created more wonderful things in the future.-Happy World Architecture Day.

_One has to be a little ‘different’ and ‘unique’ from others to leave his/her mark in the society, all the great Architects have taught us this lesson only…wish you a happy World Architecture Day.

Quotes for World Architecture Day

“Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.”  – Le Corbusier.

“Not many architects have the luxury to reject significant things.”  – Rem Koolhaas.

“As an architect, you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.” – Norman Foster.

“Architecture is really about well-being. I think that people want to feel good in a space… On the one hand, it’s about shelter, but it’s also about pleasure.” – Zaha Hadid

Best Architecture Status And Captions

-People don’t realize how beautiful the SUN is until a building is made after it. 

-An architecture is bland until someone resides or is using it. 

-Less in a building architecture is boring!

-Architecture is a deadly blend of vigor and greatness.

-When being designed, a decent building should go through moderate means. 

-Everything surrounded us is designed; only a few are well designed. 

-Use secure design: Practice a concept.

-Parody of history doesn’t provide meaning to architecture but articulating it.

-Design would say, “Look at me,” But an extraordinary design will not!

-In society, nothing is more simplistic and affordable than designing cities to provide people better. 

-Architecture is where art and science break smoothly. 

-Architecture is an art design over a waste place. 

-If a design ignores people, people also ignore it. 

-Great architecture does have meaning art that everybody cannot see. 

-Architectures doesn’t have logic, it holds mystery. 

-Building design is the intention of an epoch transposed into the universe.

-An architect is a designer with an aesthetic sense.

-A building should feel like a home, not a machine to live in. 

-A good building is viable; the extraordinary building is capable of inspiring ideas.

Architects status and Captions

-Life of an architect is a battle against disfigurement. 

-Designers are that what they regularly do – EXCELLENCE!

-Being an excellent designer is not an act but a habit. 

-It’s cringing how some architect thinks designs by others are awful & they can do a lot better. 

-I supposedly prefer designing my own house rather than the designer who pretends to know “Everything.”

-As a skilled architect, I feel monotonous when I have less design to do. 

-As a designer, learning to handle complexity is also an opportunity. 

-I have realized, the biggest art of architecture is to design more complicated ones. 

-The great beauty of building design is -every time we can start over again. 

-Architects do not design iconic, enchanting buildings. They make history!

-I think keeping shut your privy door by extending your left leg is called modern architecture.

-Making designers feel stupid is an example of great architecture. 

-Unusual designs by skilled architects prove that artists are for real. 

-Social values are equals to all well-made architectural values, else not valuable. 

-I have my clients to build a design as I don’t believe in building to gain clients. 

-Being a famous architect is like holding the fame of a famous jawsmith.

-Planning and construction must articulate its place and time but pine for timelessness.

-We exist in a period of renewal where towns are stretching back to the time, being neglected till now.

-Architecture is the sentiment of an architect. Never HURT that!

-Architecture is learned, practiced, planned, designed, and corrected to make it magnificent. 

-I hate it when people hire us and tell us what to do. I mean, we are experts, Duh!

-Designers spend uncountable hours practicing their fathomable ideas. Never doubt it!

-I believe in simplistic art that draws the ultimate sophistication.

-Being the architect, we design with an experience for an eventuality.

-Less demands more because less is bore. 

-In social media, the new cool trend is being a designer. 

-Doing what is right isn’t what people think is easy. 

-I plan for an architecture that sustains and aims for eternity. 

-There is always a difference between what you see and what an architecture expert sees! 

-I hope the architect is as stylish as his grand display of architecture is. 

-What excites an architect is what bothers normal people! 

-From rags to riches is the story of every architectural marvel of this world

-The kind of architecture you see in India, is beyond every height of aestheticism!

-When time flies away, it is only the architecture that remains and speaks for the moments gone

-Nothing can ever match the thought that a great architect had while staring at an empty space 

-Creativity with practical inputs is what makes architecture an exciting passion 

-It is essential to never underestimate any architecture because they have emotions laden on it 

-The feelings of the men making something reflects on the final architecture of the place 

-Good architecture is pure bliss and magic to stare at for hours without being bored 

-Every perfect curve and cut in a piece of architecture makes me fall in love with it

-Only the finest of artists will understand what real architecture is all about 

-When kids try to understand architecture, they tend to forget history! 

-Only one sight of an architectural grandeur is enough to keep passionate people like us awake! 

-The last time I saw something as genius as this, I had goosebumps! Same now. 

-My pupil dilates a bit too much when I see something as grand and amazing as this piece here!

-Honestly, this is the best display of architectural genius I have ever witnessed 

-The joy I find in exploring architecture is similar to that of getting new toys in childhood 

-Only genius architecture can make a man feel so tiny before the grand creation! 

-We can talk about architecture for an entire night and I won’t be bored 

-Architecture is a science that is tougher than what you know as “science” 

-Architecture binds people and cultures together for years to come 

-When no one lives to speak history, the architecture speaks for itself 

-The passion for shapes and designs can make an architecture expert go sleepless 

-It is tough not to notice great architecture! 

-Keep calm and let’s enjoy this brilliant piece of architectural gem standing tall in front of us

-The best in architecture is yet to come or is it gone by already? Tough call!

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