Speech on Importance of Discipline and Cleanliness for Students

Cleanliness and organization are two of the most important qualities that people must have in life. These qualities are to be instated in them in their childhood. Children imbibe what they are taught quickly and most of what they learn in childhood remain in their lives throughout. Cleanliness is also an important factor as it concerns their health and hygiene. Parents have to instill in them this quality and make sure that they follow it throughout their childhood. 

The first step towards cleanliness and organization is personal hygiene. Parents should teach their children the importance of keeping themselves clean by asking them to wash their hands, take bath daily, wear clean clothes, etc. They should also learn to keep the surroundings they are in clean and organized. They should be chided when they don’t keep their rooms clean, don’t clean their bathrooms or they don’t take out the garbage.

They should be taught etiquettes like table manners, bathroom etiquettes, social etiquette, etc. They should be asked to be careful while eating so as not to spill, eat neatly, and to leave the plates in the sink and not on the dining table.

Children should be made to clean the house regularly. Make them join their parents while cleaning and organizing the house. This will instill in them the need to clean the surroundings regularly. To make children more organized and teach them the importance of time management, you should set a time for them, for every activity they are supposed to do. Set a time for them to take bath and make sure that they follow it every day.

Similarly, set a time for them to study, a time for them to play, a particular day, like Sundays to clean their house and surroundings, etc. This will make them more organized and time-oriented.

At schools, teachers need to see to it that students always keep their classrooms clean, their benches and desks properly aligned, the boards cleaned after every class, etc. They should make sure that the students are punctual in class and regular to complete their works. You also need to make them understand why such things are important in their lives as children need adequate reasons for things to stick with them. Teachers also have to follow strict timetables and schedules and see it to it that everyone follows it.

The most important thing parents need to remember is that children tend to imitate their parents. No matter how much you teach them things, if you do not follow it, or if you do the opposite of what you said, they will never take it seriously. So make sure that you also follow whatever you wish to teach them. Teach them good habits. Let them know the importance of cleanliness and organization. Make them do these things with you so that they experience it in its fullness and will remain with them throughout their life. 

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