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The Carnival of Venice is a festival in Venice that is celebrated yearly. This festival is celebrated wearing very decorated and elaborate masks. It is this feature of the festival that makes it famous all over the world.

The festival also attracts a large number of foreign tourists who are fascinated by the beautiful, unique masks and the colorful costumes that the Venetians wear during the celebration.

It is celebrated for around ten days when you get to see Venice at its very best. The whole of Venice stays in a festive mood, throwing masquerade balls and eating rich food and indulging in dancing, gambling, and music.

Here are best messages and Quotes which you can share on Venice festival days

_Venice is my favorite place in the world and it is magical during this festival. Happy Venice Carnival!

_If you want to witness life, be present at St. Mark’s Square during the festival. Happy Venice Carnival!

_Venice never seems real and during this festival, it looks like a vivid picture out of someone’s very colorful imagination. Happy Venice Carnival!

_If you visit the Carnival of Venice on your honeymoon, you both will have the time of your lives. Happy Venice Carnival!

_What can be a better place to go on a trip to with the love of your life than Venice which is one of the most romantic cities in the world? And the ten-day festival is magical. Happy Venice Carnival!

_If you are looking for the best time to go to Venice, then the season of the Venice festival is the best.

Happy Venice Carnival!

_May you have a very good time these ten days! God bless you and Happy Venice Carnival!

_The masks and the 18th-century attire against the majestic Venice backdrop can get a bit eerie at times. But this doesn’t stop the party! Happy Venice Carnival!

_Spend these days celebrating with a huge number of activities like dancing, singing, performing music, drinking and having exotic meals. Happy Venice Carnival!

_Where’s the party tonight? It’s at St.Mark’s’ Square. Happy Venice Carnival!

_Hope you all have a very good time at St.Mark’s Square. Happy Venice Carnival!

_Here’s to wishing all Venetians a very happy Carnival! Eat loads and dance more.

_Wishing you all happiness and prosperity! Happy Venice Carnival!

_May all your lives be as colorful as the festival. Happy Venice Carnival!

_The beauty of Venice could make you fall in love a thousand times over. Wishing you a very happy Happy Venice Carnival!

_Do not miss the Carnival at Venice if you want to get a glimpse of the harlequin Italian Renaissance!

Happy Venice Carnival!

_The elaborate decorations and enthralling costumes and the beautiful, distinctive masks will make sure that this festival is an experience that you will never forget. Enjoy and have a very Happy Venice Carnival!

_May these ten days bring you respite from the monotony of your daily lives. Here’s to wishing everyone joy and happiness and a very happy Happy Venice Carnival!

_Venice Carnival that had started as a protest is now a festival of love and happiness. Happy Venice Carnival!

_It’s a grand affair at St.Mark Square and they are waiting for you! Enjoy and have a very happy Happy Venice Carnival!

_The world is at St. Mark Square, Venice in Italy. Where are you? Happy Venice Carnival!

_The Venice festival is an art lover’s paradise. Enjoy the elaborate display of art in all forms! Love and happiness to all. Happy Venice Carnival!

_The Venice Festival shows how to spread love and happiness through art. Happy Venice Carnival!

_There’s something for everybody in it. Don’t miss out the fun at the festival! Happy Venice Carnival!

_Sing, dance and live happily! Experience life in its most joyous form at Venice.Happy Venice Carnival!

_One of the best experiences of his life that a person can have is the festival in Venice. Happy Venice Carnival!

_See a different Venice for these ten days other than just its gondolas and waterways! Wishing everyone a very Happy Venice Carnival!

_May the streets of St.Mark Square be filled with laughter and joy for these ten auspicious days forever and ever! Happy Venice Carnival!

_Here’s to wishing everybody a few days of love, happiness, and togetherness! Happy Venice Carnival!

_Food, friends, and fun all comprise a festival and there is no bigger festival than the Venice Carnival! Happy Venice Carnival!

_Forget all your inhibitions and just let it go and have the time of your lives because the Venice Carnival is here already! Happy Venice Carnival!

_Food and drinks, music and dance, love and merriment, these are just a few components of the Venice Carnival. Get the whole unforgettable experience at St.Mark Square for ten days of your lives. Happy Venice Carnival!

_Wishing a very Happy Venice Carnival to all! May your days be filled with fun, laughter, and happiness!

_Are you geared up for the masquerade contest because the festival of masks is here! Do not waste any more time and a very Happy Venice Carnival to all!

_This festive season, may all the brothers meet their sisters, may all sons come home to their mothers and may all wives see their husbands return. For, no matter in which part of the world you are, you just can not miss these ten glorious days of dancing, feasting, and merriment. Happy Venice Carnival!

_You have not seen much of life if you have not seen the spectacle at St.Mark’s Square during the ten days of the festival. Happy Venice Carnival!

_Get teleported to a whole other era as the magic on the streets of Venice will take you to the Venice of the eighteenth century! Happy Venice Carnival!

_If you are wondering which time is the best to visit Venice, then it is now when the streets of Venice are alive with music and dance! Happy Venice Carnival!

_An amazing festival that celebrates life in a very unique way! Happy Venice Carnival!

_One realizes how bland one’s life has been when one gets to witness the magic and madness of the Venice Carnival. Happy Venice Carnival!

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