A Speech on “What Is Your Favorite Day of The Week? and Why?”

I have not explained this much lately, but for old periods sake here gets on. Yes, Friday is tremendous even for someone like me. It suggests we will get to devour extra time with your loved ones and I will get a tiny period for myself on the weekend. Which day you prefer most of a week? Which is your favorite day? Friday, Saturday, or Sunday? Do not think too hard about it. Friday is the first I am going to explain.

The uncertainty for the weekend brings in Friday the best day of the week. Other than, you can do nothing after lunch, fantasy about what you will do on the weekend, and leave first for an evening out with partners. No matter how you spend your weekend but fantasizing about how you are going to spend it is always a blessing.

Our expectations may not come true but at least imagining it in your way gives a relief and happy feeling. Weekend is coming is more fascinating than the weekend itself for me. I don’t know why but it always gives me better feeling. Maybe, I love to fantasize about things which are probably hard to happen in reality. Friday gives me that opportunity. That is why I love it more than any day of the week.

Next on my list is Saturday. It is party night! Saturday is excellent for dating, partying, going out and having fun with your loved ones. And more than that the feeling you get only thinking about the thing that there is no work today and no work tomorrow gives you that heavenly relaxed feeling.. Nothing can be better than this right? Sunday is the day of refilling your energy. It is the perfect day for sleeping in and rebuilds your stamina and shake off your tiredness at home. As for the other days of the week it is a little hectic. If you like one of them you must be a work savvy and one of those oddballs (lucky) peoples who love to do their jobs more than chilling.

It is where I am going to show you the interesting relation between your favorite day of the week and your personality. If you look closely to this matter it is actually very interesting and surprising.

For me it is Friday and as I told you the reason is I love that excitement of weekend coming more than that day. Yes I too love to chill, love to party and sleep but fantasy is more tempting to me. But if you ask I would love to change it genuinely in one of those working days because I personally want to be more productive. Anticipating work and preparing for weekend can feel good but it makes you less productive and lazy eventually.  Only thinking about relaxing and will take your energy, away for work. But sometimess it gives energy too when you are too tired to work. Thinking about weekend can give you that strength and you think “I can relax after it is done”

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