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May is celebrated as masturbation month, and May 28th, every year, is celebrated as International Masturbation Day. This day started in 1995 when a surgeon general was expelled from his practice, just because he had suggested introducing masturbation as a part of sexual education.

Masturbation Day Greetings:

-Masturbation has many health benefits and is often suggested by health experts because of its enormous advantages. Happy masturbation day, and celebrate it with full pride.

-In this busy world, find some time for yourself and give yourself a stress-free relaxing time by diving into the world of masturbation. Happy masturbation day and cheers to masturbation.

-Escape from this stressful world of struggles and pain and give yourself a good and relaxing time, which you genuinely deserve. Have a good time, and celebrate it by staying at your home—cheers to masturbation.

-Masturbation has been proved scientifically to reduce stress. So on this international masturbation day, relax and reduce your stress by having a good time with yourself

-Explore yourself sexually, and have an excellent time. Happy masturbation day.

-Scientists have proved this fact that the act of masturbation releases the hormone dopamine in our brain. You’re more than usual if you do it. Happy Masturbation Day.

-Dopamine is responsible for giving a happy and cheerful feeling. Thus masturbation makes us feel better. Have a good time with yourself, and cheers to masturbation.

-Get to know yourself better on this masturbation day. Many times people are unaware of what they want sexually. Happy Masturbation Day.

-Masturbation can be a good way of knowing yourself better sexually and exploring new things about what you like. Have a good time, and wishing you a happy masturbation day.

-Explore what you like. Many people do not know what they need to make them feel OK sexually. So by masturbating, one can understand what it is that turns them on. 

-Have a good time with yourself and Happy Masturbation Day.

-Break the stereotype. Many people believe that masturbation is a lewd act and is not considered to be good. 

-On this international masturbation day, let us break this stereotype and spread the positive message of masturbation. Cheers to happy masturbation.

-Masturbation can be useful for your health is done in a controlled manner. Hence, on this masturbation day, take a vow to have a proper limit to masturbation and have a good time celebrating the day. Happy masturbation day.

-A happy masturbation day. This masturbation day, have the day to yourself and use the best of your imagination to know yourself better. 

-Take care of your sexual health, and have a nice day. Cheers to masturbation and enjoy this masturbation day.

Masturbation Day Messages:

-Watching an excessive amount of pornography can be bad for one’s health. This masturbation day lets us all find replacements to pornography and spread the real message of this day.

-The best way to turn one on sexually is by watching pornography. Now people often misinterpret pornography as a medium to learn how to have sex, which is wrong. 

-Porno is fake, and it is just an act that is made to turn people on. This masturbation day spread the correct message.

-Pick an erotic book or use your imagination rather than just watching some pornography. This will help you in enormous ways, and this will even make you feel better about yourself—cheers to masturbation and breaking stereotypes.

-Everything in this universe has two sides: a positive side and a negative side. Masturbation is no exception. 

-Excessive masturbation can cause severe troubles and is also not recommendable. Do it effectively, and take care of your health always.

-Every person has different needs and different requirements. Just like that, the limit of masturbation is decided by an individual. 

-There is no appropriate limit of masturbation as it varies from person to person. This masturbation day. Know yourself better and have a good time. 

-This masturbation day helps people to know the ill effects of excessive pornography and, at the same time, make them realize the advantages and the benefits of having good sexual health by the correct amount of masturbation. Cheers to masturbation.

-In the nineteenth century, masturbation was considered an ill practice and a taboo by many people. But, today, it is not so.

-In the 18th century, people were not open to new ideologies, and they firmly believed in their beliefs. But today, it is as normal as anything. Go ahead and break the stereotype.

-But in today’s world, people are more open to new ideologies and have become more broad-minded. 

-On this masturbation day, let us all break our society’s general stereotypes and be more open to positive ideas like masturbation.

-International masturbation day provides an important message of how to take care of our sexual health, and hence, it should be denied to celebrate. 

-Sexual health is something that people often ignore because they do not realize its importance.

-Masturbation can be beneficial for reducing stress. While being exceptionally stressed, instead of going for a quick cigarette or going for the bottle of whiskey, choose masturbation as it is not harmful and, at the same time, works in reducing stress level.

Masturbation Day Captions

-If you can self-heal, then you can surely self-love too! #Masturbationishealthy 

-Let good vibes flow throughout your body without anyone else’s help on this Masturbation day! #MasturbationDay

-You know your body the best, so you feel your body the best! #Masturbate and stay #happy 

-Let adrenaline flow through your body and take you to a pleasurable rush. #Masturbate and feel the #spirit awaken

-On this #MasturbationDay, ensure you help yourself and satisfy your hunger because it is no longer taboo! 

-Stop thinking #Masturbation as a taboo topic! You do it, I do it, and the world does it too! 

-When you #Masturbate, your body feels a rush of joy, releasing you from stress. Today is the National #masturbationday, and you must try it now! 

-Make healthy use of your hands and fingers to reach the zenith of pleasure whenever, wherever you wish! #Masturbation #Goodvibes 

-When you want to be happy, why would you depend on someone else? Get free and masturbate! #MasturbationDay

-You have magical powers in your hands, unleash it on yourself! #Masturbate for #goodhealth

-Masturbation beats prostate cancer! Need more reasons to self-satisfy? #BeatCancer #prostatecancer #masturbate 

Masturbation Day wishes 

-Masturbation day is here! Stop feeling guilty and jump into the ecstasy of self pleasuring today.

-Happy Masturbation day folks! It’s not a taboo anymore and if you do it you just know it’s great for health! 

-Workout for your arms? Masturbation is a great option and you should try it out on this National Masturbation day!

-Ejaculations should not be dependent on how someone else helps; you can be your own support! Enjoy masturbation day

-You are better with yourself than with anyone else! Masturbation is proof of that, go for it. It’s masturbation day today 

-Healthy ejaculations are the best thing you can do to yourself. Get. Set. Masturbate. 

-21 or more ejaculations monthly is known to keep you safe from prostate cancer. Spread awareness on this masturbation day 

-No one has the power to help your physical and mental health as much as youself. Happy masturbation day

-Bust the myth and spread the word that masturbation is a healthy habit. Awareness is the goal on this masturbation day 

-All you need to do it talk about it because masturbation is not a crime, it is a healthy practice from time to time. 

-Feel guilty after masturbating? Talk about it and let the world come out of the myth they are living in. 

-Do not keep calm and spread the word that masturbation has no side effects. Happy masturbation day to all 

– We all know it, we all do it but we all do not talk about it. Let’s step outside this dream bubble and talk about masturbation on this masturbation day 

masturbation day statuses 

-Talk about masturbation; we are living in the 21st century and not 18th century 

-If you think masturbation is taboo then this is exactly why sexual education is important 

-It is masturbation day today! How many of you knew such a day actually existed? 

-Your potential to prevent prostate cancer remains with you! Masturbate and stay safe 

-Masturbation releases happy hormones, try it on the masturbation day today

-Do not feel shy or embarrassed. Every body does it but no one speaks about it 

-If you masturbate, you know how to control the devil inside you without harming others 

-It is high time parents should speak about masturbation to their kids on this masturbation day

-Sex education is important because people still think masturbation is a bad practice 

-National masturbation day is here and I am sure you still are ignorant of this natural practice 

-Stop ignoring and start accepting the fact that masturbation is not taboo and good for health 

-Do not judge, rather try to understand and educate others regarding masturbation 

-If you can be the founder of your own happiness, would you ever depend on someone else? 

-Happiness lies in your hands, just know how to unleash it! Happy masturbation day

Masturbation day quotes 

-Masturbation is good for the right arm. – Daron Malakian

-Masturbation is always very safe. You not only control the person you’re with, but you can leave when you want to.- Dudley Moore

-I even made love to myself once. Uhh, I wasn’t suppose to tell you that.- Gary B.B. Coleman

-Masturbation is an absolutely peerless cure for the hiccups – Inga Muscio

-It’s what I call “mental masturbation”, when you engage is some pointless intellectual exercise that has no possible meaning. – Linus Torvalds

-Women are denied masturbation even more severely than men and that’s another method of control-they’re not taught to please themselves…. Most women-it takes them a while to warm up to the “situation” but once they get into it, I’m sure they’re going to get just as hooked as-well, everyone I know is! – Lydia Lunch

-Masturbation: the primary sexual activity of mankind. In the nineteenth century it was a disease; in the twentieth, it’s a cure. – Thomas Szasz

-”If God has intended us not to masturbate, he would have made our arms shorter”- George Carlin

-“Your imagination and some masturbation is a much better alternative to finding out what kind of person a bit of casual sex transforms you into.”  – S. A. Tawks, Mule

-“Masturbation: the primary sexual activity of mankind. In the nineteenth century it was a disease; in the twentieth it is a cure.”  – Thomas Szasz (fellow American Psychiatric Association)

-“Masturbation is not the happiest form of sexuality, but the most advisable for him who wants to be alone and think. I detect the aroma of this pleasant vice in most philosophers, and a happily married logicians is almost a contradiction in terms. ” – Robert Anton Wilson.

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