A Speech on “Who Do You Admire Most, and Why?

Admiration is not something that we can get from wealthy people with glamorous cars, great holidays, pretty faces, or luxurious houses. These luxurious things may attract us and may seem lucrative but when it comes to admiration, we generally look for motivation and self-improvement by observing and appreciating the abilities of our role models.

The person I admire most is my father whom I have seen while I was growing up. Hence I have seen him and his makings and breakings. Now that I have grown up, if I am asked who I admire the most, has to be my father. Now why I admire him the most has some reasons. There are some special traits and factors which make me admire him the most.

Ever since I have seen my father I observed that he is very humble to people and that is what is most unique about him. He is loved by hundreds of people because he does not pretend and that is why he is perfect. 

Being able to learn or rather being open to learning, is a remarkable quality of highly successful people. And now I understand why my father always used to say that one can get something to learn even from a five year old baby. Hence we should never underestimate anybody in terms of age, status, caste, sex, etc.

My father had a great sense of integrity. He was honest as well as in his behavior. Integrity largely deals with transparency. His actions were so transparent that everybody got solution to their problems.

Another most important factor is the sense of responsibility. His sense of responsibility was very high. He was a man who used to take ownership, who used to finish what he had started, who did not quit when things got tough. He was a man that we could rely on blindly. We all knew that he is someone who will be there until the end. He always took other people seriously. People used to come to him with problems because he could support them with a sense of safety and security by any means or by all effort that was possible for him.

The most loved and praised characteristic is his compassion for others. Compassionate people are not just the happiest person but also significantly attractive to others. He was compassionate as well as empathetic to people. He knew how to put himself in other’s shoes, and I have seen him practice it regularly. Hence he used to listen, understand, and comprehend others around.

He had respect for all irrespective of caste, creed, sex, religion, status, etc. especially the small ones. He had a unique power of observing people and sees the intrinsic value in every single person. He used to respect people’s time, efforts, and desires. He always told everyone to take care of tiny things because small things matter.

We tend to narrow our vision down to daily affairs, regular stuff, and daily chores. And this is how life passes by for many of us. But he used to urge that we should come out of this routine and do something that will leave a mark forever.

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