A Speech on Save Water

The living organisms need water to survive. Water is an essential to life. Water is available in seas, oceans, lakes, ponds. 

Water is the basis of human civilization. 

Water is important for life. The sun evaporates water droplets from the seas, oceans, lakes, ponds. Humans need to conserve water to create an ecological balance between the living organisms. Human civilization grows near ponds, lakes. 

Water conservation is important for our ecosystem. The various sources of water are the seas, lakes, rivers, ponds. The global warming in the environment is leading to the melting of glaciers in the poles is resulting a water crisis. There are various ways to save water. Rainwater harvesting is a process that collects rainwater for humans.

Tanks can also be a source of water conservation. People can store the rainwater in the tanks for use. Canals can also be a source of water conservation. Dams and canals are built near a river to collect excess water from the river. Dams and canals store the water and the water is used for irrigation. Canal irrigation is very helpful in irrigating large farmlands. The water of the springs and waterfalls can be used for power and electricity.

Waterfalls provide water energy thus this can be used in making power and electricity. Water conservation can be done with planting of trees. Aforestation, planting of more and more trees can save water. Aforestation helps hold the water in the soil and also chips in the water cycle immensely. Wells can be built to store the water for when needed. The water from the wells can be used for irrigation purposes and drinking. Estuaries can be also built for conserving water. Water reservoirs can be built for water conservation. Water can be stored in the ponds. Water should be conserved to save the life on earth.

Each drop of clean water is valuable. As of today, there have been several water crises over the world, both natural and man-made ones. The man-made ones are mostly due to industrialization. The industrial effluents and toxic wastes that we let onto our waterbeds have vastly affected the clean water reserve of the world.

Many people over the world die due to waterborne diseases every year. The sudden climate changes bringing forth droughts have also proved to be unfortunate for people. The famous Minamata disease caused by mercury poisoning due to release of toxic mercury waste has caused a lot of suffering. Conservation of water is closely intertwined with conservation of green cover and nature on Earth. Although floods, storms, and other natural events have their own way of replenishing the water on Earth, our lifestyles have affected them in such a way that, they are becoming more and more unable to do so.

We could prevent waste of water in our own little ways. After all, little droplets of water make a whole sea. Reuse, reduce, recycle goes a long way in the conservation of water. For example, the water discharge from air conditioners is clean enough to be used to water plants or even turning off the faucet while we’re brushing.

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