A Speech for Education System in America

Education system in America is  has offered in different types like public, private, and other modes. The governments set the total educational standards, often through some tests for small to twelfth standard public education, usually through a group of educators, state colleges, and some very good universities. The main part of the funding comes from local and the state governments. Private schools can usually free to select their own syllabus and worker policies, and their regulations.

In 2013,maximum number of school-age students attended the state funded public schools, and very small number of students attended tuition- and foundation-funded private schools, and the home-schools. 

By the law, education is necessary for over an age range starting around five and eight and ending between the ages sixteen and eighteen, depending on the state. This requirement can be satisfied in all the schools like public schools, state recognized private schools, or a home based school program. In most of the schools, compulsory education is divided into three types like elementary, junior high, and high school.

Children are mainly grouped and selected by age groups into standards, which is also called grades like kindergarten (5–6-year) and first standards (6-7- years) for the younger children, and then comes the twelfth standard (17–18 years old) as the last of part and education high school.

The school year of the states in America mainly begins at the end of the month of August or in the starting of the month of September.

Being a country, of 50 states, you can imagine the large range of courses and majors that are being taught, and, with English being the universal language, one can choose any area of study as per his/ her desire. Another remarkable part is that, with such a good possibility, there can be a good chance for you to find a good program as per your wishes, which best suits you.

The large diversity allows one to gain various different perspectives and to avoid spending unnecessary on something that one don’t wish to study at all. This also encourages you to broaden your ideas on different fields so you could better develop your skills and knowledge. For an example, if you are studying to be a lawyer, you might want to cover courses for public speaking, reasoning and many others which can help you to become a lawyer. Usually the U.S. universities offer a person the chance to experiment with different courses in the first two years of their study, as opposed to European universities.

As a reason of this high standard of education, many US universities can attract the best of the students around the globe.

Participation in different types of competitions and contests are also required to study in America.
Another good point is the need to give the  good and helpful type of  tests.  Most of the American colleges and universities require that one should give some tests to prove their eligibility. Some of those are SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT etc. which are not always available in other countries or online.

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