101+ Depression WhatsApp Status To Not Feel Alone

Depression, or the lack of mental health well-being, is a disease that is spreading thick and fast. Nothing but positivity and self-motivation coupled with scientific treatment can heal such a disease. Here are some of the WhatsApp statuses that you can share about overcoming depression 

depression Quotes & WhatsApp Status That Captures What You’re Feeling

  • Know that it ain’t gonna happen in a day, but if you start today, it will eventually happen.

  • Depression doesn’t happen in a single day and hence it won’t go in one day! But it definitely will someday

  • Nothing beats the feeling that you will get once you defeat depression and emerge the winner 

  • Depression has been with me for quite a long time now. I feel it is a part of me, and I can control it now!

  • You are the one who gives power to the demons sliding under your soul. Stop it right now 

  • Your negative aura can bring in depression but remember that the positive aura is always way more powerful 

  • Out of all diseases in this world, the only one that you can beat with your thoughts is depression 
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  • Anti-depressants suck! I can be happy with great company and a good cup of coffee 

  • Have you heard of the saying that there are some people with whom life just feels right? You should stick to them always 

  • Not every person would understand depression like a patient suffering from the disease would know 

  • Let me tell you one thing- The demon chasing your soul would be soon gone. Trust me! 

  • We bring our own misfortunes, and then misfortunes bring depression! Let’s work hard, dodge misfortunes, and stay happy forever 

  • There is no tax on smiling, and you should hence be smiling more often 

  • If everyone on this earth understood depression as I do, trust me, there would have been more happy people around 

  • Come let us be the reason why a reeling soul would smile and live a normal life again

  • Depression is tough, but you my man, you are tough, and you have gotta show it now! 

  • We all are made equally by God, if depression is luring you, you can fight back harder

  • Every morning seems like a fight or battle against my sick mental state and me in regards to getting up and starting my day

  • Of all the battles I have fought in life, the most rewarding was the one against my mental health sickness 

  • Depression is the deepest expression of the heart, which not many people would understand 

  • Unless the time when life naturally comes to an end, you will never be at peace really. Depression is just an excuse to cover the earthly troubles

  • Have you ever lived a fairy tale life? No one does! But that doesn’t mean you end up in depression 

  • To cross the toughest hurdles of mental illness, the best motivator, coach, and therapist should be your family 

  • It is okay if you are depressed. We can talk about it, and I can help you overcome the same!  

depression Inspirational Sayings & Status on Feeling Down

  • The only reason why I am still stuck in the cobweb of depression is that I haven’t tried to get out of it yet 

  • My body doesn’t help me generate any motivation, but I am not a slave to my body! I will do it! 

  • What does the world look like for normal people? I am stepping out of depression so getting back to normal life takes time 

  • Depression is a big reason to worry! Talk it out or take up a session with your psychiatrist 

  • Depression is nothing to hide about! The more we talk about it, the faster it goes away! 

  • You need to be motivated 24/7 because your depression is just waiting for that one moment where it can get you down again

  • No one can knock you down other than your own thoughts! 

  • Taking the mental leap to break free is the most daring jump I have taken in my life, and the reward has been satisfying 

  • Not letting any negativity impact me because my journey to a meaningful life has just begun! 
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  • The mental picture I have about happiness is vaguely different from what people enjoy in real life 

  • A depressing life would have taken me no-where, but now I can see more than it meets the eye with my newfound motivation and spirit of life

  • The moment I started making practical goals and celebrating each success, depression started taking a backseat

  • Overcoming depression seems scary and tough, and that is why people might not believe it, but the land is green on the other side of mental illness- trust me! 

  • I don’t care if my brain says I will fail because my heart says I can do it bigger and better 

  • Overcoming depression was the toughest war of my life in which I lost many battles but finally nailed the war with the right mindset 

  • You should always think of growth because our depressed mind can only focus on stagnation 

  • Live each day at a time and stop overthinking, or else you can never beat the hell out of depression

  • Depression doesn’t cut down your ability; rather you give too much power to it so that it leaves you half-dead

  • Try and fight for one final time with all that you have, and you shall definitely overcome the demon of mental illness 

  • Get. Set. Go. Let the wolf within you chase off the demon of depression from your mind

  • Start small and see that the small things make major changes in your life. Depression is not forever 

  • Note to self: Remember and believe this- Depression will go away, and I will live free soon!

  • It all depends on how you start your day

  • Depression can kill happiness and vice-versa, so smile more and cry less! 
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  • Reading the Bible and The Geeta helped me survive depression and take away the positives only! 

  • No one will stand beside you after some days, and hence you pick yourself up today and fight your biggest battle with depression and nail it! 

Depression Whatsapp status

Not finding quotes that hit the spot? Feeling sad and don’t know how to find something as depressing as you want? Well, I have got you, mate! Here are some of the depressing quotes you can use for your WhatsApp status.

  • Only when you are gone do they understand what you were, and only when you are gone will they miss you.

  • I feel like I am drowning in a sea full of regret that I didn’t do what I wanted to do the most. Never live in regret.

  • It takes mere seconds to fall in love with people, but it might take decades to fall out of love if your love is true.

  • Don’t give your all to someone who didn’t even deserve your eyes on them.

  • Imagining good things will always be nice until you have to wake up to boring and sad reality.

Family depression status

Not having the family that you want or dream of having can be very traumatizing, and it can take a toll on you. Yes or no, but everyone goes through something like this. So here are a few family-related depression statuses for you.

  • I want to run away from the place I live in, and I want to run away from the people I live with, and mainly I want to run away from myself when I am here.

  • It doesn’t matter how much effort you put in for someone when they don’t care about you at all.

  • It must be lonely to live with people that do not care about how you are or how you feel. 

  • Wondering when you will have a life away from the people you have spent your life with seems amazing.

  • It is so sad to see someone putting in so much effort for people that don’t even care about their existence.

Martial status and depression

Having depression can be really lonely and must be even more lonely when you don’t have anyone to talk to about it. And if it is about the relationship or which involves your marriage will mess up your brain. Here are a few messages about marital status and depression.

  • Not having a relationship is better than having one which is only about you putting in effort and the other one not caring about them.

  • Being in love with a person you have dreamed about day and night is an amazing feeling until you realize they don’t feel the same about you.

  • Giving love to a person you are willing to go to the ends of the world with would be a dream, but it would break your heart into pieces when that person doesn’t want to even try walking.

  • It feels so lonely to be in a phase where you don’t know if you should move on or wait for them.

  • What can one person do when the other person is not willing to compromise about anything and everything?

Depression mood status

Feeling depressed and not having the mood to do anything today? It is okay to feel like this sometimes. Here are a few depressing mood quotes you would want to read or use.

  • Being alone for a while can be so amazing that if you get used to it, you will never wish for company.

  • Spending time alone with just you and your thoughts can be like fire; it would be warm, but the closer it gets, it will surely burn you down.

  • Not allowing yourself to open up be so difficult sometimes you decide not to share at all.

  • Spending time alone with yourself is so good sometimes, as it is just you and your thoughts.

  • It can be nice to take a walk listening to music, and if you get used to it, it gets scarier only as you don’t want any company.

Life depression status

  • Want to find life-depressing quotes that would somewhat relate to you? Well, guys, we got you! Here are a few depressing quotes you could use.
  • Life can get s real sometimes that you just want to drown in your sadness.

  • Feeling down is really frustrating because you don’t even have the energy to think why you are feeling that way.

  • Life’s a roller coaster, they say, but it is more like a haunted place, where before you can even take a deep breath, the fear will consume you.

  • Ever wondered why you feel low and realized everything makes you feel that way?

  • Why must you feel this way when you know it is going to happen anyway. 

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