99+ Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In The World Quotes

Dos Equis beer started an advertisement campaign called “Most interesting man in the world.”

It was first featured in the US in the year 2006 and portrayed bearded, urbane elderly gentlemen with a voiceover that was humorous, audacious, and daredevil. Their slogan was- stay thirsty, my friends.

The face of the most interesting man in the world from 2006 to 2016 was Jonathan Goldsmith.

He kept entertaining the viewers for a decade and became an internet sensation.

In March 2016, Dos Equis announced his retirement by sending him to mars with the narration, “his only regret is not knowing what regret feels like.”

He was replaced by Augustin Legrand. The campaign ended in 2018.  

Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In The World Quotes

-This fictional character created an aura that inspired many men, who wanted to be like him. The most interesting man in the world can be worth trying to emulate because-  

-He is modest with his speech but revolutionary with his actions.

-He isn’t a mere player on the world’s stage. He is the director. 

-Parties don’t get started without him.  

-He once dumped a girl because she said he disliked his beard texture.

-His beard alone has a sex appeal than most men.

Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In The World Quotes

-He is a man of the word that alone is worth a million. 

-If he misunderstood a word, the oxford dictionary is compelled to change its meaning. 

-If he ever slapped you, you’ll thank him for touching you. 

-Men who know him are compelled to become the creature that he is.

-After creating him, God started overestimating his ability to create a human. 

-Lays gives him a packet filled with chips. 

-If you had a competition with his shadow about looks, you’ll lose. 

-Ironman has his autograph.

-He once owned a husky in Siberia and now it is called Siberian husky. 

-Batman wears t-shirt of his logo on chest.

-His coffee never gets cold because he is around. 

-He ones kicked a ball with his foot; they made a sports out of that. Football. 

Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In The World Quotes

-When he lies, his words are new facts. 

-His necessity becomes the reason of invention. 

-His thrash is kept in art galleries.

-You can’t always get what you want unless you are him.

-Early birds wait for his permission to catch the worm.

-He keeps his friends close and his enemies… nah. None of them survive to be closer.

-Fortune is his bitch. ‘

-He isn’t the squeaky wheel. He is the finest one. Still he gets all the grease. 

-When in Rome, do as the Romans. When he is in Rome, Romans do it like him. 

-Time and tide wait for none. But for him they do, they don’t have a choice. 

-When he orders a coffee in barista, they name it after him. 

-You try to impress her father. Her father tries to impress him. You guys are not the same. 

-He is requested not to smile publically by the government. It becomes difficult for them to handle the crowd. 

Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In The World Quotes

-He once stood in a queue in McDonald’s. They brought the counter to him. 

-World Bank calls him to borrow money. 

-He is the best wheel.

-Sun rises to wake him up. 

-When he was born, his mother did not go into labour pain, she calls it labour pleasure. 

-Even when he sweats, his cologne is like musk. 

-His portrait is more expensive than Mona Lisa.

-They name trophies of game after him even when he has never ever played them.

-He is keeping the aliens at bay from attacking the earth. 

-UFOs are send to earth to get a picture of him.

-Even the black hole is less mysterious than his life. 

-He can cry in public and people will still find him manly. 

Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In The World Quotes

-When he smiles during his troubles, troubles fall in love with him. 

-People have been falling in love with his smile. 

-When they talk about perfection, they think of him. 

-If cats had nine lives, they’ll like to spend all of them worshiping him. 

-He can even make a leopard change his sport. 

-All good things might come to an end but for him, they stay constant. 

-Even the Queen bows down in front of him and addresses him as – His Royal Majesty.

-All is fair in love and war or when he does it. 

-He may put his any foot forward, both of them are gonna be the best. 

-If he were a doctor, you’d just like to keep the apple away. 

-Sherlock contacts him to solve the mystery of his life. 

-He does not need a visa to enter a country. It is their honour. 

-He may sow anything. He always reaps well.

Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In The World Quotes

-His beauty isn’t just skin deep. He is the epitome of beauty.  

-His attitude is next to godliness. 

-Clothes he rejects after wearing are kept for auction. 

-Even if he blows his own trumpet, people will still call him humble. 

-He judges the book by its cover and his judgement becomes the cover. 

-Every dog has a day but his dog is lucky for a lifetime because he belongs to him.

-Every man has a price but no one can afford his. 

-Destiny takes his suggestions before changing its path. 

-Car companies ask him to test drive the new car before the launch so that they can increase its market price. 

-If he jokes about you, you are an interesting person. 

Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In The World Quotes

-He can wear a woman’s dress and still look manly and intimidating. 

-His  fanclub has a fanclub. 

-He does a thing. It is called what he wants and he does it beautifully. 

-Character. Strength. Style. Intelligence. They don’t define him. He defines them.

-He doesn’t go through airport security. Airport has to go through security check from his team before his arrival. 

-World does not affect his morals. He affects the world’s. 

-In the world full of men, he is a gentleman. 

-Women apologize to him after a fight even when they are not wrong. 

-Practice can make you perfect or rather we should say like him. 

-The devil fears him. 

Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In The World Quotes

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