A Speech on “The Day to Day Duties of A Police Officer”

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, Thank you for joining in for today’s discussion. From kids to the elder, if asked what does a police officer is supposed to do there will be one response in common that is “A police officer is responsible to be loyal and catch the bad guys”, well as this can be the primary duty of a police officer, most of us tend to overlook the other duties which can be sometimes as dangerous as a threat to their life. Taking today’s opportunity I would like to talk about the day-to-day duties of a police officer.

The qualities that a police officer needs to have are humanity; to treat everyone with compassion, integrity; to implement justice irrespective of an individual’s background, Professionalism; to be committed to their duties and maintain standard education and finally Courage; to be able to meet any kind of situation with utmost bravery. Being a cop includes danger and sacrifice.

Consequently, officials are very much made up for their support of the network. However, the salary of cops changes enormously over the US. Extra advantages for this position incorporate solid medical inclusion, paid wiped out time and excursion, educational cost repayment for seeking after advanced education, and the occasion to resign early and also pensions. A cop can resign after just 20 years of administration, however, their benefits will at that point be diminished to 50 percent.

The duties of a police officer are way beyond the prevention of crime. Most officials start as patrol officials. Average everyday obligations incorporate aiding crisis scenes, reacting to thefts, and observing the streets, and halting vehicles that are driving inconsistently or speeding. For each occurrence that happens, a cop is needed to document a report. Doing desk work is surely not a fabulous piece of the work, but rather it’s a fundamental and successive errand.

A Police Officer assigned to a particular division or as a Desk Officer plays out the entirety of the previously mentioned obligations notwithstanding performing obligations that are one of a kind to these specific divisions. For instance, a Police Officer might be assigned to the Juvenile Narcotics Division to lead secret monitor examinations or watch the school region to screen crime and to keep up contact with the school authorities.

Furthermore, a Police Officer might be appointed to a two-wheel cruiser unit to implement transit regulations, examine car crashes, refer to the violators of transit regulations, show up in the court, look for drivers affected by medications or liquor, and keep everything under control in blocked zones. 

The life of a police officer in duty is always at stake, as danger can come in any form and they put their duties first than their life or family. Now that we have spoken and understood the efforts our officers take to protect the city and its citizens, Let us all take responsibility for our actions and subside their duties remembering that they too have a family to look after.

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