A Speech on “Should Fracking Be Legal?”

Good (–) to one and all. I am here today to give my opinion on whether fracking should be made legal. Fracking is the process where a high-pressure water mixture is directed at the rock deep down after drilling down into the earth to release the gas inside it. During this process, water and some chemicals are injected into this Rock at very high pressure that allows the gas to head out of the well.

This process can be carried out vertically or by drilling horizontally to the layer of Rock that may create new ways to release the gas. Therefore fracking refers to how the rock is fractured apart by the high-pressure mixture to release the gas that is inside it. It is through this process that oil and natural gas are extracted from below the earth. Oil producers drill down into this earth and fracture the layers of Rock and collect what they require.

As with everything there are consequences for such practices also like the water well being contaminated and sometimes even earthquakes but as fracking takes place underground and utilizes a variety of chemicals it is widely misunderstood and has caused a lot of controversies around the world. Only very few people understand the technicality of fit and make logical disposal of it. This is there for a big debatable topic in a public forum.

One of the most important arguments against fracking is that it contaminates the groundwater just as pockets of oil and gas are released by fracking so the freshwater underground becomes contaminated with these gases.

Fracking had become popular in early 2000 in the North Eastern United States and this caused huge contamination of the groundwater and even an explosion of a water well which had been contaminated with a huge amount of combustible oil and gas products. Another interesting consequence is that fracking forces are induced by earthquakes. There have been various examples of fracking-induced earthquakes but they are all set to be very small and haven’t caused damage. Not all induced earthquakes are due to fracking. Most earthquakes are commonly caused by the oil industry.

A positive consequence of fracking is that it helps to achieve energy independence. If countries can tap into their underground natural gas resources they may have the potential to decrease domestic dependence on imports. The USA became a net exporter of Natural Gas in 2017 for the first time in 60 years due to the fracking Boom according to the EIA. Fracking currently accounts for 56 % of the United States’ natural gas production and 48% of oil output. This had made America the world’s number one producer of oil and gas.

This has also helped in lowering the prices of natural gas supplies. It has helped fuel a manufacturing turnaround and replace the dirty cold in electricity production. It has also contributed to reducing air pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases. In my opinion, fracking should be made legal but should control the environmental consequences that it causes. Thank you all.

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