Funny birthday invitation for adults: 120+ Wording Ideas to Write

Birthdays come around every year, but there is something special in the air as it approaches because it reminds us of the changes that took place in 365 days, and it calls for a celebration because of all the achievements made so far.

Here is a list of funny birthday invitation wording for adults:

Funny birthday invitation for adults

-Another year of my life has passed tolerating you all, so it calls for a celebration! Join me at my birthday party this coming weekend.

-I would love to have you all attend my birthday party to celebrate my existence that glorifies your life, so please hop in with some wonderful gifts!

-My birthday is just around the corner, and I am looking forward to your presence on my special day. Just kidding, I am waiting for your presents!

-I’ll be turning 22 soon, and nothing went as planned other than my birthday parties over the years, so here’s to celebrating yet another one with you all.

-Turning 18 added nothing special to my life other than the burdens of my upcoming exams, so I’m hoping that you all would add some meaning to it by attending the upcoming party this weekend!

-To make my birthday a little less boring, I want you to attend the party my parents are throwing this Friday to celebrate the good-for-nothing kid they raised.

-I am throwing my birthday party next week and eagerly await your family to attend. Also, please do not forget to bring yourself too!

-Another year went by, and I did nothing special other than invite you all to my wonderful parties, which I am doing yet again. I am looking forward to spending my birthday with you all soon!

-Spending another birthday in your company must be boring, but I would not like to have it any other way. So, kindly be there at my house next Saturday at 7 PM.

-I can barely imagine what it must feel like to have such a wonderful person amongst you all, but I can only estimate it. Here’s to another year of celebrating me as your friend, so please be present at my birthday party.

-I know you will not miss a chance to roast me even when it is my birthday, so here is your chance to outdo yourself this weekend at my birthday party!

-I know that you take pride in having me as your friend, so now is the time to put that into action. Hop into my house next Sunday to celebrate my existence.

-How wonderful must it be to be able to celebrate every birthday of mine as a kid and now as an adult! So here is your chance to celebrate with me yet again.

-I am pretty excited to celebrate my 21st birthday, and I know that you all do not care much, but you all and all that I have, so expecting you to come and celebrate along with me.

-I cannot wait to celebrate my birthday with all the amazing presents you will gift me.

-Although I have little desire to become an extrovert for a day, out of compulsion, I have to celebrate my birthday with all of you again; I look forward to meeting you soon.

-I know it is pretty obvious that I would never celebrate my birthday without bearing your annoyance, but just to make it a little formal, I want to invite you to my birthday party this weekend.

-20 years of my life passed by in a flash, with more moments of regret than of peace, so cheers to celebrating that together!

-Two days from now, I will be celebrating yet another year wasted in laziness, bad decisions, and so much more, so I look forward to having you there.

-I cannot wait to have you and your family at my birthday party, so please do not forget to bring yourselves to the venue on the above date.

-You do not have to be modest; I know you were looking forward to attending my birthday party, so here’s your invitation.

-Although best friends crash at each other’s house without notice, to confirm for you, my birthday party will be taking place at my house this weekend.

-I know you all are more excited about me than my birthday, so here I am, inviting you on 4 November to attend my birthday party at night.

-I am sure you would love to celebrate another year of me accomplishing nothing, so make sure you are on time this Sunday to celebrate my birthday.

-I want to invite you to my birthday party because there is nothing special that I have done other than make some good friends in these 20 years.

-With lovely gifts and flowers, it is time for you to celebrate the birthday of your favorite friend this Saturday.

-I cannot wait to spend another day with you, scrolling through my phone, laughing off a pointless joke, and calling it a birthday party.

-Cheers to growing another year older, making the same mistakes, and then blaming each other for that! 

-I am looking forward to my birthday party, where I will be hosting all of you by using my dad’s money!

-I am sure you all must be super proud of me for hosting my birthday party after ages, so I look forward to your attendance.

-It has been a while since I have celebrated my failures in life, so here is to another birthday with having you guys as my company.

-I know you all must be very happy to find me excited about my birthday, but it is all for the wonderful presents I’m going to receive.

-If you are looking forward to having free this Sunday, you are invited to attend my birthday party.

-I know it has been quite some time since I hosted a party, so if you have been looking for the opportunity to get a treat from me, here is your chance to shine.

-I will be hosting my birthday party next week, and I look forward to having you there because it has been quite a long time since I have seen your nerdy face.

-To celebrate yet another year of misfortune, bad decisions, and overthinking nights, here I am inviting you to my birthday dinner this weekend.

-I know you must be super proud of me because of how far I have come in life, so get your best presents ready as I will be celebrating my birthday this Sunday.

-It has been quite a while since we all have gathered around a table of food, wondering who is going to finish their place first. Let us recreate all your favorite moments. This Saturday, at my birthday party, at 7 PM!

-How wonderful it must be to have all the friends of your lifetime. Gather at your place to celebrate your existence! I am looking forward to meeting you all at my birthday party.

-It has been four years since we have caught up since our college days, and I am sure nobody misses each other, but just to be formal, here is my invitation for you all to attend my birthday party next week.

-I was thinking about spending this birthday alone, but when you have friends for each of your heads all year round, you must give them a day to celebrate your existence too.

-I did not think of celebrating my birthday until one of my friends called me up, saying that they were desperately looking for free food; if you want to join the tribe, catch me at 7 PM tomorrow.

-I know it is crazy to celebrate your birthday as an adult, but at least we should have one day of the year when we can truly be ourselves without trying to impersonate others.

-I look forward to meeting you after ages, wondering if you still remember what presents I like for my birthday as I used to do when I was a child. Just kidding, see you at the party soon!

-When you have friends who look after you as an adult, you must gift them a day to celebrate their efforts in making your life shine, so I’m throwing my birthday party this Friday night to thank you all for everything.

-Every birthday calls for a celebration, no matter how big of a loser you are, so here’s to celebrating mine together!

-Cheers to turning another year older, not at all wiser, and being the same weirdos that we have been to date. See you at the party, friend!

-I know that a best friend never needs an invitation to come to your place, but just so you cannot use it against me in the future, here is my invitation to you to attend my birthday party this weekend.

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