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World Lung Day is celebrated on 25th September by the Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS). Its main aim is to spread awareness about the diseases related to the lungs, tackle them, and help the patient lead an everyday life again. Their main aim is to promote the motto of healthy lungs.

World Lung Day Greetings:

– Air is the prayer of the lungs. It needs to be pure and fresh. Happy world lung day.

– If you want to scream with joy at the top of your lungs, you have to keep them healthy. Happy world lung day.

– Keep your lungs healthy so that when in the future, when you have run just 100 miles to get success, you can run without giving a second thought.

– To live not only air but lungs are also necessary. Wishing you a very happy world lung day.

– What is home is to the homeless, what food is to a starving man, that’s what air is to lungs. Keep them healthy.

– If you want to run the race of life without getting knocked than you got to keep your lungs healthy.

– Inhale positivity, exhale negativity, keep your lungs healthy. Happy world lungs day.

– You smoke a cigarette for temporary pleasure, but damage to your lungs is temporary.

When you smoke a cigarette, you only damage your lungs and snatch the other 100 people’s rights. Don’t smoke.

– Quit smoking; start living. Happy world lung day.

– At some point, when you will realize you cannot breathe with money, then it will be too late. Happy world lungs day.

– When in stress, you need to take deep breaths, but for that, you need to keep your lungs healthy. Happy world lungs day.

– Breathe in, breathe out; that’s how you keep life comfortable. Wishing a happy world lungs day.

– Quit smoking before it starts sucking life out of your lungs. Happy world lungs day.

– You will realize the value of healthy lungs when they are gone. Happy world lungs day.

– Keep smoking and get an exclusive 50% discount on your life.

– Quit smoking before you quit living. Wishing a very happy world lungs day.

– God has given you two then why you want to live on with one lung. Happy world lung day.

– Don’t damage your lungs; everyone has got them only in one pair. Happy world lungs day.

– Lungs are easy to keep in shape, laugh. It’s the best exercise for them.

– Give you breathe to beautiful sceneries and mountains, not to pollution and smoking.

– You will never realize the value of living healthy until it’s gone. Happy world lung day.

– If you want to run behind your grandchildren without being tired, then keep your lungs healthy.

– Breathe is what links you from life to death. Make sure you keep this link longer.

– Breathing is what makes you different from dead people. Keep breathing. Happy world lungs day.

World Lungs Day Messages:

– To think deeply, you need to breathe deeply.

– Trees are the natural air purifiers for the lungs; why do people cut the trees and then use artificial air purifiers which harm them.

– Your lungs are irreplaceable use them wisely. Don’t spoil them.

– Your smoke is the angel of death to many, quit smoking.

– If you are breathing every day on your own, you are lucky than half of the world.

– Your lungs are more valuable than gold and diamonds; if wealth is gone, it can be brought back, but if health is gone, there is no way to get it back.

– Once your lungs are gone, then you will realize money cannot help you to breathe.

– Keep smoking to understand lung cancer better.

– The most precious gift you can give to your lungs is the gift of fresh air.

– The most underrated thing in the world is breathing on your own without an oxygen mask, without a ventilator.

– Donate your one lung to someone and gift the pleasure to live without machines.

– Each time you take life on your own, don’t forget to thank god for not using a device.

– The happiest feeling in the world is to breathe without machines.

– It’s better to donate your one lung to someone than contributing your both lings to smoking.

– Air is what hope is to lungs; it keeps them going.

– The most expensive gift in the world is a pair of healthy lungs.

– To understand lung cancer more powerfully, keep smoking, and get a chance to know how it feels to have failed lungs.

– Your healthy lungs are a dream to many.

– Every lung count, let’s take a pledge to donate lungs so that the world no longer needs a machine to breathe.

– The most significant gift you can give someone is your lungs; donate your lungs after death to get fresh air after you are dead.

– Be a lung donor, be a superhero.

– Your two lungs can save two save lives, your one cigarette can take many lives, and the choice is yours.

– Plant a tree so that your next generation’s lungs know how it feels to breathe in the fresh air.

– Freedom to live on your own is more significant than any freedom in the world.

World Lungs Day Wishes

-Happy World Lungs Day to those who have emerged victorious against the Angel of Death.

-Your healthy pair of lungs can save two lives, thus, take a deep breath and think wisely.

-Happy World Lungs Day to the Heroes who have pledged to donate their lungs after death and save innumerable lives.

-Happy World Lungs Day to those who do not want a flat 40% discount on their lives.

-On this World Lungs Day, pledge to chase your dreams and your grandchildren as well without getting exhausted.

-Please don’t destroy so many innocent lives who depend on you by your moment of temporary pleasure.

-Wishing them a Very Happy World Lungs Day who realizes what home is to the homeless, food to a unfed man and what ‘Air is to Lungs’.

-To calm yourself down in the long race of life, you need to breathe deep but it is not possible without healthy lungs.

-Once you quit smoking, you can give your breath to beautiful sceneries, mountains and enjoy their aesthetic appeal.

-A very Happy World Lungs Day to those who realize that their lungs are more precious than wealth, gold or diamonds and once they are gone, nothing can buy you a healthy one.

World Lung Day Quotes:

  • Breathe deeply, until sweet air extinguishes the burn of fear in your lungs and every breath is a beautiful refusal to become anything less than infinite. 

– D. Antoinette Foy.

  • Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.

 – Oprah Winfrey.

  •    When the breath is unsteady, all is unsteady; when the breath is still; all is still. Control the breath carefully. Inhalation gives strength and a controlled body; retention gives steadiness of mind and longevity; exhalation purifies body and spirit. 

– Goraksasathakam.

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