90+ First Love Status, And Messages for WhatsApp That You Love

First, love in an individual’s life is always special. It is the source of mixed feelings, sweet and spicey relations, an endless desire, and an unforgettable love story.

If you also have your own fairytale of first love, share your feeling through our collection of love words in WhatsApp status and let her/him know your emotions. 

Romantic Love Quotes & Status For WhatsApp

-College was the time when I first met my love. 

-First love is something that cannot be compared to anything else.

-I didn’t know what affection was until I noticed you first.

-The first love always remains fresh.

-You are my first love.

-One cannot forget his/ her first love because it’s the truest.

-You can put your first love in flames but not in the fire.

-I still can remember the warmth of my first love. 

-I can never forget the spark my first love gave to me. 

-Our first loves are tons of curiosity and little silliness. 

-First love always seems perfect ’til you meet your real love. 

-Even if you have been married for a long, it’s a nice experience to recall your first love. 

-People never forget two things – the money they have wasted & their first love. 

-In life, even the first heartbreak is given by your first love.

-First, love feels like a magical dream. It’s a memory that can never hurt you.

-In a failed love story, nobody can hurt you instead of your lover. 

-People have a lover, but my first love is my mother. 

-The first and last ever love should be self-love. 

-People always believe first love to be last, yet it’s not! Our last love is our first. 

-My mother is my first love since she has been my savior of all time. 

First Love Quotes

-Ignorance in people arises from the first love itself. 

-The exorcism of initial affection is our stupidity that it can never end.

-Being someone’s first love may feel great, but I prefer being someone’s last love. 

-The first love that touched my soul was my mother’s love. It’s unconditional. 

-The first wound of love is like the dawn, a gleam of tone— pearl pinks, corals, lively purples.

-First, love feels like a blessing even in hazardous conditions.

-The feeling of first love is kinda and valuable- sweet yet spicy!

-We should never anticipate options in first love.

-First, love comes, followed by expensive joy that later overflows and starts choking you. 

-A first crush always holds a specific place in our hearts. 

-The pleasure of love at first sight, obstacles, other sights.

– True, yet first love can be passionate and agitated at the same time. 

-My journey of first love still feels like a drastic course of time.

-“You held the first place in my heart, and you always will be my only.”

-He was my first love. I was fond of him as a homeless person for a shelter. 

-The relationship between me & my first lover was like a flame of fire on a chilly evening. 

-First love is an awful feeling in the universe where you love someone who doesn’t love you back. 

-Love at first sight happens to people who have known each other for a long time. 

-It’s been just one day since I didn’t meet you, but it seems like thousand days without you.

First Love Quotes

First Love WhatsApp status

-Your eyes are the most loving twinklers I have ever seen.

-First, love is like a wound that recovers but leaves a lifetime scar. 

-The code to a woman’s heart is wildflowers, not roses. 

-My heart literally bounces, and my eyes roll up when I see you!

-Everything seems so perfect, my love, the moment I spend with you. 

-A special face with an unusual smile. A unique person whose beauty cannot be described. 

-It is my first love who has filled a space that nobody else can. 

-You are like the stars, my love, very far, yet so beautiful.

-God has created an astounding beauty, and that is my first love.

-The way I look at you, I can never look at someone else in the same way. 

-I love my life since it has given me you and made everything special. 

-Thinking about you feels like meditation. It’s so peaceful. I do it every day.

-I always dream one day to be your dream.

-Living without you isn’t possible. Can you live without oxygen?

-The First love begins with every great thing in life.

-For the first time, falling in love leads to unimaginable happiness.

-Seeing you smiling makes me feel happier inside. 

-How can you people forget those sparkling eyes of your first love?

-Every time I see my first love, I fall for her all over again. 

-If the person you dream of loves you back, it’s the most precious feeling!

-There is no scale invented to measure the feeling of first love…

-My feelings for you will remain to arise but never fade as long as I’m alive.

-In this world, no power can stop me from loving you.

-A heart begins to learn passion when it falls in love. 

-We all try but can never stop thinking about you. 

-I hope, perhaps one day, my fantasy will come true because I truly love you.

-Sitting beside you and doing absolutely nothing also means everything to me. 

-First, love is never easy to understand; it was never, it’ll never be. 

-When you achieve your first love, it becomes a miracle. 

-To achieve your first love – it takes years of hard work and patience. 

-I pierced you in my heart when I first saw you. 

-Although there are billions of personages in the realm, my eyes got stuck on you!

-First, love is always painful because it cannot be achieved. 

-Genuine romance is when a man only romances one woman endlessly. 

-First love is so sweet, like a dream of a young boy!

-When a woman loves a man, that man truly is lucky!

-I would feel lucky if I am the last love of someone, not the first. 

First Love Quotes

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