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Guides’ Day or more popularly known as Scouts’ Day is a special day observed worldwide on February 22nd by the members of the scouting movement.

In some of the countries, the dates may differ and the significance of this day may have something to do with religion but for others, it is a day of celebrating the scouting. On this day, the majority of the members of scouting re-affirm the Scout Promise which is scared for all the previous and new scouts.

The founder of scouting was born of February 22nd in the year 1857 and since then in most of the countries Scouts’ Day is celebrated on the birthday of Robert Baden-Powell, the man who started it all.

Below is a list of Greetings and Quotes that you can use to spread the joy of Scouting with friends and the world

Scouts’ Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

_A scout is dreamer, a thinker, a doer. Wishing the proud scouts a very happy Scouts’ Day.

_A scout is where we get the confidence that we can achieve anything in life. Wishing all the scouts of this world a very warm and happy Scouts’ Day.

_One must have the confidence of doing what’s right. A scout is that ‘one’. Have a splendid Scouts Day.

_You will learn how to take care of yourself and others in the scouts. Celebrate this proud eve of scouts with your inspiration.

_Scouting teach us that we can make a difference in our community and that is vital for human beings. Wishing all a prosperous Scouts’ Day.

_A scout’s gratitude is best attitude towards life. Have a warm and peaceful Scouts’ Day.

_Teaching the human to be a great scout is like instilling them with values and confidence to lead a beautiful life. Wish you a very cheerful Scouts’ Day.

_An Adventure in the outdoors is a promise made to all the new scouts that has always been fulfilled. Wishing the proud tribe a very joyful Scouts’ Day.

_One must never miss the chance of getting into the adventures of scouting. Wish you an amazing adventure ahead on this Scouts’ Day.

_A boy who can’t wait to start scouting has higher ambitions in life than most of the adults. Wishing such ambitious juniors a very happy Scouts’ Day.

_What life will teach you with punishments and experiences, the scout will give you the head’s up for the same. Be proud and celebrate joyously the day of the Scouts.

_Being in the scout will teach you to be more optimistic in the dire situations. Have an optimistic Scouts’ Day ahead.

_A faith and a confidence is achieved by being a scout that will lead the strong individuals to a happy and prosperous life. Have a joyful Scouts’ Day ahead.

_Spend a week in camp like the scouts and you will realize it has more value than just the theoretical teaching. Have a lovely Scouts’ Day head of you.

_A hallmark of a scouting program is learning by doing. A life we all must live through. Wishing the proud tribe of scouts a very cheerful Scouts’ Day.

_Troop meetings in the outdoors will teach us more than just reading a survival book. On the eve of Scouts’ Day, inspire others to join this proud herd.

_Camp life provides a way of living that a scout would never forget. On the eve of Scouts’ Day, wishing you a life that you aspire to live.

_Robert Baden-Powell teaches us to throw gratitude rather than attitude to people. Respect and celebrate the scout legend on the eve of Scouts’ Day.

_Celebrate the man who started it all on the eve of Scouts’ Day. I hope we can live up to his teachings and make Robert Baden-Powell proud. Have a great Scouts’ Day ahead of you.

_Scout is 75% outing, so one must be prepared to feel the sun and the moon in order to learn something in life. Wish you a great Scouts’ Day ahead.

_Nature can be great teacher if we have what it takes to be a scout. Hoping to see more young bloods in our proud herd of survivors.

_Humans who have evolved from scouting are humble than the ones who lack the teachings of scouting. On the eve of Scouts’ Day, wishing and hoping to see more people in our tribe.

_Scouting changes the attitude of humans from taking the things to giving it to the world. Cheers to the proud scouts of this earth. Have a great Scouts’ Day.

_The Youths of this world will become a responsible, participating citizens and leaders who are guided by the Scout Oath and Law. Wishing such scouts a very jolly Scouts’ Day.

_It is hard to imagine a life without all the outdoor adventures that are promised in the scouting. Here’s to more adventures in life. Wish you a blessed Scouts’ Day.

_The things you get in life will help you make your living but the things that you give back to the world is what makes a life great. Wish you a gratitude filled Scouts’ Day.

_When a child see a dirty puddle, a rotting log, or an old cardboard box he thinks as an adventure. Awaken your inner child and celebrate Robert Baden-Powel on this Scouts’ Day.

_A good scouting master will never shy away from making your first day at scouting memorable. Remember them on this auspicious eve of Scouts’ Day.

_Scouting teaches us that when you are a team individual success is prerequisite to the success of the group. On the eve of Scouts’ Day hoping that the scout learnings are well implemented in your real life.

_As a member of scouts we must always try our best to make a difference in this world. Have a nice and peaceful Scouts’ Day ahead.

_Not only the scouts but the people of this earth shall always contribute in making this place a better one for the sake of having been survived here. Wishing everyone a joyous Scouts’ Day.

_The uniform we wear has been our pride and recognition for more than hundred years. It reflects the person’s leadership skills.

_The way we present and conduct ourselves in front of the world is reflected upon the scouting training we have been in. On the eve Scouts’ Day of Wish you a respected and honorable life.

_Like many things in life, scouting also showers us with cheerful attitude towards along with the disciplinary way of living a life. Have a happy and disciplined Scouts’ Day.

_There are smiles, and there is laughter and there is also fun in scouting. Just like in scouting, I wish you all the joy in life on this special occasion of Scouts’ Day.

_On the special eve of Scouts’ Day, I urge all the parents to relive your inner child through your kid and enroll his name in the prestigious scouting program.

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