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Canberra day is celebrated in commemoration of the day this particular province of  Australia, was named ‘Canberra’ and this day is celebrated on every 2nd Monday of march.

The place was named by Lady Denman, wife of Lord Denman, who was the governor general of that time, in 1913.

And this day is celebrated just like a republic day is celebrated all over the country; just in this case the people of Canberra participate in the celebration.

List of Canberra Day Greetings, Messages, and Quotes

Canberra Day greetings-

  • Let’s get out of our homes and witness the wonderful morning of Canberra, and enjoy this wonderful Canberra day with our friends and families
  • A happy Canberra day to all my fellow canberrians party hard and enjoy this day with all your hearts joy and feel proud to be a canberrian
  • If our body is pumped by our heart, then Canberra is the heart of Australia, and we feel the happiest to celebrate this Canberra day with all our fellow mates
  • This city is not only just a capital, it’s what we call the heritage of Australia. And we canberrians celebrate this day with joy and lots of love
  • Lets celebrate this day for it is for all of Canberra, the day we got this place named by our ancestors, and celebrate this happy Canberra day.
  • We are so lucky to have been the citizens of this marvelous place we call the heart of Australia, that is Canberra, and hence we celebrate this Canberra day with utmost joy and excitement
  • Hey come out to enjoy this excellent day, for its the celebration of our Canberra day
  • Stop sitting ducks at home and enjoy this beautiful Canberra morning and celebrate this Canberra day with us
  • Feel free to dance in joy, feel free to sing your soul out, lets celebrate this Canberra day and enjoy our hearts out
  • Feel this day for its like none other day, for we celebrate the day the heart of Australia was named, a happy Canberra day to all
  • Have a nice day to all as you go out and celebrate this day, for its the day we officially became the canberrians, hence a happy Canberra day
  • Lets enjoy with no limits since our dear Canberra has given us happiness beyond limits, hence  a happy Canberra day to all my beloved canberrians
  • Come out and dance and play, and feast all day since this day is none other than our most enjoyable Canberra day
  • The place we call the capital of our country, but here lies our heart and soul, hence wishing all a merry Canberra day
  • Feel free to enjoy and cheer all up to celebrate this day with us,since this day has a special meaning to all canberrians and for the whole country, since its our Canberra day
  • Let’s have a blast today and enjoy this wonderful Canberra day and spread happiness and joy all over our fellow canberrians 

Canberra Day messages-

  • Spend a day with us with your family on this auspicious occasion of Canberra day along your loves ones and make this day worth remembering a lifetime
  • We are so blessed to be a part if this place we call home, and so joyful to call ourselves canberians, and celebrate to spread more happiness
  • On this marvelous day of the naming of our capital, let’s make it a worth a lifetime celebration to remember who we are and keep this joy in our heart
  • Be a part of this celebration as u are a part of this beautiful place named  Canberra and  celebrate to rejuvenate its heritage and importance in our lives and of all canberrians out there
  • A place never have seen before, people you want to stay with forever, yes, it’s our home, its Australia’s capital, it’s the marvelous Canberra we are talking about, come visit us and celebrate this Canberra day 
  • Wishing all the canberrians who feel that this day is a special one since its the day our capital was named, and we became the proud canberrians, a happy Canberra day
  • Lets all come and show , how we canberrians share and grow, learn from us and let us show the grace of Canberra, hence celebrate this auspicious Canberra day with us
  • On this day our capital was named Canberra, and just like we celebrate our birthday let’s celebrate the birthday of our capital, and feel proud to be a part of it, wishing all a happy Canberra day
  • Feel free to express your joy but not sorrow, since we Canberrans always look forward to a happier tomorrow, hence come be a part of this Canberra day with us and get and spread love to your loved ones
  •  Feel proud to call this piece of land home, since we belong to the heart of Australia, and people here have one thing common, that is we all are happy canberrians, let’s celebrate this Canberra day and share our happiness
  • Heart of Australia, city of joy, emotion of all who live or have lived here, is what we call Canberra, to all canberrians, a merry Canberra day to all
  • May we prosper along with our capital, or the city where lies the heart of Australia, hence a happy Canberra day to all
  • Exhibitions u can’t finish watching and gaping wide amazed, yes, our Canberra is indeed amazing, come celebrate this Canberra day with us to feel this moment of joy

Canberra Day quotes-

“When you’re asked/told to come to Canberra by your Prime Minister, in the country I grow up in, you obey that.”

Andrew Forrest

“A school out of Canberra sends me a term’s worth of work. I sit on the couch by myself and complete it and send it back.”

Callan McAullife

“I had some vague memory of visiting Canberra as a lad, when we came up with my father by car. But when I made the long train journey from Sydney to Canberra and arrived at the little stop, I did wonder slightly whether this really was the national capital”

.– John Henry Carver

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