A Speech on “Is the Education System Helping Shape Young Minds?”

Good (—) students. What do you think about the education system that you are in? Do you think it is beneficial for you and will help you shape your future? The education system has always been a debatable topic. Over time, education policies and systems keep changing. The generation before us did not value education much. They did not find it a necessity. But clearly, that isn’t the case now.

Education is compulsory now and new ways and systems of education are being introduced every year. All this is being done to help shape young minds for the future which is extremely competitive and intimidating. As with every other thing, you may find some flaws in the education system, but we have to appreciate the efforts they are taking to better it whenever they can.

Let me tell you how education can be used to prepare students for their future. You can assess your education system with this. The syllabus of each subject they learn must be fully nourished but should not overflow. Besides textbook knowledge, there are lots of other factors that students need to imbibe from an education system. These factors become the foundation of their future life. Firstly, education systems should enrich students with values, knowledge, skills, ethical judgment, and rational thinking.

They need not teach them what the way of doing things is. For example, teach them the importance of self-discipline instead of imposing discipline on them. When they bring discipline in their lives on their own, they will stay disciplined forever. Students need to be equipped with thinking capacity and judgment skills, as in the future, judgment calls will be of utmost importance. They should be able to have their own ethics and be able to stand by it. Subject knowledge alone will not make them eligible to survive in this world.

Equip them with social and emotional qualities like compassion, empathy, sympathy, interpersonal relations, responsibility, independence, self-regulation, etc. 

Students should be furnished with alertness and presence of mind and must be taught skills like decision-making and problem-solving. A competitive mind must be inculcated in a student but it should not lead to hatred or jealousy. They should learn how to balance things in life. They should be taught the importance of family and friends and what are the etiquettes to be followed in each place.

Let them know how to use freedom wisely. Help them adapt to changes. Let them be creative. Let those who are interested in music, dance, painting, or sports pursue it. Do not stop them. Make them accountable and responsible for their actions instead of calling up their parents and complaining. The government should make sure of the quality of the teachers. Teachers should be a friend to the students and make sure that they are always available and approachable. These are a few things that are necessary for the education system to make young minds ready for the future. 

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