A Speech on “Why Everyone Should Work Retail Once in Their Life.”

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this event. I would like to take this opportunity and spread some light on why I think it is necessary for everyone to work retail at least once in their life. When one works in retail, they gain some retail skills which will be  automatically upgraded to essential life skills over the course of time.

Time management is one of the most important skills that one acquire while working retail and it is quite essential for every human being to possess this life skill. While juggling between different kinds of duties that are put upon you while working retail, one automatically learns to effectively juggle between these and are taught to prioritise your duties with each passing day.

Working retail doesn’t only mean that they have to serve the customers but it also means maintaining the store and adapting to this schedule will bring in a sense of time into every worker’s mind. These retail workers also learn the importance of being able to efficiently multitask. The retail working space can sometimes get really busy and it is an important and an essential skill for retail workers to have during these rush hours to be able to manage and this developed skill of multitasking will help them to focus on more than one thing that requires attention at the same time.

One of the most important things that a retail worker is bound to learn over the course of the time is being respectful to people from all sorts of cultural backgrounds. These retail workers mingle with a very wide heterogeneous group of people on a daily basis which makes them experts at dealing with people and during this time they also learn to respect and treat everyone as equals.

This is one important life skill that will not only benefit them in their future ventures, but also in the whole course of their life because they understand the need to hold a respectful communication with any person that they come across irrespective of their cultural orientation. Working retail means working as a group and it is important for each individual member to have the spirit of teamwork in them to have a successful and smooth day at work.

This spirit of teamwork will assist them in handling the rush hour of retail sales and makes it easier for them to handle busy crowds. No matter how busy and messy things get while working retail it is important and quite often expected for the employee to maintain their calm and peaceful composure throughout the day and this conditions the individual from having emotional outbursts and helps them in handling the stress and effectively channeling their anger and frustration. To conclude, the retail sector has something to offer to everyone who is willing to work retail and it is really important to keep an open mind while working in this sector and it is important not to get our judgements clouded by our prejudiced premonition.

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