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Sant Jordi Festival is one of the most original celebrations in the Catalonia region of Spain. The festival which combines culture and romanticism takes place in the spring season on 23rd of April every year.

It is one of the unique festivals in the world where Love and Literature, Valentine’s Day and World Book Day are celebrated with both men and women receiving books and roses from their beloved.

All in all, it is a day to explore the book and flower stalls along the streets of Barcelona with your beloved and with your friends and family.

Sant Jordi Festival BarcelonaMessages, Greetings

It is not only a day to celebrate love but also the day to celebrate the love for books. Wishing the happy Catalans a very peaceful Sant Jordi Festival.

Just like Saint George, gift your princess the promise of eternal togetherness and of course some roses. Spend an amusing Sant Jordi festive with your loved one.

Gift your mums the bouquets of roses for a change. The roses are meant for your loved ones aren’t they? Wish you and all the Catalan people a very prosperous day of Sant Jordi Festival.

The madness which is in love is not so dissimilar with the passion of loving and reading a book. Fill both of the urges on the day of Sant Jordi Festival.

One of the ways to feel happy is to love and be loved. On the day of Sant Jordi Festival, I wish you are able to fulfill both of these.

Love is in the sunshine, love adds beauty in life, and wherever there’s darkness love is there to shed its light. Be loved and love the people close to you on this Sant Jordi Festival.

If you have a bookworm of a friend then shoe some love to that by taking him/her to this Sant Jordi Festival. Wishing you and your friend a very lovely day at the Sant Jordi Festival.

If we can’t truly love ourselves first then the love we want to share with another person will always be half empty. From the day of Sant Jordi Festival, I hope that you are able to love yourself first.

It is in the innocence of a child, it is in the smile of a mother, it is in the joy of a father. If you can actually see it, love is everywhere. Wishing you the loveliest day at Sant Jordi Festival.

Love the light because it shows us the path and endure the darkness because it shows us the stars. On the day of Sant Jordi Festival, Wish you a bit of everything to stand and rise.

Loving your partner deeply will give you the courage and be loved by your lover will give you the strength. Wish you and your partner for life a very prosperous day of Sant Jordi Festival.

The togetherness that we share with our family is the truest and purest form of love there is. Have a splendid Sant Jordi Festival with your family.

Love has played a bigger role in the advancement of a living being. Let’s give love a chance on the day of Sant Jordi Festival.

On the day of Sant Jordi Festival let us take an oath to live and breathe with nothing but love in our hearts.

Nobody has seen tomorrow so make the most out of today and treat your soul mate like a string in your heart. Wishing all the lovers a very prosperous day of Sant Jordi Festival.

Love is the ultimate triumph of truth. Some luckiest ones are able to experience it. Hold on to your love and spend an amazing Sant Jordi Festival.

The world was hers for the reading, so all you can do is gift her some great books along with alluring roses on the beautiful day of Sant Jordi Festival.

The day is unique for its celebration of love and literature; two of the best things that shapes us to be a better version of us. Have a great Sant Jordi Festival with your loved ones.

Dive into the world of unknown through the portal of books with no one but your partner and celebrate love and literature on this beautiful day of Sant Jordi Festival.

The only thing that can be compared to the love itself is the joy we get while reading a book. Wishing the bookworms and the lovers a joyful Sant Jordi Festival.

If your other half takes a glance at the book and can hear the voice of another person then it’s time to take her to this year’s Sant Jordi Festival. Hope you guys have a lovely time.

We all know books and roses are the perfect gift for this occasion of Sant Jordi Festival, but you can also gift him/her the promise of togetherness. Wish you guys a lifelong of happiness.

If it is raining on the day of Sant Jordi Festival, the most necessary thing to do is buy a book and  and get to your comfy home to spend a luxurious time of beautiful reading with your other half.

I hope you remember that this is not only the day for lovers but also a day for booklovers. So reading can be more effective than just sulking. Hope you finish an excellent book.

Love should not be just limited to human beings. Animals need our love as well. Wishing and urging the humans to show some compassion for animals from the day of Sant Jordi Festival.

A flower called love which is untouched by the unluckiest, but whose fragrance makes the life a place of delight. Hoping that the luckiest can value the love. Have a great Sant Jordi Festival.

On the eve of Sant Jordi Festival, let us all celebrate the love we share with our friends. Wishing all the eternal friendships a very cheerful day at the Sant Jordi Festival.

It is the loyalty birthed from love that can get us through our bad times. So let us all nurture the profound love and celebrate it to the fullest on this Sant Jordi Festival.

If you have found the love of your life and you are a bookworm then this day of Sant Jordi Festival shall always remain the greatest day of your life.

Books and Love are quite similar in being less than perfect at times but both of them have the allowances of human weakness. Celebrate them on this year’s Sant Jordi Festival

If he/she shares the same love and understanding with their books then you have to stop competing and just give into his/her book demands. Hope you guys can work something out on Sant Jordi Festival.

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