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On February 15, Canada’s red and white flag with a symbol of a maple leaf was hoisted in the Parliament hills for the first time. The national flag holds a great worth to all the Canadians. It symbolizes their integration. Here are some warm wishes and greetings for the auspicious day

National Flag of Canada Day Messages, Quotes & Greetings

-Let us celebrate our integrity and cultural values. 

-Let us take pride in our nationality and unity, once again. Happy Canada day

-Let us rejoice and hearten the marked progress our country has made. Happy Canada day

-Let us devote some priceless time by standing by our pride, our national flag. Happy Canada Day, Canadians

-Every day is not the same as every day we don’t get the chance to take pride in our country. Let’s cheer this day. Happy National Flag of Canada Day, Canadians

-This day makes us realize and boast the struggles we have gone through and the successes we have achieved. Happy National day to one and all.

-Happy magnificent day, Canadians. Congratulating you for being fortunate to get an entire day holiday and the scope to visualize a heartening march

-May our unity touches the milestone that the history of Canada Has touched. Happy National Flag hoisting Day.

-Let us take a look back and recall and cherish all the breakthroughs Canada has produced in history. Let us rejoice the day, Canadians

-Let’s celebrate our union, our morals that we have impregnated among us on this auspicious day. A happy auspicious day, folks

-Folks, let us skite the red and white and maple leaf constituting our federation and coalition. Let us celebrate this so awesome nation’s freedom anniversary.

-It is such a delight and matter to take pride that our country is the producer of eminent legends. Let us celebrate this feat in our country. 

-Let us commemorate the National Flag day of the country which has witnessed never-ending pledges and prayers. Let us make it grand.

-Let us beautify and rejuvenate the 55th anniversary of the National Flag of Canada Day with our warm wishes and productive prayers. 

-Let us deliquesce all the frozen dullness of outside by the warmth of the amalgamation with our family and friends. It is our time to shine bright like a star.

-Let us admire the magnificent and historical journey Canada has traversed. Cheers to this spectacular voyage

-Heartiest congratulations to all the Canadians on this auspicious for skillfully overcoming all the challenges that were being framed to us and making them utilizable as a golden opportunity.

-Let the sparkle and shine of this optimistic day be spread all over the world. Let us appreciate the essence of this buoyant day.

-Let us recollect all the hardships Canada has gone through, all the victories our country has accomplished, and all the limits it has crossed to reach this state. We should roister this break free nature of our nation.

-Let us acknowledge the Country’s National Flag Day, which has never overthrown its citizens.  We must relish this greatness of our nation.

-Let us solemnize and take pride in the country that is seated as a tiny but significant piece of the gem at the top of the continent. Let us feel extremely lucky for being a part of this Nation 

-On this propitious and bright day, let us take a vow to endorse the fame and dignity of our nation and also take a pledge to never let it down. Happy our day, natives.

-Let us twinkle, be ecstatic, and feel proud of our national day. Highly feel proud of this flag inauguration day, people.

-Let us entreat to almighty for keeping our Nation honored and retain its peace forever. Take pride, feel raised, natives

-Folks feel raised for having the fortune to be born and brought up in this holy nation. Happy Canada Day, folks

-Feel elevated about the traditions, customs, and patrimony of our nation. Time to make merry and celebrate Canadians

-Let us aspire that we will ceaselessly spell magic in every field and keep on creating wonders making our nation proud. Let’s rejoice this eccentricity.

-Let us commit that we will stand to obey the unbreakable union and overcome all the austerity through our flawless coalition and let us project our nation optimistically. Happy federation folks.

-Let us gloat that we live in a nation where we speak fearlessly, have freedom of heritage and worship, we are unconfined to oppose, we are fortunate to be the resident of this nation. Cheers to our new dawn

-Congratulating all the Canadians to be a part of a Nation that symbolizes strength, alliance, and culture and confers a broader meaning of freedom. Kudos to our coalition natives

-Proud to be a native of this magnificent nation which has constantly worked upon itself so that the world never looks down at its habitats. Happy union day, people.

-I have faith that the globe needs more nations like my one. Happy National Flag of Canada Day.

highly boastful to be a portion of this amazing nation that can be represented anytime, anywhere without any disappointments. Happy freedom anniversary, natives.

-I strongly believe and abide by the fact that my nation can be the inspiration for many developed nations and is surely one of a kind, truly proud of my nation and proud of myself for being a native. Happy National Holiday

-My nation would give you a real wide perspective about everything that no nation can provide. Happy National Flag inauguration Day

-I promise to always have booming aims, raise up my chins and do something really boastful for my nation. Let’s make merry and cherish this day

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