142+ Politics Quotes That Will Blow Your Mind! (Images)

Politics is something like some work, or it can be some ideas that are connected to the country’s governance and its people.

You can also understand politics as the set of principles or an individual’s own beliefs and ideas or an ideology that that individual may follow in relation to the government as well as the governance of the country.

But sometimes politics is also related to the working place in which you may be involved, like an institution or a group or any organization of which you may be a part and where your co-members may be using certain tactics to acquire more eminent positions in that group or may also be against you.

Mentioned below are some sayings and quotes of some eminent and famous personalities around the world, and these thoughts could further your understanding of how politics could actually be with the experiences of these personalities. 

Best Politics Quotes

-Always remember that if You have ten thousand regulations on you, then this is when you destroy all the respect that you should have for the law.  – Winston Churchill 

-I feel that it is always better to be violent in case there is violence in your heart rather than just putting over the cloak of nonviolence to cover the impotence.

-Always keep in mind that honor Is not an exclusive property is not of any one political party. – Herbert Hoover

-Remember that perseverance can be best understood, like the hard work you may do and after you may get tired of doing it, then that is what you get is what perseverance is all about. – Newt Gingrich

-One should always keep in mind the actual aim of practical politics which is originally to keep and maintain the populace, is alarmed. – H. L. Mencken

– When someone asks me what politics is, then as per my understanding, I feel politics is basically the strife of various interests masquerading as the contest of principles. – Ambrose Bierce

– What I feel is that politics is somewhere similar to the conduct of public affairs in order to fulfill or to attain all the private advantages. – Ambrose Bierce

-I believe that in case you form and put the federal government as the caretaker and in charge of the great Sahara desert, so I will leave within five years, they would be actually in short of sand too. – Milton Friedman

– One should always know that the ballot is stronger as well as always more powerful than the bullet. – Abraham Lincoln

– If you really feel that politics is just a game, then you are wrong because in reality, it is an earnest business. – Winston Churchill 

– Always know that the greatest asset any country can ever have is always the healthy citizens of that very country. – Winston Churchill 

– We should always remember that real democracy is said to exist only when the indigent is the ruler and not those who are the men of property. – Aristotle 

– When I talk of real democracy, it is the one where the indigent is the only ruler and not the men of property. – Aristotle 

– I am not the kind of person who makes jokes, but I am in the habit of watching the government and then just reporting the facts. – Will Rogers 

– All men, by nature, are political animals. – Aristotle 

– Politicians are those who do not have leisure because they are the ones who always keep aiming at something which is beyond their political life, something which is only full of power, full of glory, and full of happiness for them. – Aristotle 

– I feel that politics is something that is like an apple sauce. – Will Rogers 

– Governing men is always a painful as well as a thankless job and office to hold, which I never prefer. – Thomas Jefferson

– I have been hearing that politics is the second oldest as well as the earliest profession ever noon, and in regard to politics, what I have learned is it holds quite a good resemblance to the first one. – Ronald Reagan

– Inflation is always scary, and at the same time, it is as violent as a mugger it is as terrifying and frightening as an armed robber and also just as deadly as a hitman. – Ronald Reagan

Politics Quotes

– I remember my brother Bob decided to stay away and distance himself from politics and the government as he promised that he would rather go straight. – John F. Kennedy 

– I believe that we should always try to seek the Republican answer, which is democratic, because it is always the right answer. – John F. Kennedy 

– We should always remember that the one who knows how to flatter will definitely also know how to slander. –Napoleon Bonaparte

– I believe that when you are in politics, stupidity will never be a handicap. – Napoleon Bonaparte 

– All the people in this world are born similar or alike except those who are Republicans and who are Democrats. – Groucho Marx

– When people say that the satire is all dead, then I tell them that it is not dead, but it is still alive, and it is living in the White House. – Robin Williams

– When you see the Republican party there, you have a leader, whereas when you look at the Democratic party dared, the leader is not a leader but a boss. – Harry S Truman

– To be honest, I am in love with this lovely title of the ex-president. – Dwight D. Eisenhower 

– Always remember that in politics, what so ever begins with fear very often, and usually, it ends in failure. – Samuel Taylor Coleridge 

– As far as I believe, I find that politics has no relation at all with morals. – Niccolo Machiavelli

– Hi I am the one who always votes against me as I never vote for any candidate. – W. C. Fields

– If you really think that politics can ever have a middle, be there in this case, you are absolutely wrong as politics never has a middle way at all. – John Adams

– If you really wish that your voice should be heard by all, especially in Washington, remember that you have to make at least a small contribution. – Elon Musk

– If you don’t know, then I would like to tell you the buying and the selling are controlled by the legislation, and the very first thing is actually bought and sold or the legislators. – P. J. O’ Rourke

– Whereas I believe there can be no gambling like the one that happens in politics. – Benjamin Disraeli

– Always remember that in politics, there is nothing that is actually contemptible. – Benjamin Disraeli

– I feel that politics is just like art, actually an art of controlling your environment. – Hunter S. Thompson

– Sometimes, I believe that there may be some or a bit of serious fun that I can see in politics. – Hunter S. Thompson

– I always keep weeping for the liberty of my country whenever I recall, and I see those early days of my country when it was so successful and corruption-free. – Andrew Jackson

– One should always remember that when they are taking the law into their hands, this is the biggest mistake they are actually committing. – Robert Kennedy 

– Always remember that whenever the law loses, it is only then that you are the loser in the real sense because it is only then your freedom also languishes. – Robert Kennedy 

Politics Quotes

– I feel that if we want to establish a winning image for ourselves, we always have to beat somebody. – Richard M. Nixon

– Politics for me is that if I am the nominated one, then, in that case, I will not run, but if I am the one who is elected, then, in this case, I won’t serve. – William Tecumseh Sherman

– Always remember that in the last or the end move, if you see it in politics, is always to pick up the gun. – R. Buckminster Fuller

– It has been so long since I have been observing the tradition which is there in politics and this tradition which actually means that we should give votes only to the most obscure of all the classes, and this is our ancestors. – Gilbert K. Chesterton 

– Always remember that the secret to getting everything done is just acting. – Dante Alighieri

– Always keep in mind that politics is nothing but is actually the war existing without the bloodshed. – Mao Zedong

– When you ask what war is in the real sense, then I would like to say that war is actually politics along with what we call bloodshed. – Mao Zedong

– One should always know that every politician’s saddest duty is to establish and maintain justice in this sinful world. – Reinhold Niebuhr

– I feel that democracy is just like the recurrent suspicion where we can see that more than half of the people are right or at least more than half of the time. – said by E. B. White

– Yes, I do have my own political agenda, which actually includes having as few regulations as possible at least under my regime. – Dan Quayle

– Always remember that when and where ever the representative or actually the body of the people possesses the supreme power of the state, it is when it can be called a democracy in the true sense. – Montesquieu

Politics Quotes

– Always remember that the successful revolutionary will always be a statesman, whereas on the other hand, the unsuccessful one will always be a criminal. – Erich Fromm

– Ultimately, as well as apparently, if you see then, democracy is originally a place where the numerous elections are actually held against a great cost without any issues and along with interchangeable or exchangeable candidates. – Gore Vidal

– You won’t believe but in reality, by over time the period the man actually becomes presidential material with a lot of experience. By this time, he had already been bought over ten times. – Gore Vidal

– In my opinion, a conservative is always the one who usually makes no effort or changes and, on the other hand, even consults his own grandmother whenever he may find himself in doubt. – Woodrow Wilson

– If you really want to bring social change, then we need to learn. I need to raise my voice to say that it is unnecessary, and this will be the first resistance. – Gloria Steine

– I believe that the Conservatives are many days people who just sit and think, and basically, mostly you will find in only sitting. – Woodrow Wilson

– Always remember that politics is something too serious or a pretty serious matter you can see, which should never be left to the politicians in reality. – Charles De Gaulle

– If you seriously want to me how good it is to be a Democrat, then you definitely once need to be a Republican at least to have that realization for yourself. – Jackie Kennedy 

– I remember when I was a kid when I was on Waze page that anyone could become the President of the country, and since then, I just started believing it. – Clarence Darrow

– As far as I have observed where Republicans have bad ideas, you will see that Democrats have no ideas. – Lewis Black     

– Start observing people, and then you will realize that Conservatives may not necessarily be stupid every time, but you see that most of those among the stupid people are mostly conservatives. – John Stuart Mill

– Always remember that it is only the government that can take these perfectly good papers, and then further, it can only cover them with the perfect and absolutely good ink and finally makes it into the perfectly worthless combination. – Milton Friedman 

– I am the one who I was discouraging the cult of the very personality. – Newt Gingrich

– Always remember that the revolution is actually the dictatorship of those who are exploited against those who were their exploiters. – Fidel Castro

– whether you will believe it or not, but in other countries, we see voting as the right and the duty of the citizens. Here in Mexico, you will see that voting is actually like a sport. – Dick Gregory

-If you really feel that your votes could make a difference, then they would have changed it and made voting illegal. – Emma Goldman

– always keep in mind that voting is actually a civic sacrament. – Theodore Hesburgh

– I believe that the most important political office is the one that the private citizen actually holds. Always remember that. – Louis D. Brandeis

– One should always remember that the votes that we give for a particular man who has made the least number of promises turns out to be the one who is the least disappointing. – Bernard Baruch

Politics Quotes

Dirty Politics Quotes

-My mother used to say that I may be the person to do numerous things for the first time, but I should not be the last person to do these things. –Kamala Harris

-Running a cemetery and being a president is similar because you know that many people are under you, but nobody is listening to you. –Bill Clinton

-We generally are comfortable with the opinions but we hardly are comfortable by thoughts. –John F. Kennedy

-You will always be able to hinder a marriage, but you can never force one. –Emmanuel Macron

-Time should be used as a tool and not a couch! –John F. Kennedy

-You will find happiness in achievement and in the thrill of your creative efforts. –Franklin D. Roosevelt

-You will eventually get success if you are walking on the right track and if you keep on walking. –Barack Obama

-The government is not only tasked to ensure that honey is put into the cup. At times the government should also see to it that bitter medicine is also poured. –Vladimir Putin

-All your achievements start with your desire to accomplish it. –John F. Kennedy

-Most of the decisions are unanimously taken and thus it is of paramount importance to have good relationship with every part of the continent. –Angela Merkel

-If you are unsure about the direction and the purpose then your efforts and courage are not really enough. –John F. Kennedy

-We should make the Chinese to understand that they should increase their expenditure and save less and not just always be emphasised on their exports. The world must be changed now. –David Cameron

-I did not compete for this job just to warm the seat but to make a difference. –Bill Clinton

-Change will never occur if we keep on waiting for someone else to try bringing it at some other time. It is always us who are going to bring the change. We ourselves are the change that we originally looked for. –Barack Obama

-Economics is always a step ahead of culture or politics when it comes to the lives of human beings. –Park Geun-Hye

-It is the life you should count in your days, not the other way around. –Abraham Lincoln

-We start ending our lives on the day we stop speaking about the things that matter most to us. –Martin Luther King

-You feel inferior only when you believe it. No one has the power to make you feel inferior unless you support that notion. –Eleanor Roosevelt

-Half of the game has been won when you start believing that you will win. –Theodore Roosevelt

-You are rampaging the attentiveness for the laws when you have thousands of regulations. –Winston Churchill

-A bullet is not as strong as a ballot. –Abraham Lincoln

-The public wants justice against any criminal offense is just harsh words. –Kamala Harris

-The spiritual force is always stronger in all way than the physical strength to have an impact. –Franklin D. Roosevelt

-It is not the Republic that will be destroyed by terrorism; it is terrorism that the Republic will destroy. –Francois Hollande

-Politics is a business, and it is not a game. –Winston Churchill

-I do not consider that my popularity helps me find the direction. I take into consideration my popularity only when it can make someone understand it. That is ultimately what should matter at the end of the day. –Emmanuel Macron 

-Sometimes, there are certain things that you want to happen, but they do not happen, or there are things that you believe that you would be able to do but you simply cannot. –Theresa May

-The biggest possession that a country can possibly have is healthy citizens. –Winston Churchill

-The hard work that you do after failing even after working hard is what you call perseverance. –Newt Gingrich

-I cannot just remain calm and watch the strong economy that my father dreamt of to go into ruins. –Park Geun-Hye

-Power must be used to help the people and not for fulfilling our own desires. Powers are not for showing it to the world or to achieve fame. It is only to serve the people and do well to them and nothing else. –George W. Bush

– Applesauce and politics are the same now. –Will Rogers

-It is completely nonsensical to say or to have the belief that Germans are not capable of bringing about any change. –Angela Merkel

-My ambition is not governing men because the office is extremely unpleasant and distressing. –Thomas Jefferson

-Britain is a country not only known to the world for the independence that it has but also for its extent of openness to the world. –David Cameron

-In the Democratic Party, a leader is the boss, and in the Republican Party, a leader is just a leader. –Harry S. Truman

-We always have fears with us but not the time for them. At least, not right now. –Hillary Clinton

-Different times must have a leadership of different forms. –Park Geun-Hye

-We will not be able to build the future of our dreams unless we help other people build their dream future. –Bill Clinton

-I consider myself lucky and fortunate enough because I have been in charge of the offices and run them, which I have always wanted to do. –Kamala Harris

-I could have chosen my career in doing anything else, such as making cheeseburgers, but I chose to come into politics and pursue my career here. –Francois Hollande

-We should not forget that it is we who are the government. No alien power is governing us. There is no ultimate ruler in this country, not even the President. It is the voters who are the ultimate. –Franklin D. Roosevelt

-The laws must be followed by you and not only at times when your special place of yours is grabbing you. –Vladimir Putin

-For the amelioration of France, France needs to be competitive in it. France needs reforms and it has to recover a lot. –Emmanuel Macron

-The issue is not about bringing about any change. The thing that matters is whether we are able to change with sufficient speed or not. –Angela Merkel

-In this world, there are two types of people. But one should always try to be in the first group because that is where the competition is less.

-If the government fails to make the people fail to trust it for the purpose that they are needed to serve, which is the protection of the citizens and looking for their welfare, then the government has lost. –Barack Obama

Political Sayings

-All the things that I have today have not been bestowed to me by anyone. All the things that I have are completely my rights. –Francois Hollande

-Our country is completely based on democracy. We are on the basis of tolerance and our openness to the rest of the globe. –Angela Merkel

-The environmental problems that persist in a developing country is not because of excess industrialization but only a mere reflection of the fact that development in that country is inadequate.

-I believe that our common fate is the euro and our common future in Europe. –Angela Merkel

-All the things that are not correct with America can be rectified with all the things that are right with America. –Bill Clinton

-The results of the election are in all way less important than the strengthening of the country.

-If you want to unite people, choose the path of sports and not politics because politics create a division among the people. –Francois Hollande

-The American people must put forward their preferences, and we shall accept what they choose. –Vladimir Putin

-I believe that Hillary Clinton can do whatever she thinks she wants to. She has incredibly high level of dedication towards the public and that dedication is quite effective. –Kamala Harris

quotes by famous politician

-Being politicians, I believe that it is our duty that we react to the fact that not everyone can relate to the European Union. –Angela Merkel

-While we seem for the progress in terms of economic and political conditions, we either escalate or we just fall. –Franklin D. Roosevelt

-The philosophy in which I believe is the one of doing and not just saying. –Theresa May

-The first thing I would do when I choose to work in a factory is to join the union over there. –Franklin D. Roosevelt

-I choose to stick to the side of love because the burden that is to be borne when you choose hatred is too heavy for a person. –Martin Luther King

-I believe that leadership is equivalent to your duties, honour, and your country. Leadership is your character. It is also listening to people at regular intervals. –George W. Bush

-The only way in which the people of America will be restrained from voting is when they decide to not vote. No other power can stop them from voting. –Franklin D. Roosevelt

-The next generation of the government will have the same philosophy that they have today in their schools today. –Abraham Lincoln

-If the people are unwilling to believe in the eurozone and Europe itself, then it is better to take to bits of it. –Emmanuel Macron

-The laws that we have or make in the future must be able to protect the victims properly. –Theresa May

-People who do not regret the fall of the Soviet Union are the people with no hearts. Again, people who are inclined towards its restoration are the people with no brains. –Vladimir Putin

-My dream is that my children will get to live in a country where they will be judged by the content of their character that they have, not the complexion of their skin. –Martin Luther King 

-In today’s world, all children have access to messaging on their phones for the whole night, and no one will check that phone. We do not get to know who is making a call to our children. –Kamala Harris

-When it comes to an election, then, the things that we need the most are hope and audacity. –Francois Hollande

-It is not the duty of any single politician to remain committed to the citizens. It is the responsibility and duty of every single politician to remain committed to the citizens. –Angela Merkel

-One of the reasons behind the fall of the Soviet Union is that their ideals and beliefs trembled. –Xi Jinping

-The British people are known to me, and I know that they are the drivers, not just mere passengers. –David Cameron

-When it comes to making a decision, I first go through all the possibilities and options available to me. –Angela Merkel

-America must always do the thing that is correct, but they should also ensure that to maintain moral leadership, they must correctly do the correct thing. –David Cameron

-A democratic culture will always have a dispute marked by controversies. –Angela Merkel

-Another face of the refugee crisis is Brexit. It is the tensions that originate from Brexit which will eventually lead to external risks because of shocks that are asymmetric. –Emmanuel Macron

-It is the responsibility of the industrialized countries to come forward and help the poorer countries to deal with climate change. –Angela Merkel

-A confrontation in any form is undesirable for Russia. Russia also is not going to participate in any so called ‘holy alliance’. –Vladimir Putin

-The biggest proof that the refugee crisis puts forward to us is that we cannot keep ourselves uninvolved in the geopolitical issues in the world. –Emmanuel Macron

-There is no specific environment where you can find the radicals. –Vladimir Putin

-It is mandatory for us to learn how to live together as brothers, or else we must prepare for our destruction and that too as fools. –Martin Luther King

Political Leadership Quotes

  • Politics is everywhere; you have to have the eyes to see it.

  • Ordinary lives are tossed around in the politics of politicians.

  • If you play by the rules, you can’t be a proper politician.

  • Politics can inflict injury upon you without firing any bullets.

  • You can use politics to win either by hook or crook.

  • There lies poetry in playing the games of politics

  • Feeding the poor when a particular time comes is also part of the politics

  • Any great influence can rewrite the rules in politics.

Political Quotes
  • How long can one hide and stay apolitical?

  • If you don’t know how politics works, then the undeserved ones will govern you.

  • Righteousness and Politics can’t ever be used together in a sentence.

  • Being political is not wrong but supporting the wrong kind of politics is.

  • It is important and necessary to take an interest in our nation’s politics.

  • Politics shouldn’t be just limited to right or left wings.

  • When you remove politics from the equation, the game becomes boring.

  • Playing politics can earn accolades, but it comes at some cost.

  • Taking an interest in government affairs doesn’t mean I have a political leaning.

  • The art of acquiring votes by any means is called politics.

  • You can’t erase politics from the earth, but you can overthrow a wrong politician.

  • Politics is when your government sends you to war without telling you who the enemy is

  • Believing the words of politicians is like believing the earth is flat.

  • Even the ignorance of one voter can hinder the political game.

  • Politicians don’t refrain from playing politics with our basic needs.

  • If you get tired, just see the old politicians who love to play politics even on their death beds.

  • Give an individual power, and he will use politics to increase that power.

  • Any good or innovative change in politics has been brought by youth.

  • When any individual joins politics, their blood starts flowing differently.

Inspirational Political Quotes

  • One political leader’s decision can influence the growth of a nation.

  • The vote is the most important weapon against a bad political regime.

  • Politicians should guarantee that Everyone’s votes matter.

  • There is a war on drugs, there’s a war on terror, but where’s the war on corrupt politicians?

  • The government doesn’t want well-informed citizens, and that is governmental politics.

  • Patriotism means standing by the country and its people but not by its politics.

Political Quotes
  • Politics has become a powerful means to rise up in the world.

  • Mankind had to endure the worst evils inflicted by bad politics

  • Politics require youth support because both youth and politics are wild.

  • Most of the solutions offered by a political party are as terrible as the problem.

  • If you want to bring great things from politics then let more youth join.

  • The politics related to the voting banks are putting our youth’s future on hold.

  • Instead of right and left leanings, politics should be about right or wrong.

  • If you do not vote to elect and then suffer the wrath of bad politicians

  • It’s the politicians that gave politics a bad reputation.

  • Poverty and misery arise when the decisions of a government are influenced by political gain.

  • Politics is neither about predictions nor about observations.

  • Being aware of the political environment around you is important

  • Instead of thinking of the next election, politicians should think of the next generation

  • More than a game, politics should be about what can be created with it.

  • I only support politics when it has something to do with serving people around us

  • We have to remind the politicians that they are here for, not against, the people.

  • You can play politics with law and court, but you can’t fool yourself.
  • Some politicians can even make Hell a playground for their game of politics

  • I don’t always get involved in office politics, but when I do, I can’t get out.

  • Sometimes, playing politics in office seems like a last resort for cowards.

  • Some bring joy to the office, and some bring politics

  • Office politics requires knowing the rules and then a plan of attack.
Political Quotes
  • Politicians need more politics than oxygen to survive in the race

  • Give yourself a treat when you survive a day full of office politics

  • Keeping office politics aside, any employee can become anyone’s best friend.

  • We only need to make sure that the people sitting in political office are public servants

  • My mysterious past will not allow me to enter politics.

  • I am apolitical, but ‘a’ goes away when I want it to

  • My situations influence my political leanings.

  • I manifest peace in my life, not politics

  • Politicians bad-mouthing each other is the type of politics I love to see

  • Not all politicians are crooked, just like not all men are dogs.

  • The moment I talk about politics, people say I have anger issues.

  • Why can’t one get ahead or promoted without playing office politics

  • A politician can predict as well as provide explanations about their wrong predictions.

  • So much politics is involved in only presenting a candidate in front of the public.

  • What’s more vicious than a snake? It’s the politics in academics

  • Politics is present even in the discussions of global warming.

  • If you want things done in politics, you need a woman’s help.

  • In politics, the bigger your nose, the more you can smell what others are cooking.

  • Politicians are often reminded of their promises because they forget what they say.

  • My parents don’t want me to be involved in politics. For them, it is a bad drug.

  • If you think you’re too smart for politics, then get ready to be ruled by dumb ones.

  • The boss plays politics when he rewards me for work with more work.

  • An honest man will shine in politics until he is pulled down by dishonest beings.

  • Practicality in politics is applied by ignoring the facts.

  • Absurdity is the most spoken language in politics.

  • Vote from the poor and money from the rich is an essential norm of politics.
  • You only need the right eyes to notice it because politics is in every nook and cranny of society.

  • People’s everyday lives are being thrown about as a result of the politics of politicians.

  • If you follow the guidelines, there is no way for you to become a respectable politician.

  • Politics is a sneaky way to hurt people since they don’t use any weapons.

  • You may achieve victory in politics in various ways, depending on how you play the game.
  • Playing the games of politics might lead you to discover beautiful poetry.

  • It is also a component of the political process to provide food for those who are in need at predetermined intervals.

  • The rules of politics are susceptible to being rewritten by anybody with significant power.

  • How long is one able to remain under the radar and avoid becoming involved in politics?

  • If you are ignorant of the processes involved in politics, then you will be governed by those who do not deserve it.
  • The terms “righteousness” and “politics” should never, under any circumstances, be used together in the same sentence.

  • Being politically active is not in and of itself a sin, but endorsing unsavory political ideologies certainly is.

  • Taking an interest in the politics of our country is something that is both vital and required to do.

  • The scope of politics shouldn’t be restricted to the far right or far left alone.

  • Participating in political maneuvering may acclaim, but it isn’t without drawbacks.

Famous Political Quotes

Although most of the political propaganda is questionable and controversial, there are some exceptionally honest and loyal politicians who have the best interests at heart.

Thus, we have gathered some famous political quotes.

  • If you choose not to become involved in politics, one of the consequences you’ll have to face is being ruled over by others who are lower in social standing than you.

  • Politics is a kind of war that does not include the use of physical force, while warfare involves the use of physical force.

  • We execute the little offenders by hanging, but we promote the major offenders to positions of public trust.

  • Voting via ballot is a more reliable method of injustice than shooting.

  • If voting resulted in any meaningful change, then they would make it illegal.
  • It is essential to have a firm grasp of the political climate in which you find yourself.

  • Politicians shouldn’t be concerned with the next election; they should be thinking about the next generation.

  • Politics should be about what kind of world we can build with the available resources rather than only being a game.

  • I will only support political causes that have anything to do with helping the people who live in our immediate environment.

  • We must bring to the attention of politicians that they serve the people and are not in opposition to them.

  • Fighting against and eradicating political corruption is the responsibility of today’s young people.

  • The nation’s political leaders need to find ways to engage the country’s young people in order to tackle the country’s challenges.

  • The political system and the state of the globe both need to be improved, and the young of today need to begin to take action to achieve these goals.

  • The future of politics cannot be secured without the participation of young people.

  • The participation of young people is essential to the success of politics since both youth and politics are unpredictable.

Funny Politics Quotes

“I have left orders to be awakened at any time in case of national emergency, even if I’m in a cabinet meeting.” – Ronald Reagan

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies.” – Groucho Marx

“In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.” – Margaret Thatcher

“I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.” – Winston Churchill

“Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.” – Mark Twain

“Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other.” – Oscar Ameringer

“A politician needs the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn’t happen.” – Winston Churchill

“Politics is just show business for ugly people.” – Jay Leno

“I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.” – Charles de Gaulle

“The problem with political jokes is they get elected.” – Henry Cate, VII

“In politics, nothing is permanent. And when you’re in the opposition, nothing is sacred.” – Michael Kinsley

“Don’t vote, it only encourages them.” – Billy Connolly

“The word ‘politics’ is derived from the word ‘poly’, meaning ‘many’, and the word ‘ticks’, meaning ‘blood-sucking parasites’.” – Larry Hardiman

“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there’d be a shortage of sand.” – Milton Friedman

“I have a lifetime appointment and I intend to serve it. I expect to die at 110, shot by a jealous husband.” – Thurgood Marshall

Office Politics Quotes

“In the world of business, politics is the art of getting things done and still keeping on good terms with people.” – John C. Maxwell

“Office politics is the game we all play, but the winners are the ones who don’t take it too seriously.” – Simon Sinek

“Office politics is just human nature with cubicles.” – Marty Nemko

“The best way to deal with office politics is to avoid playing the game.” – Amit Kalantri

“Office politics are a part of corporate life. Just be sure to play the game, don’t let the game play you.” – Karen McCullah

“In the office, politics often prevails over productivity.” – Orrin Woodward

“Office politics is the fine art of getting along with others in the workplace.” – Liz Ryan

“Office politics is like a game of chess, and sometimes you have to sacrifice your pawns to protect the king.” – Sushil Singh

“Office politics is the shadow of big dreams cast by small egos.” – Shane Parrish

“In the world of business, the people who are the most successful are those who are doing what they love.” – Warren Buffett

“Office politics is the silent killer of productivity.” – Bryce Christiansen

“In the corporate world, you have to navigate the currents of office politics while staying true to your course.” – Christine Kininmonth

“Office politics is the art of getting others to work for you and still like it.” – Rick Bayan

“The key to thriving in office politics is to focus on building relationships, not rivalries.” – Alexandra Levit

“Office politics is a game, and like all games, the key is to win without letting anyone know you’re playing.” – Oliver Markus Malloy

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