A Speech on How Do Deaf People Talk with Emotions?

Deaf people are the people who don’t have the ability to hear clearly, they are those who try and also want to learn to how to speak by the help of their mouth or orally and also especially can be able to ask a special doctor or some speech therapists to help them with the issues of controlling their volume, and other many other things that can convey or deliver their emotion, but for the Deaf people who really wishes to speak orally with others, feelings and emotions come through naturally in the cases of many people, without any extra care or coaching beyond the typical procedure of the speech therapy, which every Deaf child is forced to pursue.

But we have to remember that the Deaf people do not require any special process or coaching technique to use their body and facial expression at the time of speaking orally.

In fact, in many cases we can think that, if anything, the environment of speech therapy probably teaches them some of the natural and self-induced expression the Deaf children might use to express their feelings and themselves, as they try to concentrate on the production, as opposing to the content. It’s probably this that leads to that sometimes Deaf people are being treated and thought of as a robotic person or without any emotion.

Hearing the people who might think that they have experience anything only with the path of oral conversations or speeches with Deaf people who are not so habituated or comfortable with the oral conversations. 

This is another reason that the Deaf children need the help and proper use of the sign languages. When a Deaf child is revealed or introduced to the local sign language and expression of emotion becomes easy, natural and effortless. Just as it is also applicable for any other child.

According to various psychologists definitions deaf can be defined as lacking the sense or power of hearing or having some kind of problematic or impaired hearing.

While communicating with a deaf people we have to be very patient and also straightforward. Because we have to remember that deaf people communicate visually.

By visually means various types of lip reading technique and also communicating through writing. According to some researchers 90 percent of deaf children are born to hearing parents.

We have to keep our sentences short and easily understandable while communicating with the deaf children. We can get help from various advanced technologies and some devices. We have to keep our mouth clear, talk with a normal speed while continuing our normal volume.

Always try to use plain and simple sentences and also remember to the fact that only one person can talk at a time.

Use various gestures and body language to clarify and show your emotions. Ask in a tone in which the person can understand your words and if the person does not understand you please try again. Try to note down the key points of your conversation.

In these ways maybe in the next time when we talk we will be able to understand and communicate properly in a better way.

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