A Speech on Dogs Is Better Pets than Cats

At first I want to say that having a cat isn’t really differ that much from not owning a cat. But the cats haughty, temperamental and most of the time they behave like you don’t exist. On the other hand, dogs are very loyal, cuddly, fun loving, playful and best of all, love you earnestly.

Dogs are purely fun loving animals that run with a flock of their inheritance. Cats are much feminine and moody or spoil animals that like to behave as per its mood. When it comes down to the choice of pointing out the better one, dogs are always better pets than cats.

Cats don’t love litter boxes. No matter how well you want to make them feel comfortable, there always seems to be a never-ending odor.  It’s very difficult to find a good place to put the litter box within the space of a small house, making the stinky and dusty. 

Whereas, the dogs don’t need any litter boxes. They can be trained in house and also try to stick to a proper schedule. They can do their business during the walks around the neighborhood. You only have to clear up the poop, not the urine which you have to clear in the case with the litter boxes. And as for cleaning up the poop, you can simply use poop bags very easily .

There is only some minimum play which you can do with your cat.  Almost all cats can play on their own, they don’t need the company of any people.

On the other hand, dogs always love the company of you. They will always try to play and have fun with you at all times. They don’t like to stay or play on their own, thus always giving you company.

Cats are usually very sensitive to the environments and they don’t like any sort of change. Whereas many dogs have the ability to accept various changes more easily, especially when their owners try to show them that it’s no big deal. Of course, there can be found various species of fearful dogs but maximum numbers of dogs often behave in a calmer way in the face of significant alterations to their everyday lifestyles. 

When it comes to the fact o introducing to some new people or items to your house or moving to a new place, cats in many cases need more time to adapt to the new environment. They don’t trust their owners decisions blindly, that all is well. But most dogs take their feeling by watching their owners. If the owner is cool and calm and when that new person or thing comes in your door, in most cases your dog will remain cool, too.

It is not a cat’s specialty to defend you and your house. Cats are more used to run and hide while facing a trouble. But, most dogs are tending to protect their owners and their home in front of any danger. At least they will bark out shout to make you aware about the incoming danger. The little ones may not have the strength to fight off intruders, but they’ll certainly alert you as per their ability about the danger. 

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