A Speech on My Favourite Place in The World – Speech (501 Words)

Everyone has a unique place, which is their happy zone or the only place they came to find peace. A place where our mind is held hostage by yourself from this speeding world, just so we can enjoy and be comfortable. Nowadays people have forgotten to take a break to at least ease off our stress, concerns and tensions.

A favorite spot can always be the place we relax into the beauty of nature or the most visited place that holds our precious memories so that we could ease up on to recollect those moments. 

The Sea, yes, the beaches are my favourite place to be in the whole world. The amazing Gift of God, who designed this wonderful creation into our world. Sea is a vision of beauty and charm, that even many poets have described her beauty in various words. Some of which are words to describe them being speechless due to the view.

A horizon is a place where the sea meets the sky. A wonderful imaginative line that binds them together, so as the sea herself is our horizon to a new world or life. Every time we step into her, she takes off all the pain and agony we face in this world by taking us to a place of happiness and calmness.

She is a blessing from God, where I believe one can wash off their sorrows everytime a wave hits our toes. The only place in this world where all our senses open up to all the five elements of earth. 

Beach is my favourite place to be. Not just to ease off the pain, but to enjoy the warmth of a beautiful day. We all have made countless memories on the beach, with games and activities or fun times with family and friends. Moreover as a child we had tremendous fun near the shores. Games like treasure hunting, making sand castles and flying a kite, well, all those lovely days.

Not forgetting to mention the barbecue our parents or we used to arrange for the family and friends with some good music and an amazing view. 

As a child, it was more about having fun on the beach, the funny sand games to the tough volleyball games and as a teenager it was to shine wearing the beautiful beach wears and swimsuits or show off some huge biceps and abs, especially for boys. For teenagers, it’s a place they often go during high school days to party.

Some might even find their love in the midst of a large crowd on the beach. As years pass when we become adults with a family and kids of our own, we take them out to these beaches to see them happy and take a break from this normal life. Finally, in our grey-haired days, the sea shines upon us like a reminiscence of our best memories. Sea is my favorite place in the whole world because nothing can ever be as magical as she is.

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