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This day is celebrated on 3rd October and this day is observed as a thanks giving to the German food bank, also known as Tafel, which is organized by people to provide food to people in need of food by accumulating all the leftover or extra food from the people who are at least able to afford 3 meals a day

German Food bank day greetings-

-There are many of those who don’t get a meal for a day, and for their help, we have stood up with this food bank, celebrate this noble day for a noble cause

-Let us all share what we have , and help the ones who are in need of help and feel proud to save our people through this food bank, and hence we celebrate this day on behalf of our food bank

-A good food, brings a good smile to any devourer, and on this day, we celebrate our food bank, for which it is possible for everyone to have a meal

– Let us all give our efforts in making the needful people life better, if not the best, by giving them a nice and warm food and celebrate this day on behalf of our food bank

-This day, our German food bank day is celebrated and we all feel proud to call this country ours, as we made sure we help ourselves and all around

-Come together for this noble cause and keep donating your love in form of food to the food bank, which may bring a smile on someone’s face and celebrate this German food bank day with all of us

-Let’s bring a smile to the faces of those whose hunger suppress their happiness, whose appetite disturb their sleep and keep our efforts and celebrate this German food bank day

-We shall be proud to live a life as such where we can provide the most necessary thing for living, food, and hence we celebrate this day on behalf of our food bank 

-We shall be proud that one of our contribution is helping all who are in need of food, and we all thank food bank , and celebrate this day on its behalf

-This is a day of pride for us, the Germans as we provide the most essential thing to survive, that is food to the needy people across the country.-Happy German Food Bank Day.

-Don’t waste excess food, come, donate it to the food bank and help all the people who are in need of food…let’s celebrate this German Food Bank Day by feeding people.

-On the occasion of the German Food Bank Day, let’s pledge to donate whatever amount we can to the food banks every month to show our concern towards the people who are starving in different corners of our country.

-The purest form of love is feeding someone’s hunger, that’s what the food banks do…let’s celebrate this Food Bank Day.

-On this German Food Bank Day, let’s make sure that every single person is having food every day and no one is starving in any corner of our respective countries.- Happy German Food Bank Day.

-Make sure to keep your stomach full and also help other keep theirs, and here it is what food bank is for, hence on its behalf lets all celebrate this day

-Our German food bank provides life to people, and defeats their biggest enemy, that is hunger, and on this day we commemorate its establishment, and celebrate this German food bank day

-Germans one of the biggest gems is food bank, and on this day of its establishment, we all wish to keep contributing, and celebrate this day

-Keep your heads high and feel proud to be a part of a country where we can run out of anything but food, and celebrate this day on behalf of food bank

-Good food, makes Good mood, and with a full stomach and satisfied appetite, let’s promise to provide all the good food and appetite by celebrating this German food bank day

-Bit by bit is made a large body, and our little help had accumulated to being a big cause like this, and this day we celebrate on behalf of our food bank

German food bank wishes-

– Why only care about our empty stomach only, when we can all solve everyone’s hunger with our little efforts, as we kept doing till now, and hence we wish a happy food bank day to all

-Food is a precious thing, many crave for, many lose their life for it, so let’s not waste even a bit and keep contributing as we have kept doing till today and celebrate this day on behalf of our food bank

-We feel proud to fill the stomachs of all who are hungry, with the help of our food bank, and on its behalf we all wish to celebrate this day with a oath to keep this spirit up

-Rather than wasting that piece of food and throwing it away, we contribute it to food bank, and help all the persons who are in need of food and this is one of the biggest achievements for us hence we all celebrate this food bank day with all

-Feeding someone’s hunger can be the most purest form of love, and that’s the kind of love we get from food bank, and on behalf of its very existence let us all celebrate this food bank day

-Feeding the hearts with joy, and empty stomachs with food, has been the tradition of food bank, and one of the most generous establishment in Germany, and on its behalf we celebrate this day

-3rd October is not just any day, it’s the day we remember how we help our people who are in need by providing them the most necessary thing to live, that is food, and we celebrate on behalf of our German food bank

-Seeing those smiles on the faces whom we feed, are the most satisfying thing ever, and we shall keep it up in future as well with our food bank, and in this day we celebrate the very existence of food bank

-A good meal is all it takes to have a nice day, and to provide this with our contribution, and food bank, we are successful, and this day is to celebrate this success

-Price less is an act of feeding someone’s hunger, and as our food bank did it till now let us keep it up in future too and celebrate this German food bank day

-Congratulations to my German friends who are a part of the food bank, you guys are doing an amazing job, my warm wishes on the day of establishment of the German Food Bank.

-One of the biggest assets of our Germany is the food bank, it defeats the biggest enemy of life, which is hunger and we celebrate its day of establishment as the German Food Bank Day.

-We want to make sure that each and everyone gets a meal daily, thus, we run this ‘food bank’, celebrate this day for a noble cause.

-May God give our countrymen the strength and ability to donate leftover food every day for the needy people and celebrate this Food Bank Day every year with great joy.

-Let’s join hands and eradicate extreme poverty and hunger from our country so that hunger can not suppress someone’s happiness, be the reason for their smile.- Happy German Food Bank Day.

German food bank quotes-

“One cant think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well” –Virginia Woolf

“Food brings people together on many different levels, its the nourishment of the soul and body”- Giada de Laurenttis

“one of the nicest thing about life is that we must stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating”- Luciano Pavarotti

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