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On an opposite day, everything means the opposite, and it will be fun to say everything opposite with your family and friends. The day is observed on January 25th every year.  

The day was inspired by the game children used to play.  The game needs a quick wit and the quick picking of words.  Celebrating the opposite day is not easy since you must be careful to choose the opposite words to reply to another person.  

The purpose and the origin of this day are unknown. Before celebrating the day make sure that the opposite person knows that it is the opposite day because your fun might hurt them.

If you wish to celebrate this day and have fun, do not forget to wish your loved ones on this day with the following witty quotes and greetings just for the Opposite day

Opposite Day Messages

-It is Opposite Day is today. Sing your favorite song backward!

-Opposites attract! I didn’t buy any magnet, though. Happy Opposite Day.

-Opposite Day is a great way to be passive-aggressive.

-Today it is too cold here and I’m waiting for summer to come soon! Hope you understand today is the Opposite day!

-It’s Wednesday! Weekday! Enjoy your day and wish everyone an opposite happy day.

-I hope tomorrow my hubby cooks and I don’t hear that ‘mummy’ from kids 1000 times. Happy opposite day!

-I did a haircut. Same old haircut and a different heart! It is the opposite day!

-Have a bad day, and have dinner as soon as you get up! Do not forget it is Opposite Day.

-Do you dare to go opposite today? It is Opposite Day.

-Wear your clothes backward and talk opposite today on Opposite Day.

-Opposite Day is real and comes around at unknown intervals.

-We are not excited to go to the movie at all. Celebrating Opposite Day.

-I want to have an opposite day on a school day!

-It is opposite day. Do not celebrate.

-Today is Opposite Day. Do not spend money, save it!

-I want to have more opposite days, which would be my new year resolution.

-There is no snow and no snowman on this Christmas. It should be the opposite day.

-Try something new and weird this opposite day.

-Opposite attracts, like vanilla and chocolate. Oh, yummy celebration on Opposite Day!

-We never eat Pizza at night when there is nobody to cook. Opposite Day.

-Sometimes I like to pretend it’s Opposite Day and then take a shower!

-Our kids fight more! I mean, they are kind to each other and love each other. Happy Opposite Day.

-I hate you, the words lovers utter sometimes! Celebrating the Opposite Day.

-I wear mismatching shoes as it is the opposite day.

-Summer is bad until you have a cold pool. Opposite day.

-Today there is no sun at the beach because it is the Opposite day!

-Today is Opposite day, and we hope you all have an awful day.

-I’m trying to do everything in left-hand today! Happy Opposite Day.

-My dress was ugly on my wedding, and nobody noticed!

-I’m thinking of wearing a sweater on the beach! Trying to celebrate Opposite Day in a unique way.

-I got a shirt with backward writing on it. I had to show everyone myself in the mirror then!

-Today all kids need to go to work and adults to stay at home! Can this happen please! Opposite day!

-I allowed my dog inside the kitchen and I tied the cat outside the house! What an idea to celebrate the opposite day!

-Today adults should have milk and kids coffee. But the question is who will prepare all this for us?

-We had a yummy breakfast at 9 p.m. with cheese and bread!  **34

-Every day is the opposite day when you are with a toddler!

-Failure is not the opposite of success, it is just a stepping stone for success.

-What can you do when you get fire in the tap instead of water! Just small thinking on Opposite Day.

-You mean nothing to me, and I don’t like you at all! I proposed my girl on Opposite Day!

-Don’t give advice when not needed. It should be the opposite day today!

-Today I slept for a whole day and worked at night because it is the opposite day.

-My sister is opposite to me like a mirror, so I can look at her to find myself!

-When it pains, I don’t shout, I just keep silent.

-If today is the opposite day, does that mean today is not the opposite day?

-When people say that they are intelligent actually it is the opposite day.

-People take your advice but do exactly the opposite. They will have a great opposite day!

-Do not try to change your life; change your mind.

-I want to yell at you, and I know you will not sit quietly. Opposite day celebration!

-The opposite of happiness is boredom!

-When I’m in a good mood, my mood gets worst!

-Start walking in the opposite direction of which causes you sadness.

Opposite Day Captions

-Dear children, it hurts when you reverse your compliment about me looking good, saying it’s the opposite day today! #OppositeDay #Wrongway 

-You can escape great situations if you speak about them on the opposite day! #OppositeDay

-Once in a year there’s freedom to fool people and tell them you never meant it because it’s opposite day! You can never do it again! #Fool #OppositeDay

-I got insulted by many today and then consoled by saying that it’s the opposite day so I am okay now. #OppositeDay #insult 

-I never belief the compliments I receive on an opposite day because everybody is playing this game of opposites! #OppositeDay #Prank

-The only thing constant in #oppositeday is that people call me ugly even today! #SadLife #OppositeDay 

-Ignore as many people as you can on the opposite day because you never know whose opposite word to you might actually hurt you! #OppositeDayGame 

-Kids started the #oppositeday game but now adults too have started taking this too seriously! 

-Every lie is masked with a truth. Be careful to every word you receive on the opposite day folks. #HappyOppositeDay #WrongWay

-Is #oppositeday the new April fool? Cos, clearly everyone is just fooling around on this day.

-Trust on humanity totally destroyed when someone called me an idiot and then said it’s opposite day! Cos I know I ain’t genius mate. #Oppositeday #lies #pranks

-Meassure every word you say on the opposite day because you never know who is maybe too serious about your words! #Oppositedaycaption #instapost 

-Generaly every day is opposite day for me as I do everything the wrong way as per my mom! #Oppositeday #lifesucks 

-I don’t really know if doing things the wrong way even for a day is viable for adults or not! #OppositeDay is for #kids. #Truth #Instapost 

Opposite Day Wishes 

-The day of dualism is here so go ahead and explore the dual character traits you have got in you! Enjoy National Opposites Day! 

-Take the best shot with your sarcams because today is the only day nobody is going to mind it! Happy opposites day 

-If you started the day on the wrong foot then it’s okay!  Check the calendar it’s National Opposites Day today

-Nothing can stop you from being funny and attractive! No, I am not speaking the opposite really I mean it. 

-Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? This is National Opposites Day so you are right in all the wrongs you do today! 

-Opposites attract so try out magnets today! Maybe they’ll work better on Opposites Day.

-What makes you happy is what keeps you going. If being on the opposite keeps you going then just keep doing that! 

-Today no one will feel bad on anything you tell them! Remember to add Happy National Opposites Day at the end that’s it.

-Happy National Opposites Day to all those who take advice sincerely and then act just opposite to it every time! 

-Wishing a happy national opposites day to my crush who always runs the opposite direction of me no matter how hard I try! 

-National Opposites day is all about being the opposite of what you really are! Try the new you today.

-Cold means hot and hot means cold! Hey, this is the national opposites day and hope you enjoy. 

-Speak blatant truth about people and insult them, later wish them happy opposites day so that they won’t take offence! 

-I hate you! You are an idiot! Well, please do not mind because this is National Opposites day and now you know what I really meant 

-Your sarcasm has the power to make you start of the day during the opposites day! Have a great luck.

-The opposites day is a crazy event and you have got to be doing this game of opposites. Enjoy.

-As silly as it might seem, it is really fun! Try out the game of opposites on the opposites day and relive the kid in you! 

-Opposites day does bring back the reminiscences of childhood so go ahead and enjoy the holiday with the game of opposites 

-Surprise everyone with a sarcastic comment when you meet them on the opposites day! It’ll be fun, I promise. 

Opposite Day Status

-I hope today atleast people will call me beautiful! #OppositesDay

-Its’ Opposites day, can I get some good compliments?

-I eat with my left hand and walk on my hands.

-Opposites day is tricky, I might tell you the truth and you will think its fun! 

-How I do say that I wasn’t saying the opposite and I really meant it! 

-Opposites Day- The only day where every body is high on humor 

-If you can’t take self depreciating humor, you can’t enjoy opposites day

-Opposites day just gets double exciting when it’s all about random wrong things

-I do opposites every day, what’s new!   

-It’s Opposites day but that doesn’t give you the license to break traffic rules.

-Enjoy Opposites day responsibly and don’t go opposite when it comes to legal rules!

-Happy Opposites Day mates! 

Opposites Day Quotes 

-You couldn’t have strength without weakness; you couldn’t have light without dark, you couldn’t have love without loss. -Jodi Picoult

-Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.- Isaac Newton

-Opposites are not contradictory but complementary.- Niels Bohr

-Embrace contradictions for they make up all of life: You will eternally be looking for yourself and seeking ways to lose yourself.- Kamand Kojouri

-It is incorrect to assume that you cannot find any good in the point of view directly opposite yours.- Daniel Willey

-Luxury is the opposite of the naturally necessary. —  Karl Marx

-To do the opposite of something is also a form of imitation, namely an imitation of its opposite. —  Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

-Prosperity is not without many fears and distastes; adversity not without many comforts and hopes. —  Francis Bacon

-Absurdity and anti-absurdity are the two poles of creative energy. —  Karl Lagerfeld

-What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness. —  John Steinbeck

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