517+ David Livingstone Quotes That Will Change Your Life Forever (Images)

David Livingstone was a true believer in God. He believed that the Almighty has blessed us with great gifts🎁.

He hoped that we all shared this boon of nature 🏞️ I always find strength and positivity in his concrete words.

Discover the inspiring wisdom of David Livingstone through his timeless quotes! This legendary explorer and missionary’s words are a beacon of positivity and hope, touching the hearts of countless souls worldwide🌍.

From his adventurous spirit to his unwavering faith in humanity, each quote resonates with a profound sense of purpose and determination.

Let Livingstone’s empowering words uplift your spirits, guiding you toward a life filled with courage, compassion, and the belief that anything is possible! Embrace the transformative power of his quotes and unlock your true potential today.

David Livingstone Quotes

David Livingstone Quotes

I hope that a time comes when rich men support missionaries in Africa rather than buy horses and hounds. 

They steal and kidnap men. Slavery is nothing but an act of terrorism.

God, break all those ties in my heart except the one that connects me with you. 

I’d rather be in Africa, where the will of God cherishes than be in England, where His will perishes.

Our unsupported missionary has finally crossed the Continent of Equatorial Africa.  

A commission by a mortal king is an honor, then why a commission from the heavens has to be a sacrifice? 

People tag my time in Africa as a sacrifice. To their disappointment, I perceive it as an honor. 

God supported me through all the years of my exile in an unknown land. 

Christ once did save the world by himself. But Christ cannot save the world again. 

The change will soon come; I hope the missionaries don’t forget the original pioneers. 

Do not forget the pioneers who worked in bleakness with a single ray of hope from God’s words. 

The things I possess have no value except my relation with Jesus Christ. 

I will refrain from giving away things only if they enhance the glory of His kingdom. 

Drawing a sharp difference between war and terrorism will lead you nowhere. 

He is the true Ruler who lives above us, and his protection guides us all. 

If you ever knew the satisfaction a missionary receives by serving the Lord, you would naturally embrace it. 

God has blessed us with education to teach the ignorant the knowledge of our Savior. 

The human heart may go against the gospel of Christ but appreciate our good work when it shines. 

To wake up in the dark to a green snake right at my face is unpleasant. 

There is a strong contradiction in how people perceive the practice and profession of Christianity. 

I am of a sane mind, but today I have decided that I will always be an uncommon Christian.

The island, the foliage, and the mass of rocks before my eyes are the loveliest I have ever seen. 

You are my King and my life, and I dedicate my entire life to you, Jesus.

I have never stopped rejoicing that God had blessed me with such an office.  

I had pure intentions and devoted my life to them. But they always perceived my intentions as evil.  

Inspirational David Livingstone Quotes

Inspirational David Livingstone Quotes

David Livingstone not only worked for the improvement of the missionaries but extended himself to the continent of Africa. 

He opposed slavery and devoted his life to the well-being of these people. David Livingstone was determined to fulfill his purpose till the end.

Such a man will always be a great source of inspiration for me. 

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I am ready to walk, provided it is in the forward direction.

Let anxiety, weakness, struggle, or fear be more than a momentary pause. 

Our spirit may be shaken, and the soul can start drowning, but let it last only for a minute. 

I am determined enough to fulfill my aim. I won’t stop until I get through. 

I don’t want men to accompany me for the good roads. I want them to join me when there’s no road. 

A place where I didn’t understand their language and their activities were mostly hostile. God promised to be there till the end. 

When the glory is revealed, the inconvenience will be nothing compared to it. 

Slavery is not a trade but a system of executing one murder after another.  

Do not hesitate to receive a humble gift. Later, go amongst others and distribute it equally. 

Spending time in Africa was a small part of the great debt I owe to the Almighty. 

It wasn’t easy, but I made sugar by squeezing the sugarcane and boiling it till thick. 

Jesus made a great sacrifice to leave His Father’s throne and save us from our suffering. 

The preset generation can only reach out to the age of today.  

No greed will ever be strong enough to distract me from my work. 

Terror is a reflection of our dishonesty or storage for war and all those elements we would want to disown.

If success comes to me, I hope I remain humble. If failure comes, I will resign to God’s will.

I owe each part of my body to the Heavenly Father. He taught us this in His holy Book. 

Be it American, British, or a man of Turkey. May God bless all of the men who aid the sore of this world. 

When death was impending me three times a day, the Almighty helped me to preserve peace in my heart. 

My attendants motivated me to finish my job despite everything and everyone in Africa. 

The more I exercise, the better my blood circulation and muscle strength. 

The Almighty survived the contradictions of his enemies, and we must follow Him in His steps. 

I could give in all I have to clear the minute half of the great debt I owe to Him.  

When a man is traveling, and his heart feels right, his mind becomes more self-sufficient.  

I believe that the accomplishment of a geographical destination is the beginning of a missionary enterprise.  

My true hardship lay in devoting my life to those who believed me to have a sinister point of view.  

Even in private, I must approach God in the same manner as in public. 

When the body gets tired, the mind functions well, the eyes remain clear, and you take rigid steps.

Short David Livingstone Quotes 

Short David Livingstone Quotes

Although David Livingstone struggled with his words more than he traveled around, he could express himself in a very concise manner. 

His short quotes are as impactful as his long ones.

On days when I feel weak and low, I turn to these quotes. They always get me back on my feet, steady and strong.

I don’t feel that I made a sacrifice. 

Only death can put a full stop to my efforts.

My joyous and secure place rests in the will of God. 

Sympathy cannot replace actions. 

I will remain immortal until my purpose is accomplished. 

I find it easier to explore than to pen down about it.  

I hope to live and perish only in His service.

My life in Africa is not an act of sacrifice. It is a privilege. 

Without Jesus, I’d take no steps. But with Him, I will march anywhere. 

Kindness lives in accepting humbly and giving it to others. 

How did I pass my exile in an unfriendly land? He was there till the end. 

I am a poor imitation of God’s only son, or at least attempt to be. 

My heart and soul are truly devoted to being a missionary. 

A missionary diet can be the best medicine for a sick church.

I owe all my hopes in time and eternity to the grace of Jesus Christ. 

My sacrifice is nothing in front of the sacrifice He made for us.

Terrorism is a getaway for enemies to commit their brutalities. 

With pacing feet, your mind will grow more confident of its resources.  

It is a blessing in disguise to be led by God and then follow the master’s sin. 

Self-deception can only help you in deceiving yourself. 

Prayers and fastings are a waste of time without a purpose in view. 

In my solitude, I hope that fortunate blessings fall on all. 

We often name meat as the food of the high class. 

His Providence is calling me to a place beyond my limitation. 

God had one Son. He was a missionary. 

The human mind exercises great power; I discovered it during traveling.

My posture and speech to God should not diverge in private.  

The exhaustion of the day makes the rest of the evening more enjoyable. 

David Livingstone Victoria Falls Quote

David Livingstone Victoria Falls Quote

“I am prepared to go anywhere, provided it is forward.”

“I determined never to stop until I had come to the end and achieved my purpose.”

“I will go anywhere as long as it is forward.”

“Fear God and work hard.”

“I am immortal until my work is accomplished.”

“If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”

“I will open up a path to the interior or perish.”

“Sympathy is no substitute for action.”

“God, send me anywhere, only go with me. Lay any burden on me, only sustain me. And sever any tie in my heart except the tie that binds my heart to Yours.”

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