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The Discovery day is probably one of the best and most significant days celebrated in Canada. Whereas in Newfoundland and Labrador it is celebrated on a different date in remembrance in the anniversary of Jim Cabot’s discovery of Newfoundland. People celebrate this day in several ways.

-Happy Discovery Day to the people in Yukon. It is a special occasion to celebrate this day in memory of the Gold’s discovery here.

-To all the people of Yukon, today on this very fantastic occasion lets join in the events and celebration near Watson Lake.

-Let us visit the Dawson Street today with our families and special ones in Photograph Mounty uniforms.

-Today let us accumulate with our near and dear ones for an outing together to celebrate and rejoice.

-Have a merry Discovery day to all my people of Yukon! Let us join and cheer for the famous Royal Golf Tournament held today.

-Today is the day to join in the historical Street Theatres in Dawson Streets and other parts of the province. Happy Discovery Day.

-On this day more than a century ago Gold was discovered on our land, so this day should, we the people of Yukon celebrate it as a significant day in our history.

-Let us join in the different parades held throughout the city in the name of George Washington Carmack. It is a significant day today. 

-As Gold defines prosperity, Discovery Day is all about the significance of wealth and prosperity of Canada.

-On this Discovery let us take the opportunity to help the needy ones of our society.

-On this day we should consider and focus on the economic growth of our country so that we can establish new heights in the world economy.

-This Discovery Day we should solely concentrate on strengthening international relationships of our nation.

– On this day we should support and celebrate the different important personals who had helped discover our country’s different aspects.

-On the eve of this Discovery day, we shall mark this day by spreading happiness love, and positivities in the society.

-Wishing all the natives of Canada a very colorful and joyous Discovery Day. Fill the nation with colors and rejoice in happiness.

-Let us end all hatred, be it individual or community hatred and shower love on this Discovery day as this day is all about happiness and pride.

-The Discovery day is a national day and on this day we should take the opportunity to promote nationalism among the youth.

-On this day we should preach the society about equality based on every grounds be it sex, creed, or color. We Canadians should take the oath to be One rather than supporting inequality.

-On this day humanity should be the ultimate ground of improvement for all the personals of the nation.

-Let us take the opportunity on this Discovery Day to praise the national heroes who have successfully represented our nation in different fields and helped Canada gain its fame.

-On this Discovery Day, let us remember our nation’s frontline warriors who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of the safety of our nation.

-Let us take an oath on this special eve of Discovery Day to make our Gold mines the best in the world.

-Let us take this Discovery Day to salute our Gold mine workers and dedicate this day to them.

-On this Discovery day let us rise above hate and end-all negativities in society.

-Let us cheerfully celebrate this Discovery Day and radiate colors all over the nation.

-On this Discovery day let us all the women of Canada promote Feminism and fight for the equality of sex.

-Wishing a golden Discovery Day! Let us buy gold on this day not only to mark the anniversary of the discovery of Gold but also to enhance prosperity in our lives.

-Let us encourage the youth to join the army on this day to make our country’s frontline a safety zone from any international threats.

-This Discovery Day let us join in the carnival sessions and enjoy our hearts out to celebrate this special day.

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