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Every year on the 1st of November World Vegan Day is celebrated throughout. The annual event is taken up by vegans to various benefits that veganism has to offer to the world and its creations.

Be it the humans, animals or the environment, benefits of veganism are propounded widely on this day by vegans around the world. It is also a way to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of UK Vegan society back in 1994.

Some great messages, quotes, and wishes you can forward on the World Vegan day are presented in this article- 

_Veganism is a way of life that truly supports mutual growth and hence the development of other life forms on earth. Happy World Vegan Day 

_Embrace veganism because it takes nothing away from a human being to be kind to a speechless animal 

_With veganism you do not miss out on anything, rather you are subjected to numerous joys that are unachievable by others 

_Your life on earth shouldn’t be a threat to other lives on earth and this is what veganism is all about 

_What matters at the end of the day is how you have enabled other living beings to live and being vegan is one of the best ways to do it

_Unless a man is vegan, he can never understand the sheer joy that even the slightest of happiness showers such as the smile of a cow 

_Green world and clean world is our motto but that doesn’t mean you need to wipe away animals for our hunger

_We have a great life and the existence on earth is shared. Try and respect the lives of other animals or else earth will be imbalanced 

_Humans have the highest form of intelligence and truly speaking what form of intelligence is feasting on someone else’s flesh? Think again on this world vegan day 

_Temptations can be rife with food that is non-vegan but at the same time the sad cries of the animals in every slaughter house is more disturbing!

_Every day there are millions of animals being killed for the sake of being called food for others. Can anyone justify these deaths? 

_On this world vegan day, let us spread the word that food is for health and meat isn’t healthy at all 

_Every day is new and every dish is better and unique if you are being vegan and newly into it. Try it out!

_Your food isn’t taking someone’s life right? Spread on the word on this world vegan day 

_What is the most delightful dish you have ever had? A plate without any dead body is the most delightful dish to me

_Of all the hardships in life, quitting non veg food is one. However, once you succeed, you would know the perks of being vegan 

_People think that being vegan is a sacrifice, what they do not realise that it is a joy in itself and can satisfy your soul 

_Your hunger should never cost someone their lives. Eat healthy and stay healthy 

_Animals are the most innocent ones on this earth and hence showing them some love isn’t the toughest thing you can do 

_You cannot take away the right to live of another living creature just as a part of your take away food. Stop cruelty and eat healthy 

_Being vegan has its own perks and the body styas in a much better and healthier state than ever before 

_World Vegan day should be celebrated widely to let people know that vegans are happy with what they eat and it is truly beneficial

_Veganism isn’t only suitable for the human health but it also has positive impact on the environment as well 

_You have no idea of the immense cruelty in factory farming and such instances should be avoided at all costs 

_Living well can only be achieved if we become non-violent to all the life forms on earth 

_The way animals are treated in a nation is what shows the kind of progress that the nation has achieved over the years 

_Just because you need a snack, it doesn’t mean that someone has to lose their life. It is inhuman and irrational. Spread awareness on this world vegan day 

_If we focus on other’s happiness, god will surely get back with more happiness for us in store 

_Help others as much as you can and if you can help someone save life by being a vegan the what seems to be wrong with it?  

_You have witnessed the inhuman treatment to animals to exploit them for meat and other dairy products. DO not look on and avoid, act now and save them soon

_When you hands get dirty you use soap, when the hands are full of blood, you become vegan to clean it. Happy world vegan day 

_Having good habits is always preferable and veganism is one of the best habits that you can ever have

_If the human population keeps feasting on other animals at this rapid pace, the time isn’t far away when we won’t be left with any other animal and hence eat each other’s flesh

_Have you ever tired a full course vegan meal? If is alive, fresh and healthy/ Try out today on the world vegan day 

_Every vegan is a responsible dweller of this universe because they are the ones who tend to maintain the much needed balance on earth

_No matter how hard you wash those hands to forget the killing of the one you ate just now, the blood will never leave 

_Unlike plants, animal flesh has a lot of toxins and other harmful things for the body, Stay away from them and embrace veganism today 

_Can you ever look into the eye of that animal who is about to be cut dead just to be served on your plates the next moment? Stop such cruelty and go green on your plates  

_The moment when no one has to die for you to live, know that you are doing great! Happy world vegan day 

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